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For students at school, TAFE or univeristy across the Southside - here are some speeches and other resources to help with your studies based on the most regular requests to my office.

All the best with your studies. 

Deciding what to do with your life

These two videos might help you sort out what you believe in. Why. And what you are going to do about it. 

Foreign affairs

Preparing Australia and the world for the Asian Century

Interfaith dialogue and multicultural Australia

Health policy

Indigenous affairs and the Apology

Urban planning

Australian Politics



Archived website - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
Archived website - Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd

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  1. If Kevin Rudd challenges again in two weeks, dis-endorse him and throw him out.
    His personal glory is blinkered to the good of the party and he needs to suffer the consequences. Three strikes, and every one of them has damaged the party. Enough is enough.

    1. "Here here! Throw him to the dogs!"
      said Mr Abbot

    2. Lol, the irony! GILLARD's personal glory and power-hunger is blinkered to the good of the party and the country, and thank goodness the backstabbing Prime Minister stealing bitch got her just desserts. JG should be expelled from the ALP.

  2. Hey i support kevin rudd, labor make a big mistake by throwing him out in the first place. he is not perfect but he is the best man for the job as national leader. i have a lot of hope in kevin and believe he is Australia's best way forward.

  3. Hey, K Rudd is the most popular leader in Australia who have vision for the future of most beloved country of our's. Kevin keep it up nation is with you in making AUSTRALIA prosperous safe and strong country.

  4. Julia Gillard (or Toby Abbott) did not have the political balls to read, interpret and ACT UPON the Australia21 Report into the War on Drugs (evidence based report). If Kevin was truly brave, he would take a stance upon this issue (that is NOT as brainless as Julia's "drugs are bad, drugs kill people so drugs are illegal"). This is a far more complex issue. Kevin should read and respond to the EVIDENCE based report and seriously change our legal and health systems for the better (therefore increasing tax revenue in a major way and decreasing the prison, legal & mental health system expenses). This would be an incredibly bold move for any member of parliament so I do not doubt that it is an issue Australia will not move forward with until other countries have the guts to do it first. Shame on you for not finding something else to quibble about other than border security and for ignoring this very important issue. Take a clear stance on drug law reform, make some big changes, the terminally ill patients across Australia need major drug law reform NOW.

  5. Kevin Rudd, you are destroying Australia, you are a disgrace and should just piss off you foolish liar.

  6. Hi Mr Rudd
    I am a Year 6 student and am writing a speech on you. I need to know some information about your childhood, siblings and upbringing.

  7. when were your brothers born?

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