1. You were and have always been a DUD Mr Rudd.
    As for your Ruddy future we are living your FAILED Future through that back stabber Gillard.
    It's Time to role up your swag and fade away into the sunset you dithering FOOL !!!

  2. Hi Kevin, I just want to congratulate you for your win.

    You've always come across as the most honest and human politician, and I just hope that you and the Labor Party can lead Australia into a great future.

    PS, Don't listen to all those who call you a "Dud",we all like you mate.

    1. I like him too. Long live Kevin....... come back and save us from the abbrorters..

  3. Well done Kevin on your victory, I believe that this will be a game changer in the upcoming election.
    Abbott doesn't stand a chance. And your values for Australia are genuine and true to your heart so lets win this upcoming election.

  4. Kevin 13!!!!!

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