Thursday, 21 November 2013

To the Good Burghers of Griffith

I want to thank each and every one of you, the good burghers of Griffith, for the honour of serving as your local member these last fifteen years.
Brisbane's Southside has been home for my family for the last twenty-five, first in Hawthorne, later in Norman Park. For us, this will always be our local community. 

The Southside has been a great place to raise our three children, to see them educated at Morningside Primary, attend the local Sunday School at Saint John's in Bulimba, and learn to swim at our local swimming clubs. It remains a great place to live. 

This community enjoys a wonderful lifestyle. Of course, we have faced a few challenges over the years as well. But we have always come together to overcome them

The way we all pitched in during the great Brisbane floods of 2011Coming together as local action groups to stop the privatisation of the school ovals at Balmoral High and Whites Hill College and the forced merger of Coorparoo Secondary College and State High. And earlier, on the mass public protests against the building of the Brisbane Airport's New Parallel Runway, the court cases we mounted against the original decision to build it, and when I lost the case in the Federal Court the community then coming together to raise money to help pay my legal costs. The battle for a night curfew has just begun. All to help protect our local quality of life. 

What I'm most proud of are the massive new investments we secured for our local schools, universities and hospitals. The 25 new libraries, 17 new multi-purpose facilities, 30 new classrooms, nearly 8,000 new laptops for secondary school kids who previously had none, and additional 10,000 local university places. And a $40 million co-investment in the world-class Translational Research Centre at the PA. These are the things that change people's lives

One thing I've been particularly happy to support is the teaching of foreign languages in each of our 65 local schools. Over the years I have funded nearly 600 Foreign Language Awards. It's been a great joy to run into young people working around the world, now fluent in one or more languages, who remember me presenting them with these awards way back when. I intend to continue these Awards into the future for whichever local schools wish me to. 

I also hope to be able to continue to donate 'Ruddbikes'. I'm delighted to have become one of the biggest buyers of bicycles in Brisbane, having donated nearly 1,000 to local schools so far which have helped them raise nearly $1 million in funds. 

But there comes a time for renewalFamilies pay a great price in political life. And my family, who have loyally supported me all this time and who have given so much of themselves, have made it very plain that the time has come for me to pass the baton to someone else. 

So thank you Southside for all that we have done for our community - together. It really has been an honour.



  1. Farewell, Kevin Rudd, good riddance. Hope it's forever. Driven by narcissism, baseless self-confidence and arrogance, you have done a lot of damage to ordinary Australians and drastically reduced support for the Labour Party. As a supporter of the Labour I am delighted you have been removed and can't introduce more taxes on us. Please fade away, don't come back.

    1. Here Here....Julia had more cohunas in her purse. He cried like a little hoo... go home to your wife's millions and your parliamentary pension for life.....he is a loser and politicians who take their bat and ball to go home coz they lose an election, should be charged for the COST of the by election.....good riddance.....

  2. Anonymous "Bill" 22 November 2013 16:23

    "As a supporter of the Labour I am delighted you have been removed and can't introduce more taxes on us."

    ^ Want to try this again? LOL!

  3. The smiler with the knife under the cloak.


    May O.

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  5. please join the #1st friendship site in australia

  6. If you believe in god, that means you believe in santa too.

    Too funny.

  7. Did Rudd upset his daughter with his new career move?

    So much for spending more time with his family. This new job means he will be doing a lot of traveling.

    There is good news though. With his contacts, they will be instant (almost!) billionaires. Whatever. Driven by greed and power, the two of them. Hope Gates comes a calling.

    Although, Rudd will be able to do a lot of good at the UN, but will he have the time? Desk work is boring/but parties and rubbing elbows with the high and mighty is fun!

    Just a few thoughts. I've been following this guy since January 2009. ??? Is that possible? I mean, well, he's an interesting character who has to be constantly stimulated. I bet if he wakes up in the morning, fifteen minutes before he has to get up - he is bored for the 15 minutes. Yeah. Hmmm. Ok.

    Everyone raise a mug of champagne this Christmas or/and New Year to the Rudd's. They have arrived……

    Rose Thorn

  8. Security, Rudd, Security. Aren't you worried about that?

    Congratulations. Bet you are tickled pink. You are a good pick.

    Don't forget about the little people!

  9. He won't acknowledge compliments. LaFaMaNoPuTaLuAhAdLaLaMoFo.

  10. Sit down and listen to Aretha Franklin and get over your little self.

  11. He likes to keep people guessing. Funny.

  12. Kangaroo Court of Australia.

    Donations would be appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance.

  13. Good News Kevin!

    If things don't go well with your job with the UN, you can call your fellow Aussiette (Nicole Kidman) and as her if you can work with her on Unifem. I know it's ONE STEP down, but I think it will suit you because it involves women. You won't have to go to those nasty strip clubs anymore. I think. I have a feeling we will be reading some lurid tales of your escapes in the future. Like, a, high up in the UN, Kevin Rudd, has sex in car with 16 year old girl. Now, now, you can do better than that! Don't stoop that low. Plenty of fish in da sea. Try to keep it together for the sake of your family. You know, the ones you cry over every time you leave a job. Smirk/rolling me eyes. I'm sure your precocious granddaughter won't want to read about you on the internet. Looks Mum! There's grandpapa Kevin! This young girl is saying all these lies about him! Not fair! She just wants money! She wants fame! She doesn't want him! Who would? Poor Kevin. Everyone wants to ride on his coat tails. Pity. I know one person who doesn't. I won't reveal her name as she doesn't believe in all the hoopla that he and his family crave. Craven. Makes her cringe.
    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas……….lalala.

  14. what happened to my comment?

  15. I wonder if Kevin got coal in his stocking?

    1. Must have been a lonely and sad Christmas for you. Who goes out of their way to post shit like this on Christmas day?

  16. I bet he was sad on Christmas.

  17. HELLO 2014! Goodbye 2013! Not a very good year for you. Hoping you become a better man in the New Year. I know (think) you can do it! Go For It!
    It can only get better. I think.

    1. Me Too! Saying a prayer that you get your act together. If you prayer hard enough, it will happen. On your knees!

  18. What are your new year resolutions?

    1. find a job
    2. fix roof
    3. change oil in limo
    4. get glasses fixed. always sliding down nose.
    5. stop fantasizing.
    6. stop reading the bible. only for fools.
    7. look out for the little people. not just the fat cats.
    8. have dinner with gillard. you know you wanna.
    9. adopt a cat or 2.
    10. communicate with your imaginary friend.

  19. You must be miserable that no one is taking your photo. I know it's a big adjustment, but eventually you'll get used to it.

  20. So sad….Why have you become a hermit? Was it something I said? If you hide inside, you will become pasty white. Kind of like what happens when you are in the slammer. Oh.

  21. It's the end of the year. Are you happy with your performance this past year? Yes/No?

  22. "I'm a citizen of the world." Could you explain what that means?

    If you are looking for something to do - could you make a youtube video of what you received for Christmas? That would be cool.

  23. Mandela, man of the century. You idolize a wife beater? Surprised at you, Rudd. Unless of course……

  24. Dear Mr. Kevin Rudd,

    Happy New Year, young man. I have a feeling that 2014 will be a good year for you. Could say more, but won't/can't…..


  25. Oh, btw, in case you are wondering, the wench is NOT me.

  26. oh……tired of typing. That's all the news for today. Hope I didn't bore you 2 much.

  27. Are you running for PM again? Do you need help stuffing envelopes? Let me know. I'm not above doing the grunt work, such as sweeping etc.

  28. Why do you look so quizzical?

  29. incredibly borring.

    you shud think about growing a beard. shake it up a bit.

  30. I see the resemblance. Different hair color, but everything else is the same.

  31. How has your year been so far? Are you kicking back and enjoying life?
    Wait, do you get paid for doing nothing? Sweet deal…

  32. OMG, Rudd was spotted on the beach! Is that true? Ooooh la la. Sounds like fun. Must be nice.
    Carry on…

  33. I know how you just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Australia, but is it true that if a white Australian killed an Aboriginal, the white person would always get away with it AND they would think it was funny.


    Jesus, Mary and Joseph. What is wrong with you people? Just a bunch of cowboys.

    Parties Over….Time for a little work.

  34. Mr Rudd is ignoring me.

  35. Mr. Rudd is ignoring me too.

  36. Oh get a grip. He ignores everyone he thinks is inferior to him. He's a mover and a shaker. If you can't do something constructive for him………That's life. Get over it and move on and stop whining.

  37. Oh……..Didn't know that.

    Need to buy a hanky.

  38. I saw the most wonderful interview of the Rudds right before they won the election.
    His tie is too wide.
    Alright, they were beaming, grinning from ear to ear and wanted to laugh and scream, but they tried very hard to keep it inside. I thought they were going to get up and do the Charleston. I can assure you, it was a sight to behold.
    It went down like this. The woman interviewer kept asking Sir Kevin if he would do this or that and it was always "NO!" I had to snicker a little whilst shaking my head slightly back and forth. Then came Theresa's turn. She was asked something about what she had planned when she was 1st woman. Well, she certainly did not want to answer that. She had her tap shoes on and she danced and shimmied and tried everything not to answer the question. Why the cloak and dagger?
    They were giggling and spastic when they showed a wedding photo of their daughter. They like to use the term "over the moon," I find that saying quite cheesy and kind of boastful. Keep it humble or else you look like a fool.
    I need to find more video's. It's quite entertaining.

    1. Mortisha, I saw the interview live. You are totally correct, they were both giddy and just about ready to jump out of their skin. I guess power does that to a person/s.
      I thought there was this invisible wall between them. They seemed very cold to each other, as if they barely knew each other and what they knew of each other, they didn't like. I am an expert in body language. Their body language said A LOT! Although, I have to admit, he gets VERY choked up when he talks about his wife and kids. Almost too emotional. Is it guilt? I would think so. He loses his job and he cries for his family. He quits his job and he almost sobs for his family. Only he knows and he ain't talking. He's the kind of guy that you could know for six years and he wouldn't even give you the time of day. He won't let you in and be a friend. Somethings not right.
      Living is hard and dying is easy…

  39. Gee, I didn't know Rudd was a church going christian. Why do politicians want people to think they are religious? What difference does that make?
    Rudd believes in god because…..has he talked to him, seen him on tv, or wrote an article and Rudd read it and enjoyed it. How does one come to believe in something that is not there and never was. How can an adult believe that rubbish? People say "I believe in god and he created ALL of this!" And of course, then I say "Who created god?" Too which they become silent. Rudd, who created god? Can't hear you, oh silent one.

  40. I remember when Rudd was PM. Everything was hunky dory and then he was ousted and his daughter went apeshite and started using her columns/articles as a forum to go after people she thought slighted her father. Who Does That?
    All of a sudden she wanted everyone to know about what goes on behind closed doors - drunkeness and debauchery. I guess Rudd never shared with his daughter what he was up to all those years. That's right, everyone was a mean girl but her father. Yeah, I totally believe that. Rudd and his daughter are one in the same. They are both haughty. Not a good trait, eh? These two/three wanted to be in the kitchen, but when it got too hot, they ran. You can't have it both ways. Don't set yourself up for a fall and then blame everyone else. Jessica seems to be his mouthpiece. Why would he take advantage of his own daughter? Doesn't he see that his daughter adores him?

  41. Dude! Read an article (this is fun) about selling your wife's company and then buying it back a few years later. What part of the story is missing and was it above board?
    How did you manage to get so many government contracts? Kind of like insider trading, eh?
    I know someone who had a fair amount of knowledge about a company and never took advantage of what he knew. It's against the law. Oh, I'm talking about buying and selling at an opportune time. It's the law, dude. You must have laws too??
    Let me know.
    Seriously though, it is an excellent way to make lots of $$'s. It's not what you know, but who you know, eh? Did you ever feel bad about doing that? Did you feel bad about being greedy and wanting the contracts to yourself? It's nice to spread that kind of wealth around, eh?
    Dude, do you ever feel quilty for what you did and continue to do? I never would have done that to you. That is how we differ.

  42. Moon shadow? Listened to it this morning. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    Awful song.
    Anyway, I think you said you liked Bach/but I remember you saying you liked the Four Seasons.

  43. Do you remember where you were on June 14, 1994? I know where I was.

  44. Enjoyed watching your friend Hillary make a fool of herself. She has the ability to lie and act like it's the truth. She doesn't flinch. I can see why you like her so much. You, Mr. Rudd, are a good judge of character….Birds of a feather…..

  45. Congratulations. Washington DC is a great town. You really are making a name for yourself. Ambitious dude.
    For he's a jolly good fellow~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Maxine Tate

  46. Please Mr Rudd, now that you are practically an American, could you please help this government do something about the illegals coming over the border and taking advantage of the American taxpayer? Please! They expect SIXTY THOUSAND children! Now wait, most of these kids are by themselves and the youngest is around four years old! Four years old and traveling to another country by yourself!? Do you know there are millions of American kids who go to bed hungry? So do tell, how in the hell are the taxpayers going to support these kids for years to come. Please Mr Rudd? DO SOMETHING TODAY! But wait! The parent/s of these kids just let them go to get rid of them, but they expect US to take care of them. Huh? Poor kids, being used. What to do-What to do? You can figure it out, right?
    Now Iraq! O dear lord! When does it end? WTH is wrong with the people who make/made the decisions in this country? I know I don't know the ins and outs of everything, but when does common sense come into play? Well? Please Mr Rudd. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your almost country. I feel so bad for all the Americans who work so hard to support THEIR families and then have their tax money thrown away on god knows what. HELP?? I beg of you, please do something!
    I like Thomas Freidman (spelling) do you? NYT. He knows EVERYTHING.
    I digress.
    What are you doing today? Oh? That's cool. I'm just trying to wake up. It takes me 1/2 of the day to wake up. Weird. I'm not very productive. YOU are very productive and always on the go. Me oh my.
    White Cracker

  47. Monsore Kevin - After reading an article about you and your wife, I have come to the conclusion that money would be well spent on a political ethicist or just a plain old ethicist. You and your wife would have to write the checks. You can't get everything for free, you know.
    You both have a difficult time with right and wrong. So before the two of you make a decision, call this person that you should have on retainer.
    I love good/sound advice.

  48. Happy Father's Day to you
    Happy Father's Day to you
    Happy Father's Day dear Kevin
    Happy Father's Day to YOU!

    From, Large Marge

  49. Have you found an 'assistant?' Let me guess. It's not a male and this person is young.
    Crise de conscience.
    Your old friend,

    1. Hey Kevin - Be careful buddy. Keep it private and don't be seen together. Have her buy a few wigs, glasses and whatever she needs to be incognito. Have fun, but be safe!
      Dieu vous garde.

  50. Kevin you sneaky devil! You always did have a wandering eye. Now I know why you got out of the country so quickly.
    Good Luck…

  51. Jesus, Quentin is back.


  52. Sweet photo of you and your beloved Theresa walking down the aisle after being married. I wonder what each of you were thinking as you traipsed down the aisle of love. Theresa, Got Him! Kevin, I am one very lucky guy! Amen to that!
    After all these years, you are still lovey-dovey. Heartwarming.

  53. Why would a church going religious person lie and make up stories?

    I don't get it.

    What do you think?

  54. Kevin! What is going on with this Heiner Affair shredding of documents/papers? I know you had nothing to do with it (haha), but why in the world would anyone shred important information about a girl who was raped?? Do you know how horrific it must be to be raped by TWO guys?? And then nothing is done to help the girl and the boys get away with it scott free? Can you imagine how she felt? Poor girl. I'm sure you felt awful when it happened and you would never try to cover up something so awful that happened to a young girl. I mean, you have a daughter and you would go ballistic if someone abused her in any way, shape or form. Rightly so. This girl had no one to go ballistic for her. Sad. Every girl, white, black or whatever, has feelings.
    So tired of people with money getting away with murder etc, whilst the average Joe goes to prison. Maddening.
    Wow, foreign aid? That money belongs to the people who pay tax. They earned it and it should benefit them, not some big wig from a poor country. Has it been proven that foreign aid benefits the poor of some poor country? Ask Bill Gates. BTW, Bill is an atheist. Warms my heart to know that….
    Ok, Ok, I am going…

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  55. Master Kevin - I know how much you idolize Hillary Clinton, but take off your blinders and listen to the recording of Hillary (age 27) being interviewed about a rape case she was involved with/in. Her client raped a 12 year old and apparently, she found a lot of the details comical. What a sense of humor that woman has! hahahahahahaha. Rape can be funny I guess. Especially when it happens to someone else's 12 year old. Wait, isn't Hillary the spokesperson for women and children? Oh. Gee. Hmmm. Shocking! Not really.
    What a skunk.

  56. Bin following you on the internet. Very impressive. I like your drive.

  57. The Honorable Kevin Rudd. Interesting.

    How about if you stop with the games. It doesn't make you look too HONORABLE, if you know what I mean.
    I've asked for a truce (white flag) many times and you laughed in my face and turned and ran away. Don't run - it makes you look stupid.

  58. Thinking about going to law school, but first I have to get my GED, go to college for 4 years and then 3 years of law school. Yikes! Just read that law school in Australia is 4 years, but no college? Is that true? Yikes! If so, why do they make it so easy for Australians to get a law degree? Couldn't the Aussie kids make it through college and then law school? Guess not.
    So I have a long road ahead of me. I really want to get a prestigious job where EVERYone looks up to you and thinks you are so smart. I could work as a landscaper. What do you think?

    1. ps do law school graduates in Asstralia have to take the Bar Exam? Can you take the exam home and work on it? That would be a lot easier, don't you think?

  59. China

    Mr China Man - Do you think most of Americans even think about China? Only the Chinese here do. Not the rest of us.

    You said, not only do the Chinese think about power and wealth, but the American's do too. Beg to differ. Very few think about power and wealth. One percent?

    To be honest, it's you and your wife who think about power and wealth. The rest of us just want to be sort of comfortable. The power thing is over rated and I think quite sick. On your death bed, are you going to say, I am just so deliriously happy that I had power? Your money will come in handy when you are old and frail because you'll be able to get the best health care, nursing care and have a bevy of slaves catering to your every whim. The rest of us have to make due and hope there is a bit left over for our kids. It's touch and go when every penny is used for your old age. With your name, you'll get into the best retirement/nursing home. Money will not be an issue. I would like to see everyone treated so well.
    Speaking of being treated very well. Nancy Reagan, Happy Rockefeller and Gerald Fords wife (can't think of her name) all had breast cancer thirty years ago - had the best treatment and lived. What are the chances? How about the 32 year old who has three kids and doesn't get the best care and she dies agonizing over what will happen to her kids. Who cares, right?

    Didn't Chelsea Clinton Mesvinsky look fetching in her plastic pants and her Loudutins (spelling?) Just kidding. BUT! SHE DOES HAVE VERY PRETTY HAIR! I digress.

    Not much of a friend, are you? At this point, there is no reason to change that. Status quo.

    Pasty Wite

  60. So what's the good word? Is your youngest son going to apply to Harvard? Do you think he'll have a hook?
    Good Luck Kevin's son!

    Why are you so mysterious and in hiding? You know you like to be out and about and having people making a fuss over you. Miss it? One can get used to adulation and stuff. Personally, I wouldn't know. Boo-Hiss.

    Why are you playing hide and go seek? I think the game playing energizes you and makes you feel like king of the hill or something.

    The Humble One~~

  61. Hey Powerful One

    Did you see this?

    Jackson BROKE DOWN giving evidence to the royal commission into union corruption on Wednesday, SOBBING as she recounted being COMMITTED to a Melbourne psychiatric hospital in September 2011, a week after find a shovel on her doorstep in an apparent DEATH THREAT.

    I have never been under such IMMENSE PRESSURE TO STREE in my whole life.

    O god! Poor woman. Most people (like your wife) have no idea what it is like to be treated so horribly that you feel like taking your own life to end the immense pain. Driving on a major road, instead of going around the bend I wanted to crash into the concrete barrier. It was all consuming.

    I know how she feels. I think going to the hospital was a very smart move. No one should have to go through that.

    Life altering. Never leaves you. Changes you.

    You may not believe it, but it's true.

  62. Should have been - I have never been under such IMMENSE PRESSURE OR STRESS in my whole life.

    After finding a shovel…..

    Must have been a little stressed while typing that.

  63. Still in hiding?

  64. I must admit, you are one lucky man! Read an article today about your lovely wife and how she started her business to help people and not for the money. Wow, you gotta real gem there, pal. I think she said 'It was never about the money.' Wow! Mother Theresa/Saint Theresa, one in the same. Are all Australian women like that or is she one in a billion? A humble woman indeed.
    It didn't say what she has done with her money, but I am assuming everyone she has helped through the years got a piece of it as a good luck in the future check. No doubt. And I am sure she has given away 99% of it to charity and just kept enough for necessities. Always putting everyone else first. Impressive! I would be willing to take some of that dirty money off her hands and put it to good use. How about it?
    Read another article about your daughters book. She must have a crystal ball to have known you were going to be knifed in the back and a woman was going to be PM. Uncanny. SHE CALLED IT! I mean really, how could that be? You didn't know. Gillard didn't know. HOW DID YOUR DAUGHTER KNOW? Wonders never cease, huh?
    Are your boys like your wife and daughter? Never hear anything about them. They seem to stay out of the limelight! Nothing like their, mother, father and sister, eh? Very smart. They don't get a charge seeing themselves on TV, newspapers, internet etc.
    Aren't families interesting? I must admit, you are quite fortunate.
    Jake Spence

  65. You better clean up your act.

    Don't you find the Chinese (Mandarin) language very ugly sounding? I do. It's like chalk on a chalkboard. Sounds like the person speaking is going to burst out crying at some point. Eww. Gross…

    This French girl said that when the American's speak, it sounds like we are singing! Do we? That's a scream. lalalalalalala.

    No more lying.

  66. You need to go.


  67. When he says he is quite the catch, is he talking about fishing? Is he saying he is a fish?
    How odd is that?

    1. Ooooh La La - Kevin is QUITE THE CATCH!

      1. HE'S RICH!!!!!

      2. HE'S GOT DA POWER!!!!

      3. HE'S FAMOUS!!!!


      What else? Hmm.

      THAT'S ALL I KNEAD!!!!! Kevin! Call me!


    2. Rene - You forgot to mention that he is EGOTISTICAL! Could you live with that. All the other stuff is fluff and not important. It's what is inside. Don't get me wrong, some money is very important. Gotta have the LV and Chanel! Ha! Rene, don't think his innards are that great and we all know what happens when someone doesn't really care about you. He would dump you after a year or so. He would kick you to the curb and never look back. Sigh.


    3. I think Kevin could use some couch time. Really get to his problems - which are many. You can blame a little on his father dying and for sure that was a major tragedy which is difficult to overcome. The rest is of his own doing. His wife doesn't seem to be the problem as she is busy with her own career. He didn't have to pick such a vile career and drag his family around and in the mud wit him. His job was all about public scrutiny, polls, drama, fighting, and if you are not egotistical you won't make it thru the first week. There is something odd/mental about a person who HAS to have fame at any cost and I am sure it cost his family a lot. On the other hand, they have had unbelievable opportunities because of their father. I think this particular family would do it again in a heart beat. No sure about the youngest boy. I'm not sure, but I don't think he took advantage of the situation - like the other one. Not sure about the middle child. I'm sure he got a very good job with a great law firm/company because of his father. I think that's called nepotism, but it sure do make life easier if you know when you get out of school that there is a job waiting and also no debt. SO many kids would love that and it's a shame that it's not all fair and square. Sigh. I'm not saying he's not a bright kid, but I think you always feel better when YOU actually (on your own) got the job. I can guarantee you that his coworkers are not thrilled AND they talk about it amongst themselves. WITHOUT A DOUBT. Say la vee.
      I know a kid who graduated from MIT in Cambridge MA who didn't have two nickels to rub together and when he graduated got a mediocre job because his parents didn't have connections. He deserves the BEST job and TONS of money for all he put himself thru. Does Rudd understand what I am saying?
      His wife Theresa had no intention of quitting her job and starting her own company until Kevie called one day with the scheme of the century. Didn't take long for them to pounce on that one. Same as insider trading. Think about all the jobs and money they stole from other people trying to do the same thing. Government contracts? We all know who they go to and it ain't the person without inside info. The chumps come in second or third. I think that is one of the reasons people don't like the Clintons. Ooops, I mean the Rein/Rudds. Truth hurts - save your tears for your pillow at night. Might muffle your sobs. Spade a spade.

      kate moon

  68. Question. Don't know how to word this, but when did the Australian government privatize helping people get back on their feet with counseling and a job?
    When did the Rudd's start their business?


  69. I wonder if Mr. Rudd throws out a few FU's at his granddaughter when he gets angry at her?
    I hope not! She is an innocent child.

    Beware Mr. Rudd - have you had your house checked for bugs?

    Edith Wharton

  70. Edith here. Very cute photo of your granddaughter in her mask and cute outfit. Bet you can't wait until they get back to Aus. Are they moving in with you?
    Just think, Sunday dinners with the wee one and her parents. Bet you miss that.
    If you say bad words, I hope they wash your mouth out wit soap.
    I am proud of the fact that my kids NEVER heard me swear. You should NEVER swear AT a child. That is my claim to fame. Sometime in the last 5 years I have said a few nasty words.
    Does your granddaughter call you Kevin? Look mommy! Kevin is throwing up on the sofa! He's nasty! Yes, he certainly is. Let's go before he starts throwing up on us. Wee one says - Kevin, call us when you have learned to behave! Bye…

    Edith Wharton

  71. Kevin - do you remember the day (ONE DAY!) that you were nice to me?

    I don't either.


  72. With reasonable men, I will reason;with
    humane men I will plead; but to tyrants I will
    give no quarter, nor waste arguments where
    they will certainly be lost.


    1. OMG Stilts! I really miss you. Where have you been?


    2. Emma! Mind your own bidness.


  73. Oh Kevin - I have something to tell you and it's very important. Get in touch with me,,please and thank you.


  74. I am in earnest---I will not equivocate
    ---I will not excuse---I will not retreat a single
    inch;and I will be heard!


  75. Labor's 2013 loss was 'self -inflicted.'

    Don't you feel really bad about that?


  76. I do declare Mr Rudd - are you still trying to manipulate me?

    Ms Tawdry

  77. Remember when you gave your 'Apology Speech' on February 13th? Remember when I called you and said THANK YOU for the apology, thinking it was for/to me? hahahaha.
    You weren't very polite. You called me a few choice names and hung up the phone. I called you back, but you wouldn't pick up. Obstinate.
    How funny was that? No? Well, I thought it was. Next time I should pay closer attention to what you say as I usually turn down the volume when you speak on TV. Hahaha. Gotcha!
    And The Beat Goes On…..

  78. Chelsea tried to care about money, but couldn't. Poor girl.

    Who does she sound like? You know.

    The woman of your dreams. Sweet dreams!

  79. I envy your Rudd.

    Salt and Pepper/

    1. Should have said -----I envy YOU Rudd. I truly do. S&P

  80. So Kevin, what do you think about the parents who leave their young children in a car seat whilst they go off to work? Puzzling, eh?
    The article I just read said even people with a college education do this. Well, if THEY can do it, well………….Too funny!
    Not trying to be cocky, but what is going on? Is it a horrible way to get rid of your pain-in-the-neck kid?
    Yes, people are distracted, but……….
    How come it never happened before and now all of a sudden it's monkey see, monkey dew?
    Should these people be punished? Or is baking your kid alive punishment enough?
    To save one little kid - we should have to put these kids in their car seat in the front seat. Then we'll see a dramatic drop in this horrific situation.
    I don't know Rudd.
    Although, if someone is sentenced to ten years - the parents who are contemplating doing this - will think twice. Hmm.
    Poor widdle kids.
    I digress, but two summers ago, my daughter and I saw a dog in a locked car, with windows down about 2", in the shade in the grocery store parking lot. To make a long story short - we stayed there until the owner (guy) showed up and I gave him a hard time. Daughter was silent. Ha! I'm not saying I am so great, but maybe next time he'll think twice about leaving his dog in the car. I don't know………

    1. HoHum - is America getting better or is America getting worse?

  81. Rudd! Ro-shay-sha? I think so. Metro-Gell and a low dose antibiotic. If you don't treat it, it gets worse.
    Nurse Betty

    1. Shud have been Metro-Gel. Tsk Tsk

  82. Ro here. FPMofA. Do your lenses in your glasses have a yellowish tint? I don't think you want that.
    Just because you are Australian - does NOT mean you have to wear those ugly boots. They are just so wrong with a suit. Have a custom made pair of shoes made for you. Pick something sophisticated. Boots are NOT sophisticated! Well, maybe if it is snowing.

  83. Shud have been - Do the lenses in your glasses. TskTskTsk

    Brain? is a bit foggy/frazzled.

  84. You'll know the answer to this. Why do Hillary and Chelsea keep putting their feet/foot in their mouths? Is it to get attention to her epic book? Is it a political move to get more TV, internet thyme? I know it's pre-meditated, but not sure why. Why?

  85. You mite want to get more sleep as you look quite tired.

    I must admit, you have an incredible memory and a large storehouse of information. Does someone prep you?

    Here's a cool question for you. Let's say you are in Boston and you take a cab and the driver says "where you from?" and you say Australia. Are you then tempted to say 'I was the Prime Minister?' I bet you travel with duct tape for occasions like that. How fun-e.

    Don't be so stuck up. Big deal. It's not as if you were Mother Theresa or something. Rite?

  86. Do you only come alive when you are in the presence of important people?

    Moving right along…..One the walls taped with scotch tape and a bit yellow are the posters of men with enormous muscles and that is what I stair at every evening and every morning and sometimes in the middle of the night I have a small spot lite on each of them and I guess there mite be twelve of them so the room is quite brute when it is the middle of the nite after the room being quite pitch dark the way I like it then I flip a switch and wa la the lites go on and there I am trying to adjust to the brute lights because it tends to hurt my eyes because I don't do well in bright lite it is uncomfortable to my eyeballs that is why I use the sun glasses even when it is sort of overcast or generally cloudy with a bit of sun coming around the corner time to put on the ray bans and strut around and think that I may have to go to the mall and buy more posters of men and NOT women because women with muscles I bet you like that but I feel it is quite enormous muscles not good on the woman but all men need the muscles to attract all the women who like them and then the woman will take the muscle bound guy to dinner at a very good restaurant and she will pay for everything so she can get a glimpse of the muscles in the shirt with the buttons popping off and exposing skin with lots of baby oil on it and staining the shirt from Walmart that he just bought 3 sizes to small that very day and not including the vaseline he put on his face ew just a bit greasy so he was looking for brylcreem brylcream to slosh around his baby fine hair and make a pompadour of some sort to impress his date because she was wearing a dress that was long in the front and short in the back and only had one long sleeve with a cuff bracelet she bout at Cartier that very afternoon on the way back from the spa she visits everyday sometimes twice a day and she loves to be pampered and would never use crisco on her face and hair as you could probably fry an egg on her cheeks as she has high cheek bones and I really don't know wat that means in the context of the contours of her face and ears she did have fabulous earrings on they were real diamonds and shards of sapphire in black wire very nice way to decorate the ears but sometimes the ear lobe is quite thin and nothing works or looks satisfying to the person sitting across from you who is reading a newspaper and will only talk thru a bullhorn and you mention you are not deaf and he can't hear you because he is partially blind and his ankles hurt from the hunting boots he wore to play soccer in but playing the game in a swimming pool filled with balloons and these round lights that glowed after dark the dark does show the lights better for the picnic they had when he lost his muscles and she still liked him even tho he was gaunt and kind of looking like some sort of I don't know what she left after dessert and went to the girls room and never returned to the table she opened the bathroom window and jumped down two stories and only broke one high heel from her boots that came up to her thigh that make her look like a teetotaler even though she was a lush with a drinking problem and a problem with holding her liquor and drinking people under the table when she knew she needed repair work on her old car that drove around basically on two wheels what a conceited boring person who should be bagging groceries in a convenience store and what ever happened to the guy with the muscles I don't know he vanished into thin air as opposed to thick air poof gone and never to return they deserved each other in kind of a very sick and sheltered way pity pity pity

    1. What are you smoking? god, that was awful!

  87. Hello Mr. Rudd. What are you up to? How do you feel? I read something recently that said flying isn't the greatest thing for your hart. Do you know anything about that? I have a leaky valve, but will get it checked out next month to see if it is a gusher. JK. I hope they don't make me do a stress test as I would definitely fail. Let me tell u - old age is settling in and it's not too cool. You'll see.

  88. Angelina calling Kevin -ring ring ring
    Kevin- Looked at called ID and knows it is Angelina Jolie-Pitt. A very enthusiastic 'HELLO Beautiful!'
    Angelina-Oh Mr Rudd, you are so funny - even though it is true.
    Kevin - I am SO honored that you are calling ME even though I am a mover and shaker etc etc
    Angie - Hahaha. How are you?
    Kev - When I saw your name - my mood lifted and it's off the charts now! Think I just won the lottery or something.
    Angie - I seem to have that effect on men like you!
    Kev - Oh? Do you mean high profile, rich, powerful, wonderful men? Not laughing.
    Angie - Not laughing. What do you mean? Someone gave me your name and number and I have no idea who you are. Who are you, if I may ask?
    Kev - Well, little lady. You are talking to someone great who loves to wine and dine women such as yourself! Interested"
    Angie - Well, I really called to see if you would help the unfortunate women all over the world who have been raped and no one cares. Well?
    Kev - For you Angie, anything, but let me think about this and get back to you because I really don't see that as a great problem, such as world peace and how to make a billion in your lifetime. Those two are of great concern to me. I am a peace maker and about the money, I'll keep that to myself. Laughing.
    Angie - I see. I thought you liked women?
    Kev - I LOVE WOMEN! Especially when they look like you. I could stare at you all day and night! You intrigue me.
    Angie - Beings that you won't help the less fortunate. I saw your ad about an assistant. I think I would make a good one and I have been to China once or twice and thought it was ok. I'm between movies and I just know we would work well together. No Brad and No kids! Hooray! Just you and me having dinner together at all the best restaurants and would it be possible to write off my clothes or would you just buy me knew ones? I like new! Send the particulars and are you going to pay me? I can work for two months for $500,000.00 and no taxes and you have to pay for my suite at the Four Seasons and a car 24/7. Oh, and of course food and whatever else I will need. Till then….
    Kev - Silence. Kevin just fainted.
    Nice going Kevin. Have fun and don't get into a fight with Brad about who Angelina will end up with. Not cool.

  89. You always look so sad. How can we cheer you up?

    Three great things about Kevin.

    1. Ah…..

    2. Umm…..

    3. Hmmm…..

  90. So Kevin, when are you coming out of the closet? No rush.

  91. Hmmm. Kevin seems to be up to something. I wonder what is up his sleeve.

  92. Congratulations! I saw the headline, but did not read the story. You and your friend Gary finally got married. I am so happy for the two of you and know that you'll probably be divorced within 5 years! Actually, that's quite an achievement for you gay people. Don't bother adopting as when you split neither one of you will want the kid. Peace be with you.

  93. Mr Kevin, Have you watched the Up Series? If you have, aren't they great? If not, I THINK you might like them. 7UP, 14UP, 21UP, 28UP, 35UP, 42UP, 49UP, 56UP. They started filming these 7 year old kids from England in 1964 and the last (56UP) was released last year. I just saw it tonight on Netflix. It's so interesting how everyone turned out. After it was over, I wondered if they would all be alive in 6 years. Then it dawned on me….Will I be alive in 6 years as I am ten years older than them! Amazing how cute these kids were with their beautiful skin and what happens to the skin in 56 years…Add ten years to that skin and……….YIKES! I look like a raisin.

  94. I think I am being ignored.


  95. Labor Senator Don Farrell is retiring?

    Does the name Farrell ring a bell? Sure does to me.

    Is that possible or just a coincidence?

  96. Yeah, well, ok, whatever, up to you, you are boss.

    DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I used to be a big deal. Always kills me that you once had THAT job. Seems really weird. OuT oF mY LeAgUe, for sure and then some. The whole thing is bizarre. Yikes! Grimace! Rolling eyes! Choking! Coughing! Passing out! Skeptical! Doubtful! Daunting! Dubious! Non-trusting! Pondering! Not a believer! Frown! Nervous laughter! Shifty eyes! Spastic! Mean! Ghoulish! Puny! Spineless! Derogatory! Gory! Bloody hell! Morbid! Taxing! Sorrowful! Smirk! Spit nickels! Snort! Disgraceful! Convoluted! Mysterious! Sneering! Mocking! Smurfing! Oblivious! Eh! Nightmare! Unequal! Unforgiving! Irrational! Juvenile! Mystical! Scary! Grotty! Smelly! Cold! Lighting rod! Justifiable! Unjust! Unfair! Tacky! Upstart! Mean spirited! Poison! Butthead! Poor sport! Renegade! Drunkard! Drug addict! Chain smoker! Mealy mouth! Stickler! Set in their own ways! Non-bending! Rigid! Corny! Swagger! Turncoat! Boastful! Tormenter! Would be murderer! Womanizer! Cavalier! Creep! Cruel! Alarmist! Dysentery! Brittle! Oily! Furry! Un-funny! Crotchedy! sp!
    Green! Gills! Dumbo ears! Liar! Tattle-tale! Fermenting! Loser! Topsy-turvy! Swindler! Thief! Criminal! Domineering! Lazy! Foolish! Lush! Cheapskate! Philanderer! Ignorant! Busybody! Lizard! Bison! Fool! etc etc

  97. Kevin is a donkey.

    Tell me what you know and I will stop being so nice to you.

  98. Seriously hoping I don't get poison ivy…..


  99. Farrell?

    Bon ami

  100. Young boy from 7UP. "I have a girlfriend, but I don't think much of her." Too funny.

  101. There's something about an Aqua Velva man.

    Do you agree?

    Need an update on Farrell.

  102. And he ran the country from his back porch.



    Was he just a figurehead?

    Hmmm…Must have been.

    Bad move - telling the people - you were - slacking off.

    Who was doing all the work?

  103. All Australian men.


    Kevin - EwW.

    You are one gross man.

  104. When are you going to come out of hiding? Everyone would like to see you and Theresa walking around, holding hands and smiling. Just like the old days. I kinda miss the old days when you too had the power. Ha ha Ha. I think holding hands in public is just plain tacky. I really do. Especially for a politician and his wife because it screams, LOOK! Yes, it's true! We STILL love each other and by golly we are trying very hard to convince y'all. My take.
    Their are no photo's of Lincoln, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, etc holding hands with the wifey to make the public THINK they were close.
    Are you too going two do the Carter thing? He and his wife will go down in history as salt of the earth people because they have spent there life (after White House) doing charitable work and staying out of trouble. Will the to of you set up shop in Africa, going all around feeding the people? Commendable (sp) Sell your companies and give the money to the less fortunate. That would make you LOOK sincere about not caring about the money. NEVER LET YOUR WIFE UDDER THOSE WORDS AGAIN. Can you spell disingenuous? A huge mistake for a politician. I know YOU watch EVERY word you say, so rein in the wife. She does have a sweet personality.

  105. Instead of saying - what would jesus do, I will ask, what would kevin due?
    I am a spinster just trying to be friendly and make the world a happier place.
    I've been trying very hard to be every so friendly to this person, who happens to have the same name as you! Well, Kevin lets me talk, but he say's nothing in return. Picture this. Walking through the park everyday and everyday I see Kevin sitting on a bench with a paper bag which appears to have a bottle in it. How strange is that? Anyway, I always stop, sit and chat with this bloke and I may go on and on for 1/2 hour and he say's nothing, everyday nothing! WTH?
    So, my question for you Kevin is should I continue to be gracious and friendly or should I just stop being so caring? I am leaning towards just walking buy him and saying nothing. What do you think? I know he's using me, but have no idea why.
    I will go away.

  106. Kevin! Nice friend you are. I can't count on you for anything! HTH does anyone keeps a game going for over SIX years is beyond me!
    Hang it up, FOOL!

  107. "Labor party is like the mafia in that once you are in you do not leave and if you do leave or blow the whistle they will destroy you."


  108. Take the next plane to Gaza.

    I guess he's too busy to answer my questions. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  109. You made the right decision. What took you so long?

  110. Was Julia Gillard disbarred?

    Maybe in Australia they don't disbar people for breaking the law. ??

    Julia - Kevin mentally damaged. Is that true?

    Julia is bi-sexual? Aren't you all?

    Australian politics - Power, Money and Sex. Comforting to the taxpayers.

    What did Theresa say when you shredded the documents? Did she find that troubling or was she afraid you would get caught?

    Do damaged people go into politics, or does politics damage people?

    What does Jessica think about the Heiner Affair, or would she prefer to look the other way only because it is her father? The latter?

    Do you play games with your family or save it for other people? People that don't matter?

    Are you scary, or just seem so?

    When was the last (first) time you did the right thing and did not think about the consequences?

    Do you feel remorse?

    Do you thrive on this game?

    How has Mother Theresa put up with you all these years?

    Serious questions need serious answers

  111. The Confessions of Kevin Rudd.

    Go ahead, I'm listening.

  112. The Confessions of Kevin Rudd.

    I hope you haven't started your book because I would like to proofread it to make sure you are telling the truth. I WILL catch every lie. I WILL force you to tell the truth. In the end, you WILL thank me.

  113. True Confessions of Sir Kevin Rudd.

    Take your time - think - write everything in long hand - think again - fold the papers - I'll put them in the plastic Hello Kitty box. They will be safe. Hello Kitty will never tell - she is a friend - unlike some people who profess to be, but are anything but.
    Do not dally.

  114. Confessions of a Cereal Politician.

    Pony up.

  115. Please do not ignore this question - it needs to be answered.

    What would the gun nuts say about this nine year old girl learning how to shoot an uzi?

    It didn't work out so well. Surprise-Surprise.

  116. I hate to bring this up, but…..I guess you were bummed out today because your fantasy girl married her beau. I know, I know. There are tons of them out there right now, looking for a wonderful guy like you. Do not despair and never forget. "you are quite the catch." I'm not sure I agree with that, but I just wanted to cheer you up. SNAP OUT OF IT!

  117. Have you heard of the guy named Gordon Chang?













  118. Dearest Kevin,
    I hope you enjoyed your Friday night. What kind of fun things did you do?
    If you are hung over, I would be more than happy to drop off hang over supplies. Let me know. I will scour the earth for the best treatment so you don't have to suffer needlessly. Oh, maybe you don't need me as Theresa has probably taken great care of her devoted husband. What a gem she is. We should all be so lucky to have a match made in heaven. I love the way she looks adoringly into your eyes whilst you are talking about whatever you are talking about. And I like the compliments you give her whilst talking about whatever you are talking about. It's always good to throw a few kind words to your special someone. Ah……..we are all jealous.
    Dearest Kevin, Christopher (RIP) Hitchens wrote something very depressing and untrue. He said this about anyone who believes in god. Hold on, this is so wrong. "This is nonsense; it can't be believed by a thinking person." WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THAT MAN? We know better, don't we? I must admit that Hitchens had one of the great minds and it was sad to see him go so young. Now I know you are way more intelligent than him and that you will be like the energizer bunny and keep going well into your 100's. Thank the lord for that!
    Is there anything I could get for you? Would you like someone to iron your shirts or wash your suits? I would be happy to do that. I do have a phobia about using an iron, but I would grit my teeth and forge ahead. It might be a good idea to put a little bleach in with the suits. I love the smell of bleach on a man. Someone had a horrible thing happen with an iron and about xxx years ago I had to stop ironing because I had flashbacks to that incident. Weird, right? Oh well. We all can't be as balanced as you.
    Your devoted laundress,

    ps - I would love to spend a quiet Saturday with the Paul Kelly book. How about it?

  119. Here is another thing. I looked at the gay boys Facebook page and he say's he's 'going off line or whatever you call it. I guess he got the money and everything is otay.
    Con artist.
    I bet you'll see more and more of this stuff going on. Just like putting the baby in the hot car. Now that the murderers are now being arrested, haven't heard of anyone ooops making that mistake.
    Oh almost forgot. People have to stop being so generous with con artist strangers. Save the moola and give it to an animal charity. Just say no!
    WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? Saving the world? Didn't know that King Abdullah cared so much about England and America. Warms my heart. On second thought, maybe he wants us to get rid of Is-Is so he doesn't have to put up with them. Who knows, he might be next. I thought I saw a tear in his eye.
    Do you want me to stop at the store for you? If you need anything 24/7, let me know. BTW - where do you live? It might help to know at three o'clock in the morning. Still keeping secrets? How stupid. You are one hard nosed dude.
    Enjoy the weekend doing whatever people in cloak and dagger do.

  120. Oh sol la mio! Please with the book.

  121. Time to come clean.

    You made your kids sit in a hot car?

    Theres never any mention of the mother, only the father.

  122. Do you consider your culpable in the deaths of those four boys?
    Did anyone tell you about the first death? Electrocution?
    Did anyone tell you about the second death? How long was it after the first boy died?
    Did anyone tell you about boys 3 and 4?
    Who do you blame?
    To me - it comes down to who knew it first and did nothing about it.
    OMG - What a horrible way to go.
    Let's say you hired your three kids to help with the insulation. I know, I know, that would never happen. OK, so the youngest Marcus died the first week. What would you do? Two weeks later, your middle child dies. What would you do? Four weeks later, you daughter dies. What would you do?
    Would you have nipped it in the bud? Indeed you would.
    Politicians don't seem to think other peoples kids are human and have feelings, but they do. Same as your offspring. They deserve the same consideration as your kids. Your kids are no better and no worse.
    Have you written to the parents of these dead boys? Do you feel as though, if you write to them it is an admission of guilt? As a Good Christian with a Good Christian conscious, you should have written the four letters a long time ago. I don't care what your high priced attorney advised you. If he did.
    Rudd, you have done so many shifty things. I don't think you can change.
    Poor Theresa….she has put up with a lot. Oh, all in the name of power and wealth, but I would assume you egged her on. She seems so practical and not full of herself. She really does watch what she says.
    Have you guys bought a place in Boston? You couldn't buy a place in NYC because it would have looked too obvious. Ha!
    If the UN is in your future, PLEASE act above board. No Games and No Lying. Clean slate. And no gee, golly, I grew up on a potato farm and my father died when I was eleven. Most people don't care. And no, gee, golly, oh my, my father was paralyzed in the war, went to school, got a job and my mum was a fantastic wife. Ah, yes she was, but we don't need to be told the same story over and over again. We get it. It was a real bummer for your father, but how bloody lucky was he to meet your mother? She's a hero.
    I think when you constantly mention your past, it's not professional. They probably told you two, it made you more human. I have no idea what that means.
    Clean slate Rudd!
    Is Theresa going to leave the granddaughter now that she is GD?
    Need the book, ASAP. No time to waste. Gotta find out the dirt.

  123. Golly, first sentence is messed up. Need to proofread.

  124. Don't Forget - Clean Slate. No more lying and no more playing games.

  125. Your daughter is a fan of Joan Rivers?

    I never thought she was funny. I've been told the people with the best sense of humor are the one's that are hiding their pain.

    Have you found that to be true?

    There are varying degrees of pain.

    You have to change your reputation. It can be done. Bit by bit.

  126. So, Benghazi? Interesting and horrible for the people involved.
    Too bad you can't add your two cents.

  127. In order to talk to you, people have to pay you?

    Ramona Africa says, then you are saying what they want to hear.

    So you haven't changed one bit.

    Ramona Africa

  128. Tickets to the Red Sox.? Did you take the T? Otherwise known as the Sox.
    I bet you found it quite boring.
    You guys look like Frick and Frack. Cute.
    Rugg Road

  129. Happy Birthday, Kevin.

  130. Theresa was a 'no show' at the memorial service for Whitlam. Surprise-Surprise, her daughter (who looked pregnant) was her stand-in. Kevin did NOT want to go alone, so he 'begged' and twisted his daughters arm to go. Just kidding, she eats it up as much, if not more than Kevin.
    Did Theresa and Kevin have a 'few words?' Is that why she backed out? Shame on you Theresa for showing a lack of respect to Australia's best PM ever.
    Yikes! Clapping at a memorial service? Was it a popularity contest? Yikes!
    Very low class, but what do you expect down under?
    So Kevin? You expecting a new baby?

  131. I am an animal lover, so I found it quite disturbing that the Rudd's showed up for the Melbourne Cup. I don't care if it was free, I would never participate in the abuse of animals. I DO NOT watch it on tv as it sickens me.
    I love the way everyone shows up in their Easter finery, drinks to get drunk and doesn't even care about the race, let alone the animal abuse involved.
    Obviously, the Rudd's eat it up. In fact, Kevin flew all the way from the United States to be included in the festivities. Gee Kevin, how humane. Hope Theresa, Jessie and you had a spectacular time. Did y'all notice two animals suffered and died? Two majestic animals that were used and abused to make MONEY for the super rich.
    You and your little women must feel so entitled at these events. Funny how your daughter never wants to be left out. Rolling Eyes. Where is her husband? I would imagine, he doesn't feel the NEED to be photographed at these common events. Good for him. He is his own person.
    Kevin, you are a piece of work. Were you paid?
    I am sorry that you and your family don't have respect for animals. I did notice that you HAD a cat and a dog whilst campaigning. For show?
    How shallow are you?
    The racing industry rejected our proposal last year to use just 1 percent of revenue from all betting turnover throughout the financial year - 14 BILLION DOLLARS - for a retirement plan for racehorses.
    Would you consider that a good business decision?
    Would you like to be a part of the racing industry?
    Would you like the extra cash?
    Kevin, Theresa and Jessie whole heartedly endorse the 'CRUELTY OF HORSE RACING.'
    Are you proud of that too?
    What an asshole.

  132. Must be a very sad day in the Rudd household. First the land goes and now the house. They always said they loved Brisbane and would never leave, but it looks like they have broken a promise. Sniff-Sniff. I know, hard to believe. Too sad for words.
    I wonder if they walked hand and hand through each room, smiling, crying and hissing at each other - remembering all their great achievements whilst living there. It was the best of times and the worst of times. They had it made. Wow, even their kids congratulated their mother on being a great mother all the while she was burning their dinners. Those three adorable kids didn't mind that they had to eat burnt food - just as long as mom was burning it. I think she did say something about she burned the food because she worked outside the home. Ah….what does that mean? Let me think……Could someone explain that? If I had burned the food, my kids would have put a knife to my throat. They surely wouldn't tell me they admired me or whatever the little cherubs said.
    Cherub - Susie's mom doesn't burn the food. She makes cookies, brownies etc and she takes them to ballet lessons, tennis lessons, piano lessons, riding lessons and what have you after school.
    Admired mom - Well, Susie's mom doesn't have the kind of money we have because of me.
    Cherub - Yeah, but she goes to their games after school and drives them all over the countryside.
    Admired mom - Yes, but they do not and will not have the kind of money we have. Get it?
    Cherub - Yeah, but Susie's mom takes them to the Orthodontist AND picks them up at school when they are sick.
    Admired mom - Rolling eyes. We can afford to have other people do that. Ha!
    Cherub - Yea, but she takes care of them and takes them to the Pediatrician when they are sick. Susie threw up all over her bed and her mother cleaned up the whole mess, right there and then. I have to sit in the vomit all day. Sniff.
    Admired mom - You could clean it up yourself. I am the breadwinner. I have more important things to do.
    Cherub - Sniff turns to sobs. I need a mother and not a breadwinner. Can't dad bring home the bacon? We don't have to be rich, you know.
    Admired mom - After you eat your burnt food, do the laundry and go to bed. I have work-work to do.
    Cherub - Being the good kid, does all the laundry, homework and gets the two others to wash their faces and brush their teeth. Tucks them in whilst Admired mom chats on phone to co-worker.
    Cherub - Where Is Dad? He's never home!
    Admired mom - He's whining and dining and doing his power thing.
    Cherub - get's on his/her coat and walks to store as they need milk and cereal for breakfast.
    Dad passes the Cherub as he/she is walking home from store and toots horn and waves. Keeps going as Admired mom is waiting for him.
    Poor Cherub - thinks to him/herself. Someday we will be rich and famous and all this will have been worth it.
    Me - Was it?
    I digress.
    Maybe they are in financial trouble and need to raise the money from the land and house. Stranger things have happened, you know.

    1. Money is the root to all evil, you know.

      Did it bring you happiness?

      Power corrupts.

      Did it bring you happiness?

      I wonder.

  133. "I'm a storyteller."

    Yes, we know.

    How about if you right about the facts. Good, bad and ugly.

    Substance over nonsense.

  134. One is a storyteller.

    One is a game player.

    One is chasing the almighty dollar.

    The 3 amigos.

  135. Everyone should take a peek inside the Mudd/Rain home. I read today that it is stunning.

    Theresa say's she is sad to be leaving.
    For sure…

    Jessie says, U.S. wanted the roundtable at the University of Queensland demolished for Obama's motorcade. She should be embarrassed to say such stupid things. She has a big thing about the U.S. Her stupidity is 'stunning.'
    Rolling eyes.

    Mudd/Rain paid THREE! million dollars for the lean to they bought in Noobska.
    You know what they say when people getting money easily (stealing, insider trading, insider information etc), they can't spend it fast enough. It burns a hole in their pocket, right Theresa?
    They don't stop and think if it is money well spent or not.

    Why are they playing this GAME with selling their house? Tender whatever? Can't anything be black and white with these people?

    Mudd/Rain will be living in New York. Hope someone is there to hold their hand during the process. NO AUSSIE TASTE ALLOWED IN NYC!

    Too close for comfort. Anxiety level going UP.

  136. Dear Mr. Rudd,

    It is quite clear that China is bankrolling you.

    Otherwise why would you fly around the world defending everything they do?

    You are a human billboard for China.

    They bought and paid for you to be their cheerleader.

    Hasn't anyone caught on to this?

    Hold your horses - are you and rain trying to get your foot in the door?

    That could be lucrative.

    IT will backfire, you know.

    Don't say I didn't warn you.

  137. Why else would he be spending ALL his time on this country called China?

    Is he a traitor to his country?

    I'm thinking Yes.

    So, It's not an obsession.

    It's based on a whole lot more.

    RUDD! you just amped up the anxiety.

    It's people like you who make the world such a scary place.

    SToP iT.

    BefOrE It's tOO laTe.

    Whatever they are playing you……it's not enough.

    StOp CHasInG mOnEY.

  138. They Are Using You And Your Wife.

    Distance Yourself Before It Is Too late.

    They Are A Tough Bunch.

    You Are In Over Your Head.

    Take that from someone who knows.

  139. Oh dear.

    Someone is sulking and having a 2 year old type temper tantrum.

    Oh dear.

    Give her a call and cheer her up, why don't ya.

    She wanted you to be a part of the festivities.

    She wanted you to invite her to be a part of the festivities.

    She desperately wanted to be a part of the festivities.

    She can't hide it.

    It's seeping out in a BIG way.

    It's so childish.

    You condone it.

    She's lashing out at the person who beat you out of a job.

    I don't think he or his family care one iota what she thinks.

    If you continue to let her make a fool of herself - you and reign look babyish too.

    Would it help or cause great anguish to have a talk with her?

    You afraid of her wrath?

    Unless, you are using her to say what you can't say.

    Sour Grapes.

    People will start to wonder if she is wrapped too tight, you know.

  140. Let it go.

    I like it when presidents and pm's don't create a lot of chaos.

    Just do the job.

    Reminds me of the Clintons and Rudds.

    Just do your job.

    Stop with the drama.

  141. Evi - What was THAT all about?

    Were you all flustered because of THAT woman?

    My eyes were bugging out.

    Well first of all by the tie. Looks like something a clown would wear. Come on!

    Second about the walking and chewing gum thing. What?

    There was a third but don't remember what it was.

    Had you been drinking?

    Your hair was a bit mussed.

    Anticipating a big night?

    Something was going on.

    Do tell.

    I like to sing this as I waltz around the house.

    "They say I'm crazy" lalalalla. Correct wording? Don't know. Britney Spears.

    Might want to lay off the sauce. Know what I mean?

  142. Hi Kev cold and windy here.

    what is this about you living in the U.S. for the past year? didn't know that. i knew you were spewing propaganda but didn't know you actually bought a place and pay taxes. really/

    you did say it with a bit of a giggle. always right.

    what's the new look with the no ring deal. you want women everywhere to know what the score is> looks that way.

    black watch? do you know there are a hundred beautiful watches out there and the aussie picks a black one to go with a suit. rectangular shape/white face/black leather band. flattish. brown for dress down days. do i have to tell you everything?!*

    the reason for the white face< it's easier to read. And it's timeless.

    put on the ring before theresa wacks you over the head with your tea kettle.
    i have the same kettle. never gets used but still looks good 20+ years later. tro it out.

    mOOre videoes!

    heinous tie. a bit 2 garish.

    all so. just for interest===mite want to buy a pair of plastic frames in brown.
    don't know if black is the answer but wood like to see which one is best for yer.

    am i the Only one Looking out 4 your best interest?@ i bet u don't care. does
    t matter # still going to.

    it's obvious ain't it? UN? shaking head. sew dumb/stupit/UNNESSARY. S H A K I N G H E A D. Y wood you do that? Can u make world better place? will you be biased toward Au and China? Will u look at big pic? brings a tear.

    whAt have u done for anImal RiGhts? Nuthin.

    dumb bunny.

    alWays reaching. always dreaming. always hoping. just enjoy what u have.

    too late huh<

    is it a done deal>

    Goo awaY.

    soo much injustice in this world and NO ONE does anything about it. Bidness as Usual.

    take a slow boat to chiner.

    woman says something about the chinese buying up many many properties in australia. kevin shrugs his shoulders and basically says WHO CARES* the Americans? and the japanese have in the past 2. No allegiance?

    how About a free trip to ferguson MO? yes, we about to have BIG trouble. part of me says YIKES! and the Other part says Bring It On. Sumone gonna get hit with the ugly stick. all over a 6'4" would be career criminal. sum one has to talk sense into our esteemed president and his wifey. You Can't Promote This. There aRe no winners. FeeL bad for cops.

    WoW! Welcome to the United States of America.

    Enjoy your visit and don't litter.

  143. Yes much better tie. Listen to me.

    Drop the other one in the trash.

    The interviewer did not make you nervous. Does that only happen when it is female and in close proxsimetry? Spelling/ I think so.

    Everyone seems to have better newscasters than here.

    Agender? What is that?

    We haven't fully recovered? You have, but the rest of us haven't.

    Ah…London.Sigh. Haven't been back for 6 1/2 years. Life got in the way.

    Next stop? Istanbul?

    No more jumping and up and down for animal cruelty? When is the next horse race? That sounds like a very enjoyable way to spend the day with the family. Oh goody! A family outing. Hmmm. People who can't go anywhere unless they can drink. For sure, for sure - if you have a parent or parents that are alcoholics - don't start drinking.

    Do you watch greyhounds run until they are spent? That must be a delightful way to spend your time.

    You and Theresa must be full of radiation. Ha!

  144. SSSH! Kevin has to be a good boy in order to get this job. One wrong move and kapooey! Job evaporates.
    How ya gonna stay out of trouble?

  145. I guess it would be a dream come true for the Rudd/Reins/Tse's.

    EVERYONE will know your names and you won't even have to wear a name tag or nothin.

  146. "For us, this will always remain our local community."

    When maid you change your mind?

  147. Less than a year ago.

    "For us, this will always remain our local community."

    When you wrote/said that, did you know it wasn't true?


  148. Hey Rudd. What's with your daughter and her inferiority complex?

    Her columns make me LOL.

    Kind of spooky the way she makes up stuff. It's one thing to tell a little white lie, but to fabricate? Every week?

    I'm sure you and her mother don't notice, due to your way of life, but the rest of us do.

    She goes away and she doesn't tell you? That say's a lot. It's that old love/hate thing I was talking about.

    I'm sure the poor girl is wondering what she did wrong to make you leave them in the lurch, whilst you travel here and there looking to make a name for yourself.

    What's more important? Family or making a name for yourself?


  149. Why so scared?

    You're not afraid to lie, right?

    You're not afraid of chaos, right?

    You're not afraid to treat certain people with disrespect, right?

    You are afraid of certain comments. Why? You don't want certain people to have hurt feelings? LOL. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Good motto, right?

    What scares you?


  150. TskTsk.

    What is this about slavery and the bible? Did you make that up on the spot, just to stick it to the pastor? Not nice. I can't believe your fellow Ozziettes actually clapped for that one.

    If you are hung up on the bible, don't you think it would be wise to memorize the one about Not Lying?

    I see. You pick and choose.

    Anyone who quotes the bible is a loser.


  151. Comment disappeared.

    If I were the type to cry over everything, I would be crying over my front door and the area surrounding it.

    Rudd, who would do such a thing?

    Whose idea was that?

    That was destructive.

    Someone egged my front door a few summers ago.

    By the word 'egged,' I mean more than one egg.

    Wasn't home.

    That door gets a lot of sun, so with no one here to clean it, you can imagine what happened.

    The door is made of wood. It Was shiny black. The eggs dripped down, covering most of the door. Shells on the step.

    Never had it repainted. Waiting for more.

    When I pass by the door, I sigh and feel so frustrated.

    Why do such a thing?

    Always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Not a good way to live.

    Who knew one person could create so much havoc?


  152. Why don't you step in and offer to chaperone Ms Bishop on her trip to Peru?
    You know you want to.
    I can't believe she lets you mentor her. Does she trust you?

  153. I'm sure Mr Rudd is giving Miss Bishop political advice.
    She's creating a bit of chaos and Rudd's name is written all over it.
    Rudd thinks that is the only way to get ahead.
    I can assure Mr Rudd and Miss Bishop that the voters are not impressed and a bit weary of the play acting.
    Miss Bishop, Mr Rudd is using you. He may tell you otherwise, but don't believe him.
    Did Mr Rudd tell you to let the public know you wear very expensive clothes, shoes, make up etc? Bad advice. First of all, you should be wearing Australian designed and made clothes etc. Second of all, wait…On second thought, forget about what I just said. You would look like a fool to dress like an Australian. You are overpaid, so go right ahead and buy the french stuff, but don't flaunt it. Bad advice. Don't listen to him. He's a show off.
    Remember when he said they were going to do some serious christmas shopping for their baby granddaughter? Well! I cringed! Think of all the grand parents who can only afford a very modest present for their grandchildren. I'm sure they weren't impressed with Mr Rudd's comment. Rub it in Rudd! Why dontcha! Someone put a muzzle on him.

  154. Hey Rudd, why don't you go home and have a 'toasted sandwich' and stop being so thin skinned. Act like a man instead of a petit-maitre. That's spanish for a dandy.

    'Young people of the world understand it's their future.' If you keep saying it enough, maybe even you will believe it.

    Instead of spending your spare time desperately trying to figure out how to be relevant - spend some time reflecting on all the bad you have done and how you can rectify some of your bad deeds. Can you own up to it?

    Stop with the political advice. You just want mayhem and you know it. You are using her and she doesn't even know it.

    Boston, New York and Washington DC. Too close and hyperventilating inducing.

    Go home - heat up the barbie and have a big juicy steak.

    I see you don't muck around with US politics. I am sure you do in private. Yes, at this thyme it's a mess with the boy wonder running around being a racist AND being ultra divisive AND hating most Americans. We can blame all the holier than thou, naive, idealist people for this mess. Oh and the PC crowd. Fer sure.

    Stick with what you know. HoHoHo. It's Xmas! Get it?

    1. Almost forgot! When does the Serious Grandparent Shopping begin or is that old news because it started 6 months ago? Spoiled brat much?
      Sooo many kids with nothing and here she has everything. Well, almost. When she flies, she doesn't have her own seat. Ha! Too funny. And so not true.

      Thanks mom and dad for teaching me how to lie and fabricate! Comes in handy!

      Rudd must be so proud.

      What does Santa say? HOHOHO!

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