Sunday, 10 November 2013




10 November, 2013

Brisbane Airport is expected to experience growth in air traffic volumes from 219,920 last financial year to 393,000 by 2035, or more than 1,076 aircraft movements per day.

In his submission to a review into the need for a night-time curfew at Brisbane Airport, Federal Member for Griffith Mr Kevin Rudd said, “without adequate management, Southside residents can expect less respite from aircraft noise in a given 24 hour period.”

For these reasons, Mr Rudd has recommended in his submission to the high level Steering Committee that there be a two year trial curfew from 2020 once Brisbane's New Parallel Runway (NPR) opens for business.

New flight paths created by the NPR will mean a significant increase in the number of residents subjected to adverse impacts to their health, lifestyles and property values, most notably for those living in Bulimba, Hawthorne, Balmoral, Norman Park, East Brisbane and parts of Coorparoo.

“Sleep disruption will become the norm for many more Southside communities, as is already the case for those living in suburbs like Cannon Hill, Morningside and Camp Hill," Mr Rudd said.

“A two year trial upon completion of the NPR is the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of a curfew as a measure to provide respite to residents from aircraft noise overnight and to test its financial and economic effect on Brisbane Airport’s operations.

“Those making dramatic assertions that a curfew would undermine the financial viability and economic utility of the airport just need to look at Sydney Airport which has had a night-time curfew since 1995, and remains an entirely viable airport."

Mr Rudd’s full submission can be found at or by contacting the Griffith Electorate office.

Mr Rudd's submission also references research from the British Medical Journal which can be accessed at and


  1. Re aircraft noise pollution, thank you for your strong submission in support of a curfew at Brisbane Airport. I live in Tarragindi and I want a curfew between 11 pm and 7 am; I have made my own modest submission to the Review. I see that today the Courier Mail has seen fit to revert to type and use ridicule against your stance, as it did in the recent election, rather than argue the facts. In particular, your entirely valid and strong point that Sydney airport's long-standing curfew has not affected tourism, was not addressed in their silly article, And you could add that the curfew at Coolangatta has not affected the Gold Coast's tourism. Keep up the good work for all of us on the sothside who want a decent quality of life with noise-free nights and early mornings.

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  2. It is 2013 and your wanting a curfew while tourism is dieing. We did not need anymore evidence of your incompitence but you just keep supplying it. Good riddens to bad rubbish i day.

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  4. Hey Kevin,
    I think your family should have an intervention for you. You are looking and acting very glum and it might be good for you to go to a sanitarium for a bit. By a bit I mean about three years. You can read, watch tv, swim, play checkers, cards, learn a craft, listen to music, walk, lift weights, ride around the premises on a golf cart, wash your own clothes, wonderful food, but it has to be vegan or at least vegetarian, but your most of you thyme will be spent writing your memoirs. Sound good? I will visit you and TRY to cheer you up. I'll sing and dance and try to do pantomime. Anything to brighten your mood.
    Maybe I can find a dummy and practice being a ventriloquist (spelling). Would you find that entertaining. I'll look for one of Charlie McCarthy's grandchildren.
    I can cut your hair for you and dress you up as a ballerina. Do you look good in pink? What size tutu? XXXXL? I will sneak in your favorite liquor and you can get drunk. That would be funny. I would pay good money to see that! I can push you around in a wheelchair if your nurse or whomever accidentally breaks a leg or two. Ouch! You better be on your best behavior.
    Please don't ruminate, it's not very productive and it gets you no where. If someone is mean to you, give them the finger and wave them off. That works every time. I'm sorry to see you are down in the dumps. Life is like a box of chocolates. Something like, you never know…..something something. Ain't that the truth? Tom Hanks was rite.
    I guess your friend 'god' has let you down. He should be watching out for you and making sure everyday is happy and healthy, right?
    I guess you heard that certain states have legalized maryjuana. Probably the dumbest move in the history of the world. Did anyone talk to experts (MD's) before they made such a disastrous law? More crime, more mental problems and many more treatment centers for the fools who get addicted. I'll stick to my six pack every night.
    Well, I'm sure you are board to death reading this drivel. I know I am weird, but I like to be weird.
    Good luck with the intervention - let me know what you have decided.
    The Ticket Taker

  5. Congratulations! You beet the rap! Ho hum, I don't think anyone thought you would be blamed for anything. Business as usual. I'm not saying it was your fault, but when someone says the buck stops here, doesn't that mean you are taking full responsibility and therefore you have to be prosecuted? You had a high priced attorney? I wish EVERYONE was afforded that opportunity. Although, it's frustrating when wealthy people who can afford expensive mouth pieces get acquitted when in fact they are 100% guilty. So not fair. Then you have jury nullification which is maddening. Example, OJ Simpson. He stabs a kid sixty times, almost takes off the head of his ex-wife and gets away with it because the jury likes him and no way in hell are they going to convict him. Holy cow! Could not believe it. I guess Kartrashian and what's his name the black guy died. So sad….and what's his name Bob something, his son either overdosed or committed suicide. As far as I know, nothing happened to Flee Bailey. Karma. Travesty of justice.
    Fish monger.

  6. Kevin, what part did you play in the Heiner Affair? What part did you play in the destruction of evidence?
    Kevin, A fourteen year old girl was raped. If your fourteen year old daughter or granddaughter were raped, would you do everything you could to destroy evidence?
    Kevin, about the pediaphiles (sp) in your party. Did you hide or destroy evidence or any kind of information that would get these pigs arrested? Don't play word games, just the truth.
    Kevin, how would you feel if one of your kids or your granddaughter was abused by a pediaphile? Would you go out of your way to protect the abuser and forsake your own kids? No word games.
    Kevin, do you have any idea what it does to a child to be raped and or abused? And then raped and abused by the very people who should be protecting them?
    Kevin, I know some one who was befriended by a pediaphile. The poor kid always had a stomachache and ended up in the hospital, but they couldn't find anything wrong with him. Guess not. It was the mind body connection.
    Kevin, I want to believe you had zero knowledge of any of this and zero participation.
    Kevin, your turn. Would you like to discuss it?

  7. Kevin, you know it's just a matter of time before someone comes forward and tells the story of what happened six years ago. Wait until your family hears that! I know how your family likes to cry over everything that happens to you, but this time there will be big time weeping and gnashing of teeth. They will be shocked to know that you were a part of criminal activity towards an innocent person and it wasn't just a one shot deal, it went on for years. Better invest in many boxes of tissues to get them through that! They only will focus on you and how you were wronged etc and totally forget there was a victim. They will consider YOU the victim.
    YOU could have saved years of angst by walking away and you didn't. You didn't care about the victim.
    I'd like to be a fly on the wall when they find out.
    AND quess what? Believe it or not, it won't be pleasant for me either. Nice way to spend your 60's and who knows, maybe 70's also.
    Good thinking, Rudd. Do you ever look at the long term ramifications of your decisions? I don't think you are capable of doing that.

  8. Rudd, if you should up and die, am I in your will? How about life insurance? Did you put your houses in my name? Cars? Portfolio? Savings and checking?
    Let me know as soon as possible. I would like to buy a few things, nothing extravagant.
    The poor country mouse.

  9. Reading about men with bad tempers.

    Men with bad tempers are selfish and narcissistic. (sp)

    They mostly take it out on their wives. Did you?

    Bad temper = abusive.

  10. Looks like Gillard is available.

    Now is your big chance.

  11. Remember when Kevin was running all over the world telling women he was "quite the catch?" Well! He lost his job and one day realized he was NOT "quite the catch." He has never been the same. He's a broken man.
    Kevin, whilst PM, did you take advantage of your power over women? Yes? That's good, because your 15 minutes is over and no one will give you the time of day.
    I'm so sorry.
    I hear you can rent a woman by the hour. Oh? You've done that? Did you make her pay you?
    New song on the radio….Kevvie, you are quite the catch, quite the catch… never found your match, but none-the-less, you were quite the catch…..lalalalalalala.
    Sorry mate…..The Good Times Are Over.
    May the lord watch over you and bless your tormented soul forever and a day.
    Pleas genuflect and bless yourself.
    PS - did you know that holy water is full of bacteria? Go ahead dip your finger in and bless yourself, but include your mouth and nostrils.
    Sad that Kevin lost his sparkle.
    Your step mother

  12. Dearest Kevin,
    I hope this finds you in first class spirits. I was just thinking about you and wondering how you and Theresa are, and where in the world you two are. South of France? Oh, maybe Paris. Oooh, how wonderful.
    I hope all the people that had negative things to say about you will burn in hell for all eternity. The nerve of these people lying about you. Of course, they are politicians, after all. I know you are a wonderful guy, husband and father and you would never stoop so low as to hurt another human being and I am having a fit over the whole thing. Aren't you going to send Theresa out there to defend you? She owes you because of all the kind things you have done for her for 30+ years. Couldn't have asked for a better hubby! And how about the pretty Jessica? Is she going to write column after column praising you? THEY BETTER OR I WILL SEND THEM A POISON PEN LETTER. Then of course, there are your town sons. Get them involved.
    If I saw THAT book in a book store, I would buy them all and burn them without turning a single page. I am a devoted fan and will do anything to further your career. Not that you need me, but I will fight to the death! Truly.
    You are one of a kind and only deserve good things happening to you. You should sit back and let your fans come to you. Don't put yourself out or maybe you will pull a muscle or something and dear god we don't want that to happen to our little dude. See how nice I am? Of course, I am not in your league. You know, where the air is rare. That Terry sure is a lucky woman having someone like you to learn on and adore. A match made in heaven.
    Now I want you to take care of yourself. We do not want anything happening to you as the mourning would be wicked and even I would wear my widows weeds. Sorry Terry, you can too. I can't imagine the state you would be in if Theresa were to pass away and never return. You would be a tragic figure. I know you would quit your life as you know it and move into a retirement home and pine for sweet Theresa until your last breath. Flowers on the grave EVERY week. Nothing would be too good for your wonderful, caring, loving wife.
    I am truly jealous of what you two have. Not many people do. True and everlasting love. My heart is weeping.
    Please take care of yourself. I don't want to lose you.
    Your friend through thick and thin,

    ps - Dear, I almost forgot. Could you send me Paul Kelly's book? I would be ever so grateful. I am having angina just thinking of the way they treated you.
    Please….I'll be waiting. Oh and of course, THANK YOU!

  13. MoMo is a wackadoodle. Is she after something? Rolling eyes.

    Your friend,

  14. About the gay boy who was asked by his step mother to leave. Should have been his fathers job. Anyway, it was all about what god thinks and religion. Religion does screw up a lot of people. Does more harm than good.
    Poor kid.
    Part of me thinks it is fake because they were all sitting side by side in chairs. Who does that? Then you had the grandmother cursing at him. Who does that? AND then you had his STEP MOTHER punching him in the face. Wow! Who does that? Oh, let's see..some people do. They all knew he was gay a long time ago…why kick him out now? I'm not saying parents don't do that, but I think this was a hoax. Who was filming? He said it was his friend, I think. Why didn't his friend help? Weird. You say a lot of gays self harm because of rejection? Oh, didn't know they were the only segment of society that is rejected.
    Am I wrong?
    Vine K.

    ps - The book? The book? The book?

  15. Hey Rudd - Guess what? I saw your 'paramour' today on the telly. Did you?
    Took me a while (six+ years) to catch on. I can be dense.
    Sounds like she really cares about Australians. Where have I heard that before?

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