Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Farewell Address to Parliament

Farewell Address to Parliament
The Hon. Kevin Rudd MP

Madam Speaker, there comes a time in our lives as parliamentarians when our families finally say enough is enough. 

And my family has reached just such a time.

We ask much of our families in this place.

And in the case of my family, well above and way beyond the call of duty.

The truth is the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, which regrettably have become the stock and trade for so many in public life, hit home to our families as well.

This applies particularly to the families of our parliamentary leaders.

For our family, recent statements since the September election have been particularly hurtful.

As parliamentarians, we might say we become inured to all of this, although I doubt it.

For our families, however, I believe it becomes harder, not easier, with the passing of the years.

And it affects their ability to get on building their own lives and careers as well.

My family have given their all for me in public life, and for the nation.

And it is now time I gave something back to them.

This has been the product of much soul searching for us as a family over the last few months.

And the decision I have made has not been taken lightly, particularly given the deep attachment I have for the community I have proudly represented in this place these last 15 years.

But for me, my family is everything. Always has been. Always will be, which is why I will not be continuing as a member of this parliament beyond this week.

I also believe it was right and proper that I report my decision to the parliament at the earliest opportunity. And that day is today. And I have chosen to do so now so as to create minimal disruptions to the normal proceedings of the House.

My predecessors as Prime Minister, Prime Ministers Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke and Keating, reached similar decisions to leave the parliament before the subsequent election.

As did would-be Prime Ministers Hewson, Costello and Downer.

And perhaps Prime Minister Howard would have done had he retained his seat of Bennelong after the 2007 election, although we will never know.

I wish to thank my local community, the good burghers of Griffith, for electing me to this place.

They are good people. And they are a great community. And I am proud of the new libraries, classrooms and multi-purpose facilities we have built in each and every one of my local primary schools.

And the hundreds of new laptops in high schools which before had none, or very few.

I just love the smiles on the kids' faces, and on their teachers' faces as I visit them, and schools like them right across Australia.

I also thank the people of Australia for electing me as their Prime Minister.

To have served as Prime Minister of Australia has been a great honour afforded to very few in our country's history.

For the future, I wish the Prime Minister and his government well because I wish Australia well.

The Prime Ministership of this Commonwealth is not easy. It is the hardest job in the land.

The expectations of whoever holds the office are infinite while the resources available are finite.

And so I wish Tony, his wife Margie and their family all the best for the rigors of high office that inevitably lie ahead.

This is a good country. Australians are by instinct a good people.

The rest of the world, more often than we think, also looks to us to help provide answers to the challenges facing humankind, not just tending to our own.

And so too I wish my good friends the Treasurer, and the Foreign Minister, all the very best for the complex global challenges that lie ahead.

As I do my good friend the Member for Wentworth, who remains a particular adornment to the parliament.

For the Australian Labor Party, the party of which I have been a proud member for more than 30 years, and a parliamentary member for fifteen, the future of Australian progressive politics lies within your hands. 

I wish the newly elected leader Bill Shorten all the best in the great task that lies ahead.

Having served as Leader of the Opposition myself, this is never a position for the faint-hearted. There are always long dark nights of the soul. But believe it or not, morning does come, often sooner than you think.

Bill brings great strengths to the position and I have every confidence he will lead Labor's return to the Treasury benches.

I also wish to thank Albo for his extraordinary service as Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the House.

Albo is the most formidable parliamentarian in this place, as is recognized on both sides of the chamber.

He also has a passionate commitment to the cause of progressive politics.

And in my long years in this House, his loyalty has been beyond reproach.

I would also thank Chris Bowen for his great contribution to our party and government, and his future contribution as well.

It is a singular honour to serve in the high office of Prime Minister of Australia.

I have in the past few days looked at my first speech in this place back in 1998. You will be pleased to know that none of us have changed one bit in the years since them.

I said back then that I believed politics was about power, and whether that power was for the many or the few.

Fifteen years later, that remains my view.

I said back then that I believed in the politics of hope, not in the politics of fear.

Fifteen years later, that remains my view, because as Martin Luther King has famously remarked, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."

I also said way back then, that I had no interest in being here for the sake of being here, and that the only point of being here was to make a difference for the betterment of all.

Fifteen years later, that remains my view as well.

In fact I have found nothing that I would change from my first speech all those years ago.

I set out to achieve many things as Prime Minister. In some of these I succeeded. In others l did not. Such is the nature of politics.

But when the history is one day written, detached from the passions of the time, perhaps it will be remembered we navigated Australia through the worst global economic crisis since the Depression, without recession, without the scourge of mass unemployment, and with our triple A credit ratings intact.

It may also be remembered that we helped establish the G20 as the premier institution of global economic governance as well as securing Australian membership of it.

That we ratified Kyoto because we believe in the reality of climate change and we acted on our commitments to reduce carbon emissions.

That we brought into being Australia's first ever national school curriculum, our first ever paid parental leave scheme, and the biggest age pension increase in our history.

And that as a nation we finally delivered an official apology to Aboriginal Australians.

Nothing has brought me greater joy in political life than the smiles I have seen on the faces of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, young and old, country and city, as a result of the apology.

I hope though that we have achieved some healing of the soul, although it will only be through the final closing of the gap that we achieve a healing of broken bodies as well.

It was also my privilege to be asked by my parliamentary colleagues, including Bill, Albo and Chris to return to the Prime Ministership earlier this year.

This too was not a task for the faint hearted.

I was glad that together we were able to save the furniture, and in fact do considerably better than that, and return Labor as a fighting force for the next election.

More importantly, we began the process of reforming the party though the new democratic processes for electing our leader.

But I believe this is but the first step.

Our party must continue to reform, to be the party of the reforming, progressive center of Australian politics: the party of the future economy, of social equity and of environmental sustainability.

The party of working people, the party of small business, and the party of our local communities.

And a fully democratised party where we also see the election of our national conference, our national executive and our Senate candidates though direct democratic election by our party membership.

And in time primaries for our candidates for this house through a shared electoral college of both our party members and our registered supporters.

In the meantime, I look forward to a full, democratic preselection process for all local party members to elect our next candidate for Griffith.

Madam Speaker, for the future my passion remains with indigenous reconciliation and in the year ahead I plan to establish a National Apology Foundation to keep alive the spirit and the substance of the apology I delivered in this place six years ago.

I will also continue to support the great causes of homelessness, organ donation and the future of multicultural Australia including foreign language education and inter- faith dialogue.

As members of this House also know well, I am both passionately Australian, and passionately a citizen of the world. I intend to be active in the international community in areas where I can make a genuine contribution to peace and stability, global economic governance and sustainable development including climate change.

In this context, I will also focus on China's future role in the region and the world. As Australia is the voice of the west in the east, and in time I hope a voice for the east in the west, I believe there is a useful role for Australians to play as an engaged, intelligent and sympathetic bridge between these two hemispheres, and between China and the United States in particular, in the challenging half century that lies ahead.

Finally Madam speaker, I wish to thank through you, and the Clerk, all the parliamentary staff for their unfailing professionalism and friendship all these years.

It is they who uphold the great institution that is the parliament itself.

I wish to thank the Australian Public Service as one of our great national institutions, and its professional commitment to the defence of the continuing national interests of our Commonwealth.

I also wish to thank all my staff, past and present, Prime Ministerial, Foreign Ministerial and electoral, for their loyalty, hard work and friendship over the years - and above all their overriding commitment to Australia.

I thank too the press gallery for their coverage both good and bad, and continue to encourage them to apply all necessary programmatic specificity to the task of holding the government of the day to account.

To the members of this parliament, both friend and foe, and I can confidently say they are spread equally across both sides of this chamber, I thank you for the privilege of working with you.

Whatever has been said, and a lot that has been hurtful has been said, I bear none any malice. Life is too short for that.

For new members of this place in particular, I wish you well. This parliament is a great institution. As members, you will choose what type of parliamentarian you wish to become. Positive or negative. Knowledgeable or otherwise.

And to my life partner Therese for enduring 32 years of marriage on this very day, to my daughter Jess, her husband Albert, our beautiful granddaughter Josephine, my son Nick and his wife Zara, and our youngest son Marcus, you mean everything to me.

In the days ahead, Therese and I will be spending some time together overseas to plan the next phase of our lives. I would ask my good friends in the fourth estate to give us privacy as I have ceased being a public figure. And I'm not planning on any interviews anytime soon.

Australia is a remarkable country. It is the land of remarkable opportunity. To think that the son of a dairy farmer, whose family had little money, could secure a place at university through the Whitlam reforms, and upon graduation become a diplomat, then serve as the chief of staff to a Premier, be elected to parliament to represent the Australian Labor Party, and ultimately to be elected as Leader of the Opposition, and then Prime Minister, says everything about this extraordinary country Australia.

And for these remarkable opportunities, I will always be grateful, so thank you Australia.

And so, having said all that, on this final occasion in the parliament, and as is now officially recorded in the classics for occasions such as this, it really is time for me to zip.


  1. Thank you for your honor and commitment and your family for your time God bless

  2. It was an honour to have you lead this nation, and we owe you so much. I wish you fortune in your future endeavours.

  3. Enjoy the next phase of your life with your family Kev, we will miss you and your leadership. If people are willing to vote for the Liberals, then we have got a hard road a head of us. Anyway thank you and take care. xoxoxoxo Linda.

  4. Thank you Kevin, you will be sorely missed.

  5. Thank you for your service to the country MR Kevin Rudd. You will be missed

  6. You are a scheming , twofaced arrogant bastard. Why stay on after the election if u had no intention of staying for any part of your term. You have betrayed the people of Griffith. I hope you rot at the united nations. Good riddance.

    1. Why such hate? Hate blinds you.

    2. Julia, let go.

    3. some people will never see the bigger picture

    4. Hey kevin what r u doing in this page?

    5. Bahahahaha!!!! That Julia joke, loolz! But seriously, there's no need to be a nasty pasty, especially if you don't even have the balls to put your name to it.

    6. Anonymous hate words... That is real courage!
      People like you are just despicable.

    7. Julia pissed off coz she still can't make a believerble reason as to why she back stabbed krudd hahaha "its complicated" hahahaha

    8. Some people can write such mean things.

  7. Kev thank you for being a fantastic local MP as well as a great Prime Minister. History will be kind to you and your Government.

    Enjoy your rest.

  8. I don't blame Kev for getting out of Australia, we must have driven him away. He was dumped by the Labour Party, then everybody wanted him back. And finally he comes back to serve again, but then the votes went to the Liberals. He and the Labor Govt are accused of being indecisive, but I think it's the people of Aust. that are indecisive. Poor guy, we want him, we don't want him, how the hell can anybody put up with that. So we have the Liberals as PM now, that's the punishment we get for stuffing Kev and the Labor Party around.

  9. No, thank you Mr. Rudd you did your best and that's all loyal labor supporters could of asked of you. I am sadden of this news but as you say its time. I hope you enjoy your time golfing, long walks on the beach and spending time with you family and friends. All the best. ((Hugs)) kenny x

  10. A proud Australian son! Well done, Kevin!

  11. Thanks for beating Howard. Thanks for the apology, FULLSTOP

    History will not treat you kindly for good reason.

    Thoughts are with the collective talent ALP lost, directly attributable to you.

    Equivalent to, if only Gore was granted Florida over Bush, where would Australia be today if you had justifiably resigned due to inept, narcissistic incompetence?

    We, the believers in the Australian Labor Party, sit tonight in bewilderment what WE have lost directly attributable to YOU

    Regardless, best wishes for you and yours in future endeavors.

    1. Julia, let go.

    2. collective talent ALP lost. Do you mean Gillard?

    3. Julia, let go. Oh God I LOVE it!!!
      Off to obscurity for you Gillard.
      Hats off to Mr Rudd, for his determination and guts to keep working for Labor, and saving the furniture

    4. people like this are so nasty and not worth listening to FULL STOP

    5. ~pisses myself laughing!~ Ahhh, muscle cramps. That bloody Julia comment.

    6. I love it too!!

  12. Your contributions to our country will go down in history as seminal. Good on you Mr Prime Minister

  13. Thank You Thank You and Thank You Mr Kevin Rudd. You were the best PM ever elected. Your endurance and hard work will never be forgotten. You will be sorely missed. Best of Luck in everything you do.

  14. You have done a bloody marvelous job with no exceptions Kevin - achieving so many significant wins for our country and negotiating party politics with absolute professionalism. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for the country. Very sorry to have you leave politics, so many don't deserve you, but many, many Australians appreciated you and all your efforts, including our family, and we were very proud to have you as our Prime Minister (we have never been so proud of anyone before or since in the PM role). We hope you continue to work for our great country and gain deserved respect from those you work with in future. Best Wishes to you and the family for much joy from here on.

    1. Amen to all of that. A fabulous PM you were Kevin. Thanks!!

    2. Indeed i agree...

  15. You will be sadly missed left a legacy behind that will never be forgotten by any Australian. Your strength during your intense campaign this year was remarkable you should be proud of yourself. For everything the media & opposition put you through, we thank you for never giving up! We the Australian Labor voters stood by you & were so proud to witness true political passion at its best. Take a much needed & deserving rest, enjoy your time with your family, at the end of the day thats what matters most. You have made your mark in not only Australian but international politics & fulfilled a virtue many of us only dream to achieve.
    Stand proud, stay strong & God bless x

    1. Hi Kevin, I was born on a dairy farm too.
      You learn to walk through bullshit at a very early age, a skill that remains with you throughout life!
      I admire your guts and tenacity during the worst betrayal any PM in any country anywhere, has had to endure.
      It was hard to watch.
      As Malcolm Turnbull said tonight ' Therese had to stand by, mute'
      You kept going for Labor, right to the end, and I worried that you would have a heart attack, but you didn't, you just kept going.
      As for Gillard and the Party that betrayed you ?
      " One forgives to the degree that one loves"
      You must have a great capacity for love, Kevin.
      Australian politics have lost a warrior tonight.
      We were cheated of you as our PM, and we never really saw you reach your full potential.
      I suppose it would be out of the question for us to get Jessica in Parliament?
      What a Mentor she would have. Love that girl.
      God bless you and thank you, particularly for The Apology.

  16. Thank you soo much.We will miss you a lot. Enjoy your next chapter of life..make most of it which u missed while u were so bg running the country...all the haters if u dont have anything good to say then zip your mouth..

  17. I see the negative comments easily identify those who are ignorant of the electoral system (Kevin fought the election as a sitting PM you idiots posting snide comments above) If he had won he wouldn't be resigning now. Really some people make you realise exactly why Kevin, Julia and Labor fought so hard for Gonski, hopefully to raise the intelligence levels of the people above.
    So I say farewell Kevin and all the best to you your lovely wife and those three terrific kids and the extended family. To those above who posted positive wishes I thank you also. Enjoy what you do next mate and have a long and happy life.
    Best wishes
    David Somerfield. & Toi Chenbhanich
    Same sex life partners
    Goolwa South SA 5214.

    1. you will never raise the intelligence levels of some people David!

    2. Totally agree!! These bloody next to zero level IQ people. Who can't think for themselves and seperate bullshit from facts then again you need to be an smart Australian like krudd said unfortunately it's a minority these days

    3. You're going to insult other people's intelligence when you can't even spell? Nice. And maybe look up what IQ test actually is and learn a little about the normal distribution curve; you will sound less stupid.

    4. Point proven. Sounding less stupid, can't spell is important then getting the point.

  18. Thank you Mr Rudd - Your first job was giving Parliament House back to the people, giving our voice back, listening and acting to what Australians had been talking about / concerned with for years - and safeguarded our jobs against "work choices" - it all came unglued when you shook the foundations of the Mining giants who just don't want to really "share" Australia's wealth - I think it was this issue alone that caused some within Labor to fold.

    Thank you for your tireless service and being an excellant Australian to the world. And if you ever get a hankering for politics again - just remember "we build them tough north of the NSW border" - we could always use a guy like you in Queensland.

  19. Thank you very much for your service to the public over the last two decades, you were one of the only leaders to achieve so much, appease so many and steer a country successfully through a GFC. I for one will sorely miss you in the Parliament as you move onto the next stage of your life, but I wish you well and I hope that nothing but goodness follows you. Good Luck Kev and thank you. Sandi

  20. Thank you for acknowledging the first people the stolen generations of the first people the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of Australia you were the only one to take thee time to recognise that an apologies would be given to the first people of this country and thank you for being our prime minster I hope you will keep fighting for the rightd of every person that needs it,

  21. I'm one of the Australian public who feel that this country is a better place because of your commitment and dedication as foreign minister and prime minister. Your leadership through the GFC; and in foreign policy in Asia and through the world allowed this country to "punch above its weight". Importantly, and especially in your first term, you showed that we aren't all larrikins - that being an intellectual and working 24/7 IS as Australian as playing sport and hard yakka; and you lead by example.

  22. Probably shouldn't have put that comment in about the Whitlam reforms making it possible for a Dairy Farmer's son to one day become PM - Abbott will cut education even more now - he only wants the wealthy to have any power in this country :/ It wouldn't suit his paternalistic agenda to have 'plebs' rising above their station.

    Mr Rudd, I enjoyed having you as Prime Minister, to be honest I wasn't sure how to take you a lot of the time, but you have gumption and for that alone you deserve respect.

    I truly despair over the future of our country now under an Abbott government and hope like crazy that Labor can get their act together and win back the trust of the Australian people - I'm not particularly pro any party, but Labor is definitely more beneficial for the everyday Australian.

    Good luck, and I hope you and your wife enjoy your time together and with your lovely family.

  23. It's certainly sad to know that you won't be our voice anymore, but with much respect I'm happy that you no longer will have to deal with the stresses of this job anymore either! It's good to know that you'll have time to spend with your family.
    Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and for fighting to better our country.

    You will be missed.

    Thanks again, and best wishes.

  24. I wish you and your family all the best for the future and I thank you for being the best Prime Minister of Australia. You showed your people that you are human and that you unselfishly care for us. You will be missed by many. So sad to see the two clowns, Abbot and Hockey running this beautiful country. All the best!

  25. Kevin07 all the way!!! You are the reason I am now so interested and passionate about politics and the world we live in. You have been the inspiration for my 12 year old god daughter...she wants to be PM one day, and make the world a better place. You visited her school multiple times, and left a definite long lasting impression. You have been a truly wonderful MP & PM. I wish you and your family well, and hope all that you achieved continues on.

  26. We loved you Mr Rudd from "kevin 07" till now and believe you were a wonderful pm and diplomat. Thankyou to you and your family and I hope the years ahead are filled with much success and good promise. You will be missed.

  27. You stood and were elected to serve the people of your electorate and Australia. Your choice to suddenly quit betrays everyone who has ever supported you of the party. You appear to only wish to serve if you are top dog ... mate, that is BS and regretfully, so are you. You should be made to pay for a by election. Just another worthless politician who didn't get his own way ... I thought you were made of better stuff Kev .. you proved me wrong.

  28. Thank you Kevin for your leadership, you are an inspiration to many Australians and I wish you well in your next adventure.

  29. Its so sad. You should have been pm. And thanku for keeping Australia out of recession. You did thst and should b proud. Good luck mr Rudd for you and your family fot the future. Just know you will be missed.

    1. If keeping you out of recession was so easy - why didn't other countries do the same?
      I think that is a made up story.

  30. wishing you the best on your new endeavors, but it is sad to say bye to one of the honest guys in the world

  31. 'The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice'.
    Praise the Lord that you were there for us Kevin Rudd, sir. You are our most highly respected mate. An Australian high honour. Thank you for all you did and tried to do.
    Nothing you say is lost on us, you remain in our hearts so keep this Kevin Connects website open please.
    The shining light has left the Parliament, dim glow emits now. Who is left?
    Our wonderful, beautiful Australia, wrested into hands of such as the rude and hysterical Nichola Roxons and Wayne Swanns, owned by the Governor General, Shorten and Abbott, Rinehart and Murdoch now are we?
    'We don't like, that kind of behaviour.'
    We love you Kevin. Bye my friend. Keep in touch.

  32. Thank you, Sir, for all you did for Australia, all you tried to do and all you succeeding in doing.
    You made me proud to be Australian once again, after 11 years of shame, which is now returning to me under this new and cruel LNP Govt.

    Thank you and your family for your intelligent leading of our nation and for showing its heart to the world.

    Thank you for your communication skills and your hard work.

    Sad to see you go, but understand completely.
    All the very best to you for the future.

  33. Thank you very being a fantastic PM Kevin! Thank you for the wonderful job you did in foreign affairs - wonderful! Thank you for your passion and for the love of the people, should be more like you. You will be sorely missed.

    Have a wonderful time with your family and friends - enjoy that precious time, you deserve it Kevin.

  34. Thank you for the courage, vision and hope you have provided throughout your time in public service Kevin. I have admired and been inspired by the work you have done in often exceptionally difficult circumstances. While there is so much that we have to be grateful to you for, I particularly want to thank you for your commitment to the issues of homelessness, social inclusion and organ donation, issues very close to my heart. I wish you and your family all the very best for the future.

  35. Unbelievable, All politicians just spend our money like water. Good luck for the future. But really think to retire so soon after loosing an election is just taking your bat and ball home at our expense.

  36. I believe Australia has lost out completely by your resignation Mr Rudd and it only confirms it, how cut-throat politics is, when the Government and your colleagues can stand up and sing your praises in Parliament on your resignation announcement, yet back stab you while you were sitting PM. The truth comes out and Australia was blind-sided by all the BS!! The Liberals and Media did a perfect hatchet job and Australia fell for it and I believe we will be worse off under this Government. Malcolm Turnbull said it correctly, you are a true Aussie, a true fighter who optimizes the Aussie spirit, a very intelligent man and true gentlemen who will be sadly missed!! All the best for the future and by the way, no matter what people say, if you hadn't of come back Labour would have been annihilated, I for one and many people I know couldn't have brought themselves to vote for a backstabbing Gillard Government. Labour was their own downfall who imploded themselves, not giving you a real chance to govern. It was a sad time in Australian politics only eclipsed by your resignation, regards & all the best for the future to you & your family.

  37. MAN amongst men.

  38. Well done Kevin, the Nation is better as a result of your efforts.
    Good luck and enjoy your Family. Cheers

  39. Can't you suck it up and represent your constituency from the backbenches without putting the electorate to the expense of another by-election? Is it not glamourous enough for you on the backbenches just doing the day-to-day job of an MP? Speaking as a Labor voter, if you'd spent more time in the last election campaign talking up the acheivements of the Labor and minority governments of the last two parliaments, and less time on a scare campaign and your presidential self-aggrandisement, bloody Abbott might not have got in and be carving up our future for the benefit of the mining industry now. Your backbiting of Gillard paved the way for Abbott's victory. Add that to your list of acheivements.
    Elena Garcia

    1. Can't you suck up the fact that the man is exhausted from giving to the Labor Party.Gillard is now where she belongs- in her man hater world with the rest of them, didn't hear any accolades for her when she left, now living on tax payer money, house, ca,r and fat pension- not bad for a migrant who was never elected

    2. How could that man be exhausted? He's been on vacation since September.
      If Gillard were a man hater, she wouldn't have a boyfriend. Get it?
      Oh, and his family say's? "enough is enough," but he is desperately trying to have his daughter take over his job. How does that make sense?
      As they say, "Kevin is deeply flawed." They don't know the half of it.
      He is a christian, right? Yeah, right.

    3. Exhausted from all his backroom deals and backstabbing to get his revenge on Gillard- destroying the credibility of the ALP in the process. Murdoch and Abbott just lapped it up. Kevin Rudd- sounded great but talk was cheap. When it came down to his priority it was Kev all the way, stuff the rest of us.
      And it may say anonymous at the top, but my name is clearly stated at the end of both my comments.
      Elena Garcia

    4. Kevin would make a good priest.

    5. Kevin is deeply flawed. Aren't all politicians?

  40. It's sad to say goodbye to one of the honest guys in the world. Who was anonymous talking about? Surely not Kevin.

    Kevin quoted his idol, Martin Luther King. King was after three things. Power, Money and Women. Same as a politician.

    Kevin's family said "enough is enough." He's been in politics for many years and all of a sudden their little feelings are hurt? Shame. Kevin didn't want THAT rink-e dink job.

    Was Kevin crying for himself or for his family's torment?

    If Kevin loved being apart of Australian politics - WHY IN THE WORLD DID HE RESIGN? Doesn't make sense. He looked miserable.

    He wants to spend more time with his family? Oh, OK. I highly doubt that will happen. Excuses-Excuses. He's too ambitious to sit at home and be a house husband.

    He's restless. Within five years he will have a much younger paramour. So much for loving his wife.

    His family can't move ahead because SOME people write mean things about them? That started recently? Who is he talking about? They all seem to have a life and work. That's a bit disingenuous and he knows it.

    The poor Rudd's. They can't catch a break. And here I thought they all had a charmed life! How silly of me.

    1. Oh Julia you really are too bloody much!

    2. Oh hi Kevin. Just having a little fun!

  41. Farewell, Kevin. I will remember the great achievements such as the Sorry Statement and Apology. Be proud you served Australia well. Your party just had huge problems. Judith A. Parker AM

  42. Thanks Kevin.
    All the best for the future.

  43. All the best was a pleasure voting for my federal Labor member that enabled you to be elected as Prime Minister in 2007.

  44. Kevin's new job?? Can't wait for the big announcement. I predict it will be something that pays well, great perks, and keeps him in the spotlight.
    Enough is enough, eh?

  45. I only wish Australia is better one day so people like Kevin Rudd could achieve more. Action on Climate change, reconciliation for a multicultural Australia, education. these are all both urgent and important things we face - NOW.

    I believe he knew he would lose the election but that's still a wise and brave move for a better Labor party, and a better Australia.

    In the years to come. I believe more and more people will understand you and your actions more. And respect it. All the best Kevin

  46. I can understand why you want to leave. Thanks so much for all you have done for our country. I relished your roasting of the Pastor on Q&A, I was proud of the Apology to Aboriginal Australians. I thought the skill of keeping us out of recession during the GFinancial hashup was amazing and NOT appreciated by our press. I was unimpressed by the bias of the press aganist you,But fair suck of the sauce bottle, Mr Rudd(Kevie) I will miss you. Thanks-Chris Plumridge

  47. Remember when PM Rudd tried to break his desk with his fist? He has a violent side and I'm sure that's not the first time he has done something like that. Maybe with someone's face?

    Remember the time he was having tea with Annabel Crabb and she offered him one of her treats and he said "NO!" He should have take ONE and thanked her for it. She certainly is a gem. One of a kind.

    Remember at the tea he wiped his mouth with his hand? Who does that? Especially when the whole country is watching. Is that the Australian way? Bunch of cowboys. We have napkins for a reason.

    What else?

    If one wants to be PM of a small island, one should take a lesson or two in etiquette.

    The ear junk snack. Just plain nasty. When one commits such a faux pa, others always remember it.

    What does he do behind closed doors. I shudder to think. Some men are so creepy and Kevin seems to lead the way. Ewww.

    The Pastor on Q&A. Yes, I saw that. Kevin was at his WORST. He had this smug look on his face and thought he was holier than thou. Absolutely lacking in manners. He should keep his religious views to himself. NO ONE wants to hear you spout off what the bible (hahahahaha) says. Grow up and realize it means nothing. If you are going to quote from the bible (hahahaha) then you need to walk the walk. Lip service? Yes, yes, and yes. I felt a bit queasy with the way you treated that man. At least he had the good manners to let you embarrass yourself with your knowledge of the bible (hahahaha.)

    Remember when he was yawning without covering his mouth with his hand. Nasty business. Even at home, I cover my mouth. It's polite.

    Remember when he carried around his iPad? with a few photo's of his Oriental granddaughter. Ah, people hate that. No one cares. Vote getter? Oh, that's right, he was showing the photo to a bunch of Oriental women. Wonder why?

    What else?

    Wonder why his family supported him? Maybe they enjoyed it as much or more than he did. Well, maybe it was 50/50. They loved the sound of the camera's clicking away.

    If you family doesn't want to read hurtful things about themselves, TELL THEM TO STAY OFF THE INTERNET. End of story. You gotta take the good with the bad. You all decided that was what you wanted. So…..

    I have been the recipient of many (more than your family) nasty comments. You have to roll with the punches. And I wasn't getting paid handsomely either. Suck It Up. I had to. I didn't have Daddy going out and defending us at every turn. That wasn't your job. Let them take care of themselves. The rest of us have to. Daddy! Daddy! The bad people are writing mean things about me! BooHoo…..

  48. Mr Kevin Rudd is so queer with his my family means everything to me and don't you forget it, buster!


    He needs to get a new line, or maybe stop trying so hard to make people believe you care one iota about them.

    It's getting old.


    And you should cry about important things! Illness, death, destruction etc. Your values are screwed up.

    Enough is enough with the crying. Save the tears for the shower.

    Oh, and people are entitled to their opinions. If you don't like it, stay out of public life. Same for your family.

    I sugar coated everything.

    1. Some more mean comments :(

    2. Buckle your seat belt. It's only going to get worse.

  49. To day is a day that will in time to come go down as the day Australia made one of its biggest mistakes in History. You were a champion of those less fortunate, you stood strong and took all the crap and bullying being thrown at you from both sides of parliament. Now what does Australia have ? Abbott bowing to the likes of Gena Reinhart who believes you should not be allowed to "breed" unless you are capable of earning $100,000 a year. Abbott and his mates smirk and smile at how great there boat people policy is working when the only bit that is working is the bit Kevin brought in ! Now the LNP want to increase the debt ceiling to an insane level after pushing for an election because the budget was in crisis and needed to be lowered. I truly hope Kevin you will continue to work for those in Australia who have so little, though my Gut tells me China may soon have a new resident. Gods speed and good luck to your wonderful family, who have stood by you through all this crap, as you say now it is time to give back to those who love you

    1. Rudd quits and you are blaming Australia?

      Champion of the less fortunate? Examples, please.

      They bullied him? Remember the saying, "the buck stops here?"

      Gena Reinhart doesn't make the laws. Maybe she's right.

      Boat people? At least Abbott is doing SOMETHING! Kevin did nothing.

      Increase the debt ceiling? Who cares, let them. It's not your call.

      Kevin is on to bigger and better things. He will leave the little people in the dust. Pity.

      China? No way.

      If Kevin worked at the food store, would his family been there for every occasion. No press. No family.

      Giving back to his family? What has he been doing all these years, ignoring them? Sounds like it.

  50. Kevin, I'll miss you, but know that you will still have a great contribution to make. Yes, UN Sec Gen would be perfect.

    1. The UN has Ban Ki-moon. Don't need Kevin.

      I think the Boy Scouts are looking for someone. That's more his speed.

  51. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  52. Kevin and his family are in mourning.

    Take a big family vacation. I mean, isn't that what Kevin wants - more family time?

    I wonder where they would go? Disneyland? Graceland? Hollywood? Grand Canyon? Austin, Texas? NYC? Wash. DC? Grand Olde Opry? San Fran?
    Maybe somewhere warm? I know, Mexico! I hear that's a safe place.

    Has Jessica recuperated from her father's loss in September? I remember she had to leave because she was too upset to go on stage. Something about her daughter being very sick. How do they come up with these things? A family that lies together, stays together. His family's happiness is defined by what happens to HIM. A bit unusual, but……..

    How would the family feel about Kevin being Hillary's running mate? Pretty cool, eh. Oh wait, he wasn't born here. Darn. falsify the birth certificate. Change the aussie accent. He would fit right in. Ooops, gotta get rid of the cowboy boots. That could be a problem. VP Kevin Rudd. Sounds good. He seems to like old Hillary. Odd.

    1. Hey - This is Kevin's website and he needs to stop hiding and come on here and put YOU in your place!
      STOP being so sarcastic! Do you EVEN know Kevin?! Zip it!
      Thank You!
      Kevin's lackey!

  53. Kevin needs to get help for his lying. It's sad to see/hear someone lying 99% of the time.

    Be a good christian and stop lying. Would that be part of your Ten Commandments?

  54. Now would be a good time to build their dream house. Kevin could oversee it whilst Theresa works to pay for it.
    Not too big, not too small, but quality everything. Enough bedrooms for his growing family.
    He needs a great architect and a great interior designer. It could be fabulous. Oh my.
    Try not to make it "Australian." It needs to be sophisticated.
    Photo's please.
    Sam Silk

  55. The Great Courses - Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behavior.

    I'll figure you out and get back to you.

  56. Everytime Rudd talked about his adoring family, he cried. What a pansy.

  57. Dad! Kevin's in the closet and he won't come out!

  58. May the Lord bless you, dear Kevin.

    I know you switched religions, but I won't hold that again you.

    Go in Peace, dear man.


  59. I would suggest you carry either tissues or a handkerchief from now on. When the tears flow, they come in handy.
    Let me see. You were crying because your family never see's you? Or was it, you were crying because someone had their feelings hurt? You lead a charmed life if that upsets you. Believe it or not, but there are people who have cried so much in their life that they are unable to cry over most things. I guess you would say they are numb. Charmed life indeed. Must be nice.

  60. Everyone is thinking the same thing.


    Get lots of sleep, exercise, eat right and take vitamins.

    You'll wake up one morning soon and feel a whole lot better.

    Best of luck.


  61. The Rudd's are on a secret mission.

    Why can't they divulge where they are?

    I wonder.


  62. Oh.

    Maybe they'll come home with a bit of facial surgery done.


    Then they'll just say they had an oxygen mask or something.

    We won't believe them.


  63. Sharon is at it again. Give it a rest.


  64. Someone removed my comment.


  65. It must have hurt them.

  66. Chiner? Would that be China? Korear? Would that be Korea? Very confusing.

  67. Rudd, it's a cruel world.

  68. Are you that busy that you can't respond to the comments on here?

    I think he went off the deep end. Never to return.

    Oh well.

  69. I guess I'll beat a hasty retreat.

    So long and get well soon.


  70. Kevin Mikey Rudd hands in his letter of resignation a week late. The reason? He's too busy. Vindictive much?
    M. Monroe

  71. I'm getting this really bad feeling that Rudd is going to announce he is gay and has a boyfriend and that is why he changed his mind on gay marriage.
    Go for it, Rudd. Don't be shy.
    By saying he wants to spend more time with his family, did he mean his gay partner? I'm thinking yes.
    Oh my.
    Beatrice P.

  72. I found this on the internet and thought of our lovely ex- PM. It's just been so difficult since he left. My heart is broken and bleeding. Enough about me.

    According to Dr. Steve Berglas, success is the ultimate self-fulfillment and should be a gratifying and enriching experience. But for many success is a two-edged sword, a burden as well as a blessing. He explains why the highly successful may 'self-handicap' themselves rather than face the rising expectations imposed on them within and without.

    That poor, sweet, old man.


  73. Me again. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our super Kevin Rudd found a job that suited him and he lasted more than 3 years. I pray that will happen.

    Although, it must be pretty nice getting a check every month and not working for it. Laughing…. But of course, he did work pretty hard for it. He flew first class around the world and we all know how difficult that is! Do we? I remember walking through first class, but never be allowed to actually sit in one of the seats. Reserved for the upper classes, I guess. I'm surprised they actually let the first class people let us mingle with them (sort of), by walking next to them. They probably think we smell. Do we? Probably. One thing they do that is very wise - is let the moneyed people off the plane first. That way they can disappear into the terminal and not have to see, hear or smell us. Win-Win. Oh to be rich. I would like to be rich for just ONE day and see what it's like. Pipe-dream? Yes. I wouldn't know how to act. What would I say? Would anyone listen? No. I could put on airs for 24 hours. I wouldn't sleep, I would flaunt my money. Ooooh, sounds decadent!
    Enough about me.

    Poor Kevin. Hope he is holding up and not drinking too much. My condolences to his wife - she has to put up with him. Too sad.

    I should go before I cry…..


  74. Dear Dr. Death,

    How many people did you send to the gulag? How did you justify that?

    Heart of lucite.

    It's shocking with your history that you made it to the White House. Is that the Australian way?

    Reading about politics in the United States in the 50's and 60's. So corrupt. The Americans were so innocent to the ways of the government. SMH.


    Frances (fighting back tears)

  75. Dr. Death wants more perks. Now really, can't you pay for a few items yourself?
    Shame on you. Just go away and leave the taxpayers alone. I bet they would like more perks too, but they are not getting ANY! What's with rich people? It's never enough, is it?

    Frances (getting ready to scream)

  76. When is Mr Perks going to write his book? Will it be fiction? I will NOT buy it as I don't want to make myself nauseas.
    Oh, why don't you give them away for free? That's what you would expect. Not happening?

    Frances (not in the mood to read fiction)

  77. Mr. Rudd - I just realized I missed your birthday! Hope it wasn't too boring.

    Frances (would like a piece of b-day cake)

  78. Imagine that! Kevin is demanding money, offices, employees, car service, phone service, first class travel etc. Haughty.

    PR move - give the money to charity. Preferably to animal causes.

  79. OMG. When they said Wendi Deng had a male suitor, your name popped into my head. OMG. I was disappointed when it turned out to be Blair. Sorry.

    Frances (hoping you find someone)

  80. What happened to Kevin? He seems to be in hiding. That won't last long as he is probably suffering from some kind of anxiety because he hasn't had his photo taken for a while.

    Trudy~~~(say cheese)

  81. Kevin's wife says he irons his own shirts.

    Is that true, Kevin?

    Frances (hate to iron)

  82. Kevin's wife says he is "misunderstood."

    Is that true, Kevin?

    Frances (skeptical)

  83. Why is Kevin in hiding?

    Is he making a statement?

    Frances (looking for Kevin in his basement with a flashlight)


    me - Oh, hi Kevin. Glad you came down.
    kevin - I"m a little weak in the knees from crouching for so long.
    me - You need a shower pronto.
    kevin - Stop being so mean. Did you miss me?
    me - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    kevin - Seriously! Did you miss me?
    me - Well. When we had a snake in the kitchen, I missed you killing it!
    kevin - Oh. That was the only time?
    me - Oh, and when my car needed gas and I didn't want to get my hands dirty.
    kevin - Oh, then you did miss me!
    me - GTH. God, what is that stench?!
    kevin - I don't smell anything….Where is it coming from?
    me - I think it's coming from you AND why do you have insulation in your hair?! Eww. You're creepy!
    kevin - I think you are a little creepy too! When was the last time you showered?
    me - GTH, I had a shower everyday you were HIDING in the attic. Why the hell were you up there for so long? You look a little emaciated too.
    kevin - Thanks, i appreciate that.
    me - Well? Excuse, please!
    kevin - I, I was sort of taking a vacation or something. I was pretty upset with everything that was going on with my life and needed a little R&R.
    me - Hahahahahaha! Idiot! You call THAT a vacation? I guess I should feel bad for you because you are such a loser! Sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings. You get on my nerves! Sorry, ok, I will act sympathetic for a minute or two. Aww, how are you?
    kevin - I feel a bit better. I just needed time to myself to think about things. I was very upset….
    me - Why didn't you talk to a professional?
    kevin - You know me, I'm too stubborn or proud or arrogant or something.
    me - Yes, all true. It's time to make an appointment and maybe they'll prescribe something too. Rolling eyes.
    kevin - I guess you are right, but could you make the phone call?
    me - Still a pain in the butt I see. Just kidding. ???
    kevin - I'll take a long hot/warm shower and you can call. Please??
    me - Let me thing about it. Are you going to get that insulation caught in the shower drain and make me unclog it? Probably. OK, I'll call Uncle Booby Hatch.
    kevin - Oh! Thank you so much! You are the greatest friend in the whole wide world!
    me - I know. (frowning)
    kevin - Sings on way to shower. Oh, what a beautiful morning! lalala!
    me - He's so annoying, but I do hope he gets better. I'll be the bigger person and help him. He would never do that for me. Saint Me.

    Frances ( vacuuming the insulation off the floor)

  85. I know, lame.

    Frances (wincing)

  86. Kevin's lying is making me physically ill. My innards are in turmoil. The lying needs to stop before someone gets seriously ill.
    That kid needs an older person to sit him down and talk to him and set him straight.
    It's in gods hands now.
    Good luck to you.

  87. STOP THE LYING……You will end up in prison. And it ain't a pretty place.
    You'll find out who your friends really are. I have a feeling no one will show up for a nice little visit. They'll all say they are too busy or what not.

  88. I need to tell you something…..I'm feeling very, very bad for you and the gloom and doom you will experience on Christmas Eve and Christmas. It will be like being at the bottom of a very deep well, but without the water. Just dry and dusty and very little air. Awful, just awful. What can I do to help? Would you like a gift? Is that what would make Christmas joyful again? That's easy. Just tell me what you would like. Stay within reason. Its doable, but you better hurry as I need time to get it. How about that. The little miserly man just wants a gift. Do you know what's funny? You would never ask me what I wanted. Sooo typical. Send a short list of items that would put a smile on your face. Frowning is so yesterday. Buck Up. NO GIFT BASKETS! Total waste of money. Just thinking…..You could use a new watch. Don't like yours at all….It's so 80's. Cartier has a rectangular flat watch with leather band. Soooo much nicer than yours. Look at it. BTW. I like Cartier very much. Very plain and elegant. Hint.
    Christmas is coming - the goose is getting fat - please to put a penny - in the old mans hat. lalalala. Somthin like that.
    Take a hint OR take a hike.

  89. They say "blood is thicker than water." I've noticed your brother is always sticking up for you, no matter what you do. I guess that's admirable, but…..the statement about the guy that just divulged you had dinner with an ex-con or something was a bit haughty. It was like - WHO IS HE? Oh, he's just a guy who is telling the truth - something you don't know anything about, that's who. I have a feeling your brother says everything that you can't, eh?
    Then again there is the resignation letter being sent way after it was promised. Do you understand that it makes you look bad/unprofessional? Who is giving you advice? Might want to stop listening to them. Up to you.
    Australians are weird. People in government, curse, rant, rave and have sex with each other ann you see nothing wrong with it. In the US, it's totally different. They know how to control themselves for the most part. Not as cheesy, so to speak.
    I bet you can't wait till Xmas is over. Hot weather and Christmas DO NOT go together. We are having lots of snow at the moment and that's the way the Christmas season should look/be like. Strange little country you live in. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas……everywhere you go……….Oh, not Australia! Falalala de doh.
    Make some cookies and send them to me. Overnight them. Stingy….man.

  90. I like chocolate chip. No fake ingredients please.
    I like butter cookies. Yummmmm.
    Do it.
    I'll email you after I receive them. What is your email address? Oh, that's right, you are AFRAID to share it. How silly.

  91. Who stole my comment?

    I will rise above and do my best to be a friend.

    You deserve a handsome watch for Christmas.


    Tank Americaine - Not sure about the metal. If available, get platinum. Leather band.

    No need to thank me and btw, listen to my advice. I know there are more expensive watches out there, but this is so pretty to look at.


  92. Darn! Just checked back to see if there was a response, but no. Sigh.

    Little creep is ignoring me to make me feel bad.


  93. Oh….no response. I feel so rejected.

    Little creep - you win.

    From the loser.

  94. I know you think I am a loser. I am. I hate to admit it, but thought it was about time to come clean.
    I give up. I see this is going no wear. I've been kicked around for two long and now I need to take some time to heel. It won't be easy.
    Take care of yourself. You always do.
    Hopping to not be a looser for two much longer.

  95. Kevin likes Winnie Mandela's necklace. I don't.

  96. Isn't it interesting that so much money was spent on Mandela's memorial spectacle when sooooo many people are starving and suffering in this world. I'm just wondering…..exactly what did he do to deserve all the fan fair? That's right, nothing. Just a bunch of world leaders (hahaha) yukking it up and taking photo's of themselves. Disgraceful. God help us all if these low life are running the world. We all lose. Kudos to Jimmy Carter. He's a class act. As is his wife. Although, the Bushs have class too. Then we have the Clinton's. Your favorite….

  97. You need to get your act together.

    Saw your first farewell speech the other day. You said a few things that were very inappropriate. You know those statements that make you make a face and say WTH?- why did he say that? When you say so and so is a very Good person - would that be for brownie points? What is the payoff for you? You make people squirm.

    You are annoying.

    Hmmm. Read something by a shrink that was very interesting. It was about why people do nice things for other people. It's really to make themselves feel better about themselves. I'm sure you are very particular about who you do nice things for. Very selective. I haven't known you to be particularly nice. In fact, just the opposite. YOU ACT AS THOUGH I HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO YOU - when in fact - it was you who acted inhumanely to me. Wouldn't THEY be surprised to know what you are really like. Never once have you felt the need to explain your/other peoples actions. Never once. That's a crime and I hope you know that.

    Politicians are actors.

    Hope you choke on your next meal.

  98. I bet all the good people of Australia are happy you are out of the limelight.
    I know it must be very difficult for you, but it won't always be this way as you will find a job that offers you a lot of public attention. WE know you love it. Someday you will come to terms with your very strange personality. One can only hope. You are still youngish and have a lot of growing up to do. As someone who is old enough to be your mama, I know.

    Something about - wait - how did that go? One of the mysteries of life is why she married me or stays with me - or something like that. You didn't need to say that, but….she married you because she loved you and I believe she still does, but IF you don't find a decent job pretty soon, that could change. She must be in mourning also. As is the rest of your family. Oh dear. To go from 100 mph to 5 mph - is a big let down. I know you have something up your sleeve and you are just waiting to announce it to your fellow Australians. It's just a matter of time. Will that make your family happy again? You must feel so responsible for their happiness. That's a lot on your shoulders. Dear me. You'll come through. You would croak if you knew how the rest of us lives. Ha! Eating dark chocolate and waiting for the first of the month for our Social Security checks. One can get used to almost anything. I said ALMOST anything. Woke up very early this am (blinds are broken and sun comes in, haha) and was thinking about how great it would be to go back about six years? and not have a computer. Wow. I ignored some very good advice and ended up here. Maybe because I didn't realize how incredibly long this would last. ONE of my problems is not being able to dwell for over 3 seconds about the future. Looking back, I can see that is a real problem. Long story, won't boor you. Enough about me.

  99. Has Kevin been to Ford's Theatre? Has he been to the house across the street where they took Lincoln? If not, it's very interesting and he should go.
    Washington is beautiful. Are the cherry trees blooming?

  100. Come here kid…Smack Smack Smack! You need to visit your friends when you are in the vicinity.

  101. If Kevin had his handwriting analyzed, what would it say about him?

    Squiggly, squiggly and more squiggly.

    He knows what he wants to say, but the reader has no idea.

    How does one get through life writing long hand like THAT?

    I had no idea what he was trying to convey.

    Worst handwriting I have EVER seen.

    Send emails. One the other hand, if you don't want people knowing what you are thinking, send a hand written note. No one can decipher it!

    O mi god.

    A year or two in catholic school would have been good for you.

    My god, even your signature is unrecognizable.


  102. "He was not childish, but he could be childlike."

    He goes on to say - something about - "he changed after June ? 2010."

    That's right. He was a very happy guy and after losing his job - he was never the same - unhappy. It was written all over his face. That job was very, very important to him. Damn shame.

    The Stalker…

  103. Why do you keep this photo on here of you when you were around 18?


  104. Please don't tell me he left without saying goodbye! Actually, hello too.
    Seedy kind of guy.
    Just for that, I hope you choke on your big, fat, juicy steak! I hear steak is great for your arteries. Yum, eat up!

  105. Is Keven going to jail?

  106. Yes, I having been reading about Kevin doing time too. It's actually a good thing because he may come out quite a humble man. Come to think of it, he may come out worse! Is that possible?

    I know his type. He'll have those ultra strange women writing to him and professing their love and all that good stuff. I bet he will marry one (bimbo) of them. Ha! Sorry Theresa. Just forget about him and find two 28 year old guys. Must not be much fun living with a stick-in-the-mud like him. Theresa, you need to kick up your heels or do the can-can on a table. I know you've been wanting to, but your old man always puts his boot down. Fuddy Duddy.

  107. Dear Mr. Rudd,
    I have a very personal question to ask you, Mr. Rudd. Pleas don't be offended.
    I need to know the name of the colone you wear. That is, if you do. I need to know ASAP as I need to by it as soon as possible for my hubby. I bet you smell rely good and love it when the females swoon and ask you wat you are wearing. I know men were colone to attract people of the femail persuasion, but that's cool 2. Does it work for you? Yum, you smell like toilet water. Pleas Mr. Rudd don't let me down. Even if you were Old Spice, I want to no. you can contact me on here. I will bee waiting. I AM NOT KIDDING! I've bin thinking about stupid cologne for a few weeks and you can alleviate my fears and put me on the road to a great smelling cologne. Hopp to it. BTW, do you sweat or do you smell fresh as a daisy? I'm thinking sweat. Just kidding, don't look at me like that! You are scaring me with your beady eyes. Kind of evil and menacing. Not a good look. Take a chill pill. Oh, and what's your favorite girls perfume? Something loud that gives most people a headache? Let me know. I am frugal and use vanilla extract. Love the sent. DO NOT TELL ME YOU USE THAT NASTY RALPH LAUREN COLOGNE IN THE GREEN? BOTTLE. I could end up in the hospital after smelling that for more than 15 seconds. It's like working in a Holly Tone factory. Ewewewewewewew. I am a very sensitive person.
    Hope you are enjoying the good wether because it is kind of dreadful here. Not good for man or beast. Especially beast. Stupid weather is probably killing them right and left. I blame god.
    Just found out I hav to make my own dinner. Bah Humbug!

  108. Things I like about the Rudd's 'holiday house.'

    1. Beautiful view (almost)

    2. Scrub pines? in way of view.

    3. The oar on the wall. Classy touch.

    4. Bunk beds. Must be a lot of fun to change sheets. Have to be a gymnast.

    5. The architecture of the house. Was the architect stoned whilst drawing?

    6. Mr. Rudd, when you have seen ONE beach, haven't you basically seen them all? Beautiful beaches everywhere, not just in Australialand.

    7. White furniture and walls? Must have put a lot of thought into that one. Painstaking.

    8. The counter? in the kitchen. The one that is higher up than the next room. Odd, to say the least.

    9. Oh, the pool! Cool, especially if heated. Interesting retaining wall. Must be Australian stone.

    10. The lack of furniture.

    11. Let's warm the place up a bit. Need to ground what little furniture you have.

    12. Did the Rudd's see the place in the middle of the night with the electricity out? Must have. I guess the flashlight didn't work too well. You'll learn.

    13. Stairway? Under the treads? Bird houses? Someone was trying to be creative, but totally missed the mark.

    14. I guess the bottom line is, Australian's have very hokey taste. That's evident.

    15. FYI - BTW. You shouldn't flaunt the fact that you can spend millions on a 2,3,4 or 5th house. Showing off? Most people work just as hard as your wife, but will never have the contacts to push them along. Doesn't seem fair, now does it.

    16. The rest of us don't have it so great. We have to 'settle.' Everywhere I look, I see I need new carpeting, paint, etc. etc, but I just have to deal with it. I need blinders.

    17. Has Bill Gates contacted Theresa? When life as been so good to you, you should give back. I digress.


  109. rudd! you didn't get back to me about the cologne. get on the stick! need to know today, as i would like to order it online, as it is very icy outside and i wouldn't want to crash and burn just to buy a bottle of toilet water.

    rudd! listen up! NEED A LIST!

    opinionated much archie?

    I;M KNOT JOKING! spill the beans.

    i am a novice when it comes to (everything) cologne. i've probably owned less than 5 bottles of cologne in my life. i really need to get with the program, before it is too late. i can count on two hands how many years i have left. that is, if i am fortunate to live such an exciting and wonderful life for that long. i shouldn't waste $$ on clothes, shoes, makeup, cars etc. that stuff will out live me and someone will have to dispose of it. i am like archie, i digress.
    RUDD! a list, please! take pity on me.

  110. Yeah, I saw the same article as Archie. I thing I.M. Pei designed it.

    Anyway, read the comments and found this one interesting. Here it is.

    "Does ramshackle come to mind?" You have to laugh at that one.

    Someone called it "STUNNING." I CALL IT STUNNINGLY UGLY.

    I'm not from Ozzieland, so it is very difficult to get into the mind of an Australian.

    And, is it true that Australians are UNINHIBITED? Is that true? Is that supposed to be a good trait? Ewewewewewew. That gets old quickly.

    There is a reason god dumped these people in the middle of no mans land. He didn't want them around polite society.

    I mean really. Look at the government leaders! Abbott, hmm, don't know much. Rudd, he frequents strip clubs. You listening, Theresa? Gillard, I truly feel that the word 'slut' is not a stretch. Shorten? An unconvicted rapist. A sperm donor to many. These are the outstanding citizens who control what happens in Australia? But wait! Is there a common thread here? I think so! It has to be…….could it be? Yes, these people are sex crazed. The one that tries to desperately hide it is Rudd. Gillard and Shorten flaunt it. The funny thing is…..they all get elected and the people don't care one bit! It's all about drunkenness and debauchery with these people. To give credit where credit is due….Gillard makes no bones about god etc, whereas Rudd, goes to church and daydreams about the women he has met that very week. That is the difference. Have a bad feeling about Rudd and women. Very bad feeling. I realize that 99.9% if men cheat, but…………do we want them calling the shots for the rest of us. No. Yeah, he has more on his mind than Vegemite.

    Saw this and it's quite charming and made me smile. Old stone face smiled? Yes, this made me smile. "Why Kevin will always be Mr. Darcy to Theresa." Aww. That's cute. Kevin's bin very lucky with such a loving and supportive wife. I think she looks the other way when Kevin hawks up the ladies. It's ok Theresa, he can't help himself. He's a man! Don't you just love THAT explanation?! Rollin eyes.

    And so it goes.

    Random Randy

  111. Mr. Rudd - After we met the other day, you asked for my phone # and said you would call as soon as your wife went to work. Well, it's been two days and you haven't called. Did your wife decide to take a few days off?! You were leading me on and I know it because a girl I know from the gym told me you did the same thing to her. WTH? Stay away from me you bloody vulture!
    Disgusting excuse for a (make believe) loving husband. BTW - my friend is going to get in touch with your wife and fill her in on a few things! Won't she be surprised! Bug Off!

    Charlette Harlot

  112. Oh my. Someone is on the warpath.
    Don't you just hate men who say they love their wife (puke) and then turn around and try to pickup anything that breathes. Disgusting.

    You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch (Rudd)

    CoCo Cola

  113. Yeah. Agree. Putrid.

    Paige Turner




  115. FORGOT TO ADD THAT HE IS SCUM OF THE WORST KIND. Payback is rough. Get ready for it. Merry Christmas you filthy animal! (from Home Alone)

    Totally indignant.

  116. Good Evening. My name is Rollo and here is my story about the honorable Kevin Rudd. First of all, I am worried about my grandmother. My grandmother, Essie is a neighbor of the Rudd's and she was asked by Mr. Rudd to clean for them. MY GRANDMOTHER IS 86! She said yes and was shocked when Mr. Rudd TOLD her to wear short skirts and high heels! Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I was a bit shocked when she told me, but I told her not to wear anything shorter than 6 inches below her butt and to forget about 5" heels and go for around 4". If she lays a hand on her, I will……….not sure. I think she is hiding the truth from me about what goes on over there. He say's to show up AFTER Mrs. Rudd leaves for work. Why? I swear I'll do something drastic to him if he hurts her in any way. One day she left with a short blue dress on and appeared many hours later in one of Mrs. Rudd's pant suits. She had a paper bag with her and she said the blue dress was in there and she was going to hide it in the attic for evidence. Evidence, for what? She wouldn't answer me, but she kept smiling and acting all happy. I have no idea what goes on over there, but I do know that I have never seen my little old grandmother so happy. You know, it's funny. While getting in my car the other day, I heard Mr. Rudd singing a little happy tune. Oh, seems as though they are hitting it off pretty well. They both seem happier than they have been in a long time. Thank you Mr. Rudd. I'm glad you like the way my grandmother shines your shoes etc. Ain't she a sweet one? Does Mrs Rudd mind that she is there everyday? So kind of you, Mrs Rudd for sharing such a wonderful man.
    Rollo (grandson of Essie)

    ps - I think Mr. Rudd is on cloud nine. So happy for him!

  117. A BLUE DRESS? Reminds me of……oh never mind. Couldn't bee.


  118. Didn't Monica Lewinsky wear a blue dress while visiting Bill Clinton in the oval office? I do believe she did and we all remember what was on that dress and it wasn't peanut butter and jelly.
    History repeats itself.

  119. He better cool his jets. Sooner or later everyone will find out and he'll be moving to China. Actually, that's not a bad place for him. He can float in the shadows.


  120. Listen you little creep! Get in touch with me. Little Gus looks just like you and it's driving me mad. The sight of him makes me cringe, so I bought a few morsels at the store to get a paper bag, and cut out two wholes for the eyes/one for knows/one for the mouth. I put it over his head and guess what? He ceases to look like you! Would you mind taking him off my hands? I can't be seen around town with this kid. I have a reputation to uphold, you know. I'll pack his bag and you can come over tonight at 8:12, sharp. You better be here if you know what's good for you, you little creep. I want him out of here BEFORE Christmas as my new boyfriend Arnie is moving in and doesn't want the little rug rat around. Can't say that I don't blame him - the kid is a nuisance. Just like you. See you at 8:12. Knock three times.
    Poor Gus - he's heading for a life of crime, just like his daddy. Who cares? He's knot my problem anymore. Life is good. Or at least it will be tomorrow.

    1. Jesus. What the hell is wrong with you?

  121. I hate to say this, but Kevin is in for a world of hurt. Sigh.


  122. Well, well, well. I'm pretty sure I know why all of this stuff has been happening to Rudd. By stuff, I mean leaving different jobs etc. The word methodical comes to mind. Rudd is seizing an opportunity. The opportunity is a job. The job is something he's been thinking long and hard about, but he had to go about getting it without people knowing he wanted it. So he had a long term plan. It has worked out pretty well so far, but it's come at a high price for him and his family. He would only do this if their was a light at the end of the tunnel. The light being a high profile job. I am sure he talked this over with this family, so maybe it hasn't been so rough on them. My take. He's waiting for the opportune time to let the cat out of the bag, so-to-speak. I'm surprised no one else has thought of this.

    1. I think you are on to something, Einstein. When Einstein died, his brain was removed and studied and they discovered he had the brain of a young man.

  123. Here's one for ya. When Danny was being BULLIED at school, his friend Tommy wouldn't stand for it. What happened next will warm your heart. Look at video.
    Kevin is like Tommy. So sweet

  124. Found this and for some odd reason, thought of the Rudds.

    Corruption can also breed success. Is it something to be lauded? Success is generally the product of a fair or UNFAIR advantage over the competition. Success breeds success is also inherently arrogant.
    Of course no one in there right mind would accuse the Rudd's of being Arrogant. They are anything butt.

    Marshall Maxx

  125. Really hurts my feelings that I am being ignored. What must I do to get a reply? Swim the English Channel? Walk across the desert? Ski the mountains of Florida? No can do. You want so much and give so little.

  126. I bet London is beautiful around Christmas. Sigh.

    Let the games begin. Once again, it's what is Kevin up to, will he or won't he, people ask and Kevin denies, denies and denies some more then proceeds to do exactly what he just denied he would do. It's a scam. The funny/sad thing is, Mr. Rudd, people remember these things and each time you pull this stunt, you lose credibility. YOU WANT CREDIBILITY. It's important. Why don't you know that? Ah, London at Christmas. Beats Australia any day. Oh, you may be going to the ever festive China for Christmas?
    Mr. Darcy, Miss T is waiting patiently for you. Get a move on.

  127. Why are people calling you Mr. Darcy? That's so cute. Is it fitting? Only Theresa would know and she's not talking.
    Mr. Kevin Darcy. Sounds better than Kevin Rudd. I think you should change your name.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Road Map

  128. Rather than Mr. Darcy, I would call him Mr. Disappointment.

    Cold Turkey

  129. No communication.

  130. Leave Kevin alone! What has he ever done to you!


    1. OK - before you get any ideas - I am NOT Kevin's daughter! We may have the same first and last name, but we are not related. Thank the lord jesus christ.


  131. People that steel also lie. People that lie also steel. Law of physics.

  132. Look at it this way. Kevin does lie to the public, because he hates them, but he doesn't lie to his family because he loves them. Does that make sense to you?
    You don't lie to someone you love. No Can Do. Interesting. Why does Kevin hate the public? They gave him his coveted job AND they pay him with their hard earned money. What's to hate?

  133. When does the new job start?

    I thought the Moon guy still had a few years left on his contract? No/Yes?

    Innocent Bystander

  134. oh lord. now they are saying you made the whole thing up for publicity. oh lord. say it's not true.
    rudd! i guess not getting your photo taken was very difficult for you. i know, make up a new story each week and get your photo in newspapers etc. every week! hip-hip. that's a great idea.
    i will never understand u. tat's ok. as long as rain-mudd does. get it? rain makes mudd. how clever am i?
    got to go. limo is picking me up. going to an opening of a lumber yard and don't want to bee late.

  135. where is limo?! may have to drive myself! unacceptable!
    here's an idea for you. on christmas, you need to slip on the ice, break a hip and appear in every newspaper. we will all have sympathy for you. win-win for u.

    get into the christmas spirit. make a fruitcake, fruitcake. get it. thought u wood.

    wait, what happened to the rest of the comment? well anyways, here is a silly xmas story. when i was 5 or 6 my mother was out shopping and the little thugs were left at home by themselves. child abuse? we were acting like a bunch of wild brats and something sort of bad happened and someone (NOT ME!) knocked over the tree. yes, the tree was on the ground. ut ooooooo. not good. i think it was my one brother who was chasing me around with a broom, guess he tried to hit me (oh no) and hit the tree instead. i can still see it lying on the floor. yikes, then mama got home. don't remember that part, but she must have been quite disappointed in her wild and crazy kids. it seems i was a trouble maker. still am. yeah, he was a nice guy (the one who knocked over tree), but he also threw a metal pan at my face and hit me in the forehead. gee, nice kid. the hurt and i still remember screaming bloody murder. and yes, i have to scar to prove it. have i told that story before? poor little kid, so abused and rejected. it's always the rejection with me. i've come to the conclusion that i must bee 1 very strange person. it is what it is.
    i can't change - it's ingrained in me. speaking of scars. no one on the (except burn patients) face of the earth has more scars on their face than me. 1234 and soon to be 5! oh, i'm not including the scars around my ears! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. oh.
    in knead of intensive therapy asap.

    Shrinking Violet/

  136. Dear Violet,
    Just read your comment. My office is open all day today and have had many cancellations. I could see you. Call me #297-665-9753. Do not delay as I feel you are in need of help. I can help you (I think). We'll see. I'll pick you up and then you can walk home. Sorry, after you leave I will need some down time.

  137. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your concern. I don't have a phone. Now what?
    I am surprised that you seem confident you can help me. No one else has been abled too. Frown.
    Get back to me and we will concoct sum thing. Take your meds BEFORE you see me as you will def need them. Just a thought.
    Off my meds and kind of falling apart, but I am confidented you can help.

  138. Dear Vi,
    On second thought - you may be too far gone for a person of my expertise. I am not God!
    Hang in there.
    I might be able to recommend someone. Give me a few weeks to find a good fit for you. This will not be easy as you sound like a difficult case. Don't take that personally. I am only doing my job.
    Try to control yourself through Christmas. Don't set any fires and stay away from alcohol. Quick fix.
    Happy New Year ??

  139. Kevin seems to attract the looney's.

  140. When 'Tubs' flies, does she need two seats? We hope you don't pass that on to the taxpayers. You know, she could loose about a hundred pounds. She has this strange idea that she can only be thin or fat. Theresa, how about medium. That should work for ya. Works for the rest of us.
    Must say, I love the way she prances around like a bloody movie star. Doesn't she know how awful she looks? It's not just the weight and hair, but the clothes are hideous. Just plain ugly. What the hell is wrong with that woman? You can take the woman out of Australia, but you can't take Australia out of the woman. Out of curiosity, what is that thing with the ruffles she wears? hahaha. Theresa, you ain't fooling anyone trying to hide behind all that RED fabric. I guess you thought you were. hahaha. Stick with all black. It will help a little. If you want more constructive criticism let me know. There's a lot to criticize. And Kevin, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  141. Don't be so bitter. It's not becoming.

  142. Looking forward to having you in the spotlight again. BTW - where are you?

  143. When no one is looking, do you pinch your granddaughter to make her cry? Fess up…

  144. "If you think homosexuality is an unnatural condition, I cannot agree with you."

    If it's so natural, why do so many try to hide it?

    I don't believe you. It's better to say nothing than to lie.

  145. They had a sick 'relationship,' if that's what you want to call it. It was toxic and very destructive. It went on for years. First he was a bully, then he did the donkey and the carrot routine and then he just sort of faded away.
    He treated her as a non person. He tried to 'gaslight' her and he did a pretty brilliant job. She would practically beg for it to stop, but he was enjoying himself to much to stop. He could say and do whatever he wanted and never get caught - he loved it, even though she suffered and truly changed as a person and not in a good way. She was afraid to know him and afraid not to, because she didn't know what he would do to her if she just quit one day. She kept thinking it would be over, but it never ended. It was sick and destructive. No one will ever know what she went through. It's always there - in the back of her mind. She knows she wasted a big chunk of her older years. She'll never get them back and that makes her so sad. Life did not turn out too well for her.

  146. Three word slogan…..GTH.

    What does 'be true to yourself' mean?

    What is a meat ax?

    Really dude….moon shadow?? I'm shocked and deeply disappointed.

    I need my Kevin Rudd video fix. Got any new ones?

  147. Holy cow! Just saw a video of KR being interviewed on his veranda. He has to stop with the "and you know what" bs. You sound like you have a huge chip on your shoulder and you sound juvenile. So there!
    You NEVER DENIED treating those two women with disdain. Why can't you say "I was never rude to the make up artist and I was never rude to the flight attendant." Why not invite them to your house and the three of you will be interviewed? How about it? Put it to rest. What? You can't? Why not? Oh.
    I knew it!
    WTH is wrong with you? You would never treat a woman President that way, would you? Honest to god, you remind me of Hillary with the flippant answers. Emulate Hillary? WTH is wrong with you. When Hillary is President are you going to brown nose?
    Hillary - Hello
    Kevin - Oh Hillary! It Kevin, sweetheart!
    Hillary - Excuse me. Do I know you, Kevin?
    Kevin - hahahahahahahaha-joker!
    Hillary - hahahahahahahaha-fool! Get off the hooter and bother someone else. I am the first woman of the U.S., and I don't have time for an ex something or other. Slam downs the phone.
    Kevin - Sobbing, he falls to his knees and curses Hillary. How dare she, after all I did for her! I even kissed her under the mistletoe. That woman had the audacity to run to the bathroom and brush and gargle with the ever potent Listerine. Darmn her! I hate her! I hate her!
    30 minutes later
    Hillary - Hello?
    Theresa - Oh hello Hillary!! This is Theresa Rein Rudd! Giggles…
    Hillary - Oh Theresa, it's so nice to hear your melodious voice! I really miss you! Please come to visit. I will send a plane for you!
    Theresa - You really are 'Saint Hillary!' Would it be ok if I bring Kevin along, he's so……
    Hillary - NO!
    Theresa - I'm so glad you said that! He would cramp our style. Kiss/Kiss
    Hillary - Till then.
    After Theresa leaves, Kevin sits in his favorite chair, Teddy on his lap, wondering where it all went wrong. Tears dripping from his old, faded eyes.
    Poor Kevin, Theresa is living it up at the White House and he's, well…… know……..all alone with his Teddy. When it's bedtime, he tucks Teddy into his bed on Theresa's side walks around the bed and gets into his usual side.
    Good Night Kevin!
    Good Night Teddy!
    So sad, but Kevin and Teddy are best friends. He loves his little Teddy because Teddy is silent and Kevin gets to do all the talking! Halalaha.
    Too Funny
    Bye Teddy!

  148. And so it begins - Hillary and her fake stories and lies.

    Kevin, did you buy her book?

    How is Teddy? Did you two have a good day?

  149. I really hate to mention this, but….When you were slamming your fist on your desk and then staring at the camera, there was a problem with your eyes. The right eye was centered and the left eye was not centered and more to the left. It made you look sort of mad. Have you always had this problem? Does it affect your driving or reading. You do drive don't you? Don't tell me you are still being show furred around town whilst the rest of us have to drive ourselves.
    The F word. You seem to enjoy saying it. As the PM of Aus, isn't that a little undignified to go around F this and F that? Are you the only Leader using that word in public? I think so. Congratulations!
    How is Teddy? Is he keeping you company? Is he a sounding bored?

  150. Dear Mr. Rudd,
    You are one of a kind.
    Remember when I was beside myself and you were very kind and tried to cheer me up? I do. You told me my husband was cheating on me. I felt oh so better after hearing that! Thank you again for the kindness you showed me in my hour of need.
    Your friend,

  151. Distinguished statesman. If they only knew.

    1. If you know something…..

  152. When I am dead, my acquaintance
    Sing no sad songs for me
    Plant thou no roses at my head
    Nor shady cypress tree
    Be the green grass above me
    With showers and dewdrops wet
    And if thou wilt, remember
    And if thou wilt, forget