Thursday, 27 June 2013

Statement from the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

PRIME MINISTER: Let me make some remarks before I turn to the Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese.

In 2007 the Australian people elected me to be their Prime Minister.

That is a task that I resume today with humility, with honour and with an important sense of energy and purpose.

In recent years, politics has failed the Australian people. There has just been too much negativity all round. There’s been an erosion of trust. Negative destructive personal politics has done much to bring dishonour to our parliament but done nothing to address the urgent challenges facing our country, our communities, our families. In fact it’s been holding our country back.

And all this must stop, and with all my heart that is the purpose that I intend to pursue as Prime Minister.

I want to pause to acknowledge the achievements of my predecessor, Julia Gillard. She is a woman of extraordinary intelligence, of great strength and great energy. All of you here in the National Press Gallery and across the nation would recognise those formidable attributes in her and I know them having worked with her closely for some years. Also Julia, as Prime Minister, and prior to that Deputy Prime Minister has achieved much under the difficult circumstances of minority government.

And in doing so she has been helped by a group of dedicated Ministers and Members of Parliament whose contribution I also wish to acknowledge.

In Julia’s case let me say this, if it were not for Julia we would not have the Fair Work Act. If it were not for Julia, we would not have a national scheme which ensures that the literacy and numeracy performance of Australian schools is tested regularly and that interventions occur to lift those students who are doing poorly. She has been a remarkable reformer and I acknowledge those contributions again formally this evening.

I also wish to acknowledge the contribution of the Deputy Prime Minister, as he has been, Wayne Swan, with whom I have also worked intimately, in fact over several years. Working in the trenches, day in, day out, night in, night out. Here in Canberra, working together to prevent this country from rolling into global economic recession and avoiding mass unemployment.

So, Wayne, whatever our differences have been, I acknowledge your contribution here as part of that team which kept us out of a global catastrophe.

The question many of you will be understandably asking is why I am taking on this challenge.

For me it’s pretty basic, it's pretty clear. I simply do not have it in my nature to stand idly by and to allow an Abbot government to come to power in this country by default.

I have known Mr Abbott for 15 years, since I was elected to this place the first time. I recognise his strengths. I also recognise, however, that Mr Abbott is a man steeped in the power of negative politics, and he’s formidable at negative politics. But I see no evidence of a real positive plan for our country’s future. I also passionately believe that the Australian people want all of us engaged in the national political life to work together, to come together whenever that is possible, and I see my role as Prime Minister in forging consensus wherever I am. Identifying our differences where they do in fact exist and without reverting to personal vitriol. That just diminished and demeans us all. We can do better than that. We can all do better than that.

You know, Australia is a great country. Having seen a few others in the world in my time, this is a fantastic place. We owe much to those who have come before us and we owe much to those who will come after us to ensure that what we have inherited is improved upon and not degraded. But you know something, we have a great future but that future is not guaranteed. As I’ve said once before, here in Australia we’ve got to make our own luck and we can. We’re good at it and if we work at it we can actually bring our future home securely.

In recent times, I’ve been thinking a lot about the state of the global economy. There are a lot of bad things happening out there. The global economy is still experiencing the slowest of recoveries. The China resources boom is over. China itself, domestically shows signs of recovery and when China represents such a large slice of our own economy, our jobs and our own opportunities for raising our living standards. The time has come for us to adjust to the new challenges. New challenges in productivity. New challenges also in the diversification of our economy. New opportunities for what we do with processed foods and agriculture, in the services sector and also in manufacturing.

I’ve never changed my script or my belief. I never want to be Prime Minister of a country that doesn’t make things anymore. There’s a big future for Australian manufacturing under this Government.

Looking at our global economic circumstances, therefore, we have tough decisions ahead on the future of our economy. This means having a government that looks at growing the size of our economic pie as well as how it is distributed. And let me say this to Australian business: I want to work closely with you. I’ve worked with you closely in the past, particularly during the GFC and there were some white knuckle moments there as some of the heads of the major banks will remember. But we came through because we worked together and I’m saying it loud and clear to businesses large and small across the country, that in partnership we can do great things for the country’s future.

And for the Australians that depend on the success of your businesses to have a job, to have decent living standards and opportunities. Business is a group that this Government will work with very closely. What I want to see here in Canberra is for business and Labor to work together I don’t want to see things that drive business and Labor apart. We’ve been natural partners in the past and we can be again in the future. I intend to lead a Government that brings people together and gets the best out of them.

Before I conclude, let me say a word or two to young Australians. It’s clear that many of you, in fact far too many of you, have looked at our political system and the parliament in recent years and not liked or respected much of what you have seen. In fact as I rock around the place, talking to my own kids, they see it as a huge national turn off. Well I understand why you have switched off. It’s hardly a surprise but I want to ask you to please come back and listen afresh. It’s really important that we get you engaged, in any way we can. We need you. We need your energy. We need your ideas. We need your enthusiasm and we need you to support us in the great challenges that lie ahead for the country. With your energy, we can start cooking with gas.

The challenges are great but if we’re positive and if we come together as a nation we can overcome each and every one of them.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese. Deputy Prime Minister Albo and I am delighted that the caucus elected him today and I congratulate him on his new appointment.

DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER: I want to thank Kevin for his support.  I do want to thank the party for the great honour of electing me this evening to be the Deputy Leader of the Labor Party.  It says a great thing about our nation that the son of a parent who grew up in a council house in Sydney could be Deputy Prime Minister.

Labor is about opportunity for all; removing discrimination across the board – race, gender, ethnicity, religion.  It's about creating fairness, supporting the economy but also making sure the benefits of economic growth are spread. 

It’s a big job. It'll do it as I have since 1996 with enthusiasm, passion and commitment. I’ll give my all for Labor. Not because it's an end in itself but because it is only Labor that can truly serve the long term interests of Australia. 

The reason I was attracted to infrastructure portfolio was because I believe Labor is concerned about the long term, compared to the short term of the Opposition. Labor believes government can play a positive role in people's lives. Abbott believes if government gets out of the way everything will sort itself out. I believe in terms of working with Kevin that together with the team, we can do great things for the nation and I believe we have this evening maximised our chances of going into a third term and beyond of a Labor government.

Because it’s only long term Labor governments that can get the big reforms done. I want to conclude by saying this has been really tough days for the Labor Party. Julia and Wayne have been people I've worked with on daily, hourly and weekly basis, and they are also close friends. I pay tribute to both of them and their achievements over the entire period of government and prior to that, that we were able to form government in 2008.

We won’t be found wanting in days, weeks and months ahead up until the federal election. We’ll be out there advocating the cause every day, looking for a new energy, a resurgence of energy in the Labor cause because this a fight worth having to ensure a long term Labor Government compared to the negativity that Abbott represents.

PRIME MINISTER: Just as we go, colleagues, can I just say this: this evening we’ve been briefed by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet on the immediate challenges which lie ahead. We will begin briefings as appropriate in the next several days on the budget and the economic outlook, and a range of other international matters that lie before us. We will await the Governor-General on that matter but what I would say to you is that we have a formidably busy day tomorrow. There’s a few things on. We will certainly speak with you collectively again very soon. In the meantime, we have got to go and do other work.



  1. drink driving .05 down to .08
    too many australians without drivers licences.

    marijuana legalized
    that my friends don't feel sidelined by this country.

    Kindly consider buddy ..derek

  2. Congrats Mr Rudd, wonderful to see the injustice done to you put right.

    Really pleased for you

  3. Kevin is back
    Unfortunately for Australia
    You and your backers have made this country a laughing stock and have cost the Australian tax payer and voters unbelivably amounts of money and time in your crusade to become prime minister again.
    Stop the illegal immigrants and the waste of resources used to facilitate them.
    Bring on the election so the Australian public get their SAY!!

    1. Turn Back The Boats what any easy slogan but that is all that it is, an easy simple slogan. In reality the practice of seizing boats and towing them back to their place of origin is an extremely hazardous and dangerous operation. I have worked at sea for over 40 years and in that time have experienced some unimaginable sea conditions. I have also taken part in rescues at sea, and believe me these are serious operations not for the faint hearted. The captain of the Tampa showed great experience and skill when he rescued asylum seekers from a sinking vessel. He also understood and respected the age old law of the sea to go to the aid of those in peril. I believe our naval and customs personnel with all their training and expertise would not welcome Tony Abbott's policy of Turn The Boats Back. This is dangerous stuff where when things go pear shaped it is major problems.

  4. I understand the reasons why the caucus felt it necessary to change their support to K Rudd, but because of the absolute disloyalty and dishonesty he displayed in undermining Julia Gillard for the 3 years she was head of the party, I feel that I cannot ever vote Labor while Krudd is leader of the party. Your behaviour has been shameful, and it will only be when you have left the Parliament that the ALP will be able to resurrect itself. I am bitterly disappointed at the lack of ethics and trust displayed by this man.

  5. If I am returned as the leader of the party and the government and as Prime Minister then I will be very clear about one thing - this party and government will not be lurching to the right on the question of asylum-seekers as some have counselled us to do.
    ~Kevin Rudd, during his last speech before the caucus vote that lost him the prime ministership of Australia, June 23, 2010

    Someone remind him of this pledge ...

  6. Congratulation Kevin - I voted Labour all the time but last election I voted for Rudd/Labour - not the faceless Labour/Julia. I contemplated not voting for Julia/faceless labour if she continues to be the leader or the racist Liberals and the Throw the Children overboard waste in the name of Abbott. So Bill Shorten and the other faceless faction leaders, you take note. Hoping Kevin will do something about these monsters.

  7. Ban trans fats totally from Australia, there is only downsides for the citizenry.

    Mandatory sentencing for certain criminals, judges are letting criminals go out and kill your constituents. The government should protect its people.

    The government should improve the life of its people. There is no balance left anymore. In the 70's and 80's, a normal family could buy a house on one income, cannot do this anymore, and needs to be fixed.

  8. Hi Kevin. God grants you wisdom to rule Australia. Tackle your 3 biggest challenges first - (1) Turn back all asylum seekers & accept refugees through proper immigration channels - (2) Create jobs for all Australia citizens & residents - (3) Guarantee free public health & education for all Australia citizens & residents. Do it & you will have budget surplus in years to come. I am praying for you.

  9. Thank you Kevin for stepping up!

    I have been continually sickened by the antics in Parliament, to watch grown adults name calling, posturing and undermining, to see the boredom on the faces in the room, had left me unsettled in my vote.

    What example are we setting when young adults criticise their elders and say.."I am going to the booth and writing "You are ALL not worth voting for"......"I have not faith in the Australian Political system"...they will get their names crossed off the electoral roll and have their say in the only way they feel they a non - vote.

    I would like to see Australia have a female Prime Minister one day...but one that the women of Australia voted in by fair means.....I would like to see her supported by all her party and to stand on her own merit.

    That day will come but not for a long time. Gillard damaged that potential by confirming to every male that thought women were "less then"..."Sneaky"...Testicle breakers" etc.

    It was not about her was about how cold and calculating she was.......the needs of Australians got lost in the slinging match.....pretending to knit toys for the Royal Family...PULEEESE..what a stunt.

    But the deal breaker for me...she didn't believe in God, she was unmarried and living with someone ( regardless of what sex they were) she had no kids, and she was not a womans woman.

    To "Speak" for women, you must understand us at some level, you must not seem "ABOVE" us, you must be approachable with a warm Spirit.

    I believe in you Kevin, Your heart is in Australia, for Australia and God will keep us unharmed because the ego is gone from the Senate.


    1. "the ego is gone from the Senate"???? You've got to be dreaming! Ego will remain in the Senate as long as it exists.

    2. 'Blessings' was making a spiritual observation.
      Julia can now spend time searching for her Spirit. Her ego was driving her, so ego was leading the house.
      Kevin leads from the heart. We recognize and appreciate that in him and we find it vital that our nation's leader comes from the heart.

  10. Ahhh I can exhale now. Go for it Kevin. So glad you are back.

  11. "Too much negativity and distrust"...oh please don't treat the public like simpletons and pretend your hands are clean in the past 3-year ongoing debacle. What a crock!

    Although your words should not surprise. What you say can not be trusted or believed as you unashamedly go back on your word time and time again according to your (not the party or the country's) needs.

    You may have got back the role of PM but how long will it be before your ego is your downfall?

    Although unlike some of the other comments I read here, I recognise that Caucus, not Julia Gillard, removed you from office, just as it they who returned you last night. Could it be they still hate you so much that they would prefer to see you crucified at the upcoming election than her...just saying!

  12. gogo kelvin u can kick abbott us. go qld. we going to win state origin..kakaka...

    Redesigning Kevin: Ad expert Jane Caro on how Rudd can sell his message

    By Katie Franklin

    Still image from Liberal Party ad targeting Kevin Rudd. Photo: A still image from a Liberal Party ad targeting Kevin Rudd, posted to YouTube soon after Labor's ballot. (Liberal Party / YouTube)

    The Labor Party's leadership switcheroo leaves Kevin Rudd with the task of uniting a divided party and clawing back some territory in the polls ahead of the federal election.

    But, having ripped down the person that replaced him three years ago, how does he go about convincing the public he can heal the wounds?

    Advertising guru Jane Caro says Mr Rudd needs to switch the focus to the Opposition.

    "The Government is the devil we know, the Opposition is the devil we don't know," she said.

    "We haven't been getting much of a look at the Opposition for a while now. The first thing I'd be trying to do if I was Kevin Rudd is to move the eye away from him as quickly as possible and onto the people who are standing to take government."

    Having turned the tables on Ms Gillard after three years of agitating, Mr Rudd will have to answer the issue of trust.

    The big task ahead of Labor is underscored by a new Liberal Party ad, which features a number of Labor MPs, including then senior ministers, dishing the dirt on Mr Rudd - a sure sign of things to come during the election campaign.

    Before Wednesday's coup, Mr Rudd repeatedly said he did not see a situation where he would once again lead the party.

    Ms Caro says Mr Rudd has to own up to this about-face.

    "He has to address it, to say 'I got the opportunity, I could see what was going to happen in the polls, I decided to go for it, I changed my mind'.

    "Being open, honest and genuine in the end probably lets you off the hook," she said.

    Ms Caro warns Mr Rudd against making wholesale changes to popular Gillard policies, though she says he should also be himself.

    "The camera can see through phoniness like nothing else. It doesn't like it and the people watching don't like it so stay who you are.

    "The public always liked Kevin Rudd. They fell for him in 2007 and they've never quite given up on that romance. I said when [they first got] rid of him ... that Australians wanted Kevin Rudd to be prime minister and they were going to stay in a permanent sulk until he was. I have a funny feeling that might be a bit of what has happened here.

    "I would be saying to Kevin Rudd, 'You are a terrific campaigner, you proved that, you are entering into a campaign, that's where your strengths lie. Concentrate on what you do best and that is (to) really connect with the Australian voter and campaign your heart out."

  13. "I would be saying to Kevin Rudd, 'You are a terrific campaigner, you proved that, you are entering into a campaign, that's where your strengths lie. Concentrate on what you do best and that is (to) really connect with the Australian voter and campaign your heart out."

    1. You are so right!! Great campaigner Mr Rudd...Mr Abbott got nothing on Rudd....can't wait to see the debate with these 2 Mr Rudd is just going to eat Abbott up....can't wait to see this one....

    2. Oh, you both like fakes..........poor Australia.

  14. THE Federal Labor Party has a new leader. But winning over WA still remains a task of monumental proportions for Kevin Rudd and his WA MPs.

    Rudd, at the height of his popularity in 2007, was only able to win four federal seats in WA out of a total of 15.

    Julia Gillard managed three wins in WA three years later - Perth, Brand and Fremantle.

    And just three months ago, the WA Liberal Party massacred Labor by winning 31 out of 59 lower house seats in the WA Parliament.

    Maybe the leadership of the federal ALP has played its part in West Australians voting for the Liberals in droves during the last six years.

    In 2006, Rudd knifed West Australian Kim Beazley to win the leadership of the federal ALP.

    And four years later, Gillard knifed Rudd to get the top job.

    Maybe, West Australians did not like the circumstances under which Rudd and Gillard got the prime ministership.

    Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar.

    End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.

    More likely, it has been the perception - and maybe the truth - that WA was being used as a cash cow by Canberra under a Labor regime that has cost the party credibility with voters in this state.

    Until Rudd changes that perception, the ALP will not win too many votes in the wild, wild west.

    It is universally accepted that WA is the engine room of the nation.

    It is blessed with rich dirt, exported to the wealthy Japanese and Chinese.

    But by and large, it has been consecutive WA governments who have had to pick up the tab in terms of paying for the infrastructure needs of the north of the state - not Canberra.

    In fact WA has been penalised for its success.

    For the first time, WA's GST receipts will drop to below 50 cents in the dollar next financial year because of a belief in Canberra that the west needs to subsidise less affluent states.

    Liberal leader Tony Abbott has been able to use the cash cow argument over and over again in a bid to woo voters. John Howard, when he lost government in 2007, did the same with great success.

    Interestingly, Abbott himself has refused to commit a federal Coalition Government to a better GST deal for WA.

    And he has also refused to commit a Tony Abbott-led federal government to providing billions of dollars needed in WA for important rail infrastructure.

    But despite Rudd and Gillard having repeatedly told West Australians that federal Labor's infrastructure spend has been significantly more than previous Liberal governments they were not rewarded at the polls.

    The Labor message has simply not cut through with voters in WA.

    When West Australians woke up today, it was likely the majority of them would vote for Abbott come September 14.

    Unless something drastic happens between now and the election, it is likely they will do the same - despite a change of leaders.

  15. If Kevin Rudd wants to have an edge over Tony Abbott then he must create a paradigm shift in Australian politics. Above all he must show he is above the sniping of Labor insiders and open up Labor to greater democracy and a wider gene pool.

  16. Last night Beattie named several issues Rudd needs to address: (from memory) boat arrivals, the carbon price and the mining tax.

    The asylum issue (and immigration generally) is the hottest political topic around. It has to be addressed somehow, both politically in the lead-up to the election and eventually in policy terms.

    But again Gillard in 2010 gives us the template of what not to do: enter a rhetorical bidding war with the opposition to see who stands for the smallest Australia.

    It’s a delicate issue, to be neutralised as far as possible but not obsessed over.

    I suggested the vibe in Friday’s post.

    The mining tax played a role in Rudd’s demise in 2010. There were those very effective Mineral Council advertisements warning of economic Armageddon for the whole country.

    The policy was also, even after the ads were pulled, particularly unpopular in the two states it would, almost by definition, redistribute wealth from, Western Australia and Queensland, which are also the states most inherently suspicious of Canberra. (Tasmania the other contender.)

    Queensland contains a fifth of the country’s electorates—30, twice Western Australia’s number—can swing big (it swung by more than any other state at the last two elections) and thanks in part to Brisbane’s geography tends to produce many seat changes for a given swing.

    The mining tax should only be approached with a barge pole.

    But the carbon price is yesterday’s issue, even if the Coalition and its supporters haven’t realised yet. For the vast majority Abbott’s promise to repeal simply means a few dollars off their utility bills. And no-one has yet begun picking at his “direct action” scheme.

    The former Queensland premier mentioned one other thing (I can’t remember and it’s not yet online) but he neglected debt and deficits, economic competence and the opposition’s highly successful “addicted to spending” line.

    In my humble opinion this is deadliest issue for the government and likely to be at the front of swing voters’ minds on election day.

    Debt and deficits doesn’t need to just be neutralised, but turned around and owned. See, again, Friday’s post.

    The contribution of Wayne Swan’s woeful communication skills to the government’s problems since 2007 is roundly under-estimated, and the identity of the new Treasurer will be important.

    It requires someone who looks like they believe what they’re saying. Greg Combet is an obvious choice.

    Near the end of that 2010 article I wrote: “Don’t feel too sorry for Rudd. His defeat of [Kim] Beazley came about in similar fashion.”

    The same applies today. Gillard and Rudd and their footsoldiers tore Beazley down in 2006, Gillard toppled Rudd down in 2010 and now Rudd has returned the favour.

  17. Welcome back Kev, so happy to have you back, we all voted for you not Julia Gillard and we all feel that it was so unfair the way you were treated and have always wanted you to come back as we feel that although we voted you in we didnt have a say about you getting out out. I sincerely hope you win the election and we can have you back for good. Good on you, fair shake of the sauce bottle! Go Kevin!

  18. Why Labor should fight the 2013 election on climate change

  19. Why the NBN will win Labor the 2013 election


  20. What Rudd will do differently

    New Prime Minister Kevin Rudd needs to do things differently to Julia Gillard if he wants to have any luck at the federal election. Picture: AFP

    KEVIN Rudd will want to put distance between the Julia Gillard prime ministership and his own renewed leadership in the lead-up to the federal election.

    There are 10 ways he can do this:

    1. Dump the September 14 election date. Mr Rudd will be under pressure to take his new leadership to the people as quickly as possible and scrap Ms Gillard's election schedule.

    2. Support gay marriage. He declared his support for same-sex marriage from the back bench when it seemed there would be a vote on it in the House of Representatives, and will be held to that during the election campaign.

    LIVE COVERAGE: Kevin Rudd sworn in as Prime Minister

    3. Move to a floating carbon price by ending the fixed price before the 2015 schedule set by his predecessor. The Greens might object but Mr Rudd will be aiming for government without needing them, and will want to send a message to households who blame carbon pricing for extra expenses.

    4. Produce a new asylum seeker policy. The Opposition's Stop the Boats offensive has hurt Labor but the Opposition's policies also are problematic. Mr Rudd, who three years ago pleaded for the Gillard government not to be heartless towards asylum seekers, might change his mind to help his western Sydney MPs, part of his support base.

    5. Reshape school funding. Mr Rudd is likely to make a clear break from the Gonski reforms promoted by Peter Garrett, who has refused to serve under him. For one thing, he is likely to ban the word Gonski.

    6. Call a truce in the class warfare rhetoric. Mr Rudd has already indicated he wants closer relations with business and his backers have been critical of the class warfare theme of former treasurer Wayne Swan.

    7. Scrap the mining tax. It doesn't work, it doesn't resemble what he wanted when PM - it's no use to him.

    8. Shut down the gender warfare front. As a man it wouldn't work as it did for Ms Gillard, and it might reclaim some voters who were put off by her stances. But there are many women voters furious he has removed Australia's first female PM, and we can expect many appearances with Mr Rudd's wife Therese Rein and his other female relatives to strengthen his feminine side.

    9. End the white-anting. Mr Rudd last night and today called for peace. "We all have families we all have emotions," he said today, urging MPs to be kinder and gentler with each other - apparently unaware others might see irony in this.

    10. Take a 'normal' family to The Lodge. The residents will be a church-going married couple and the PM's spouse will have a full-time job, to the satisfaction of voters who objected to Ms Gillard's domestic arrangements.

  21. Congratulations Mr Rudd It is so very good to have you back. Thank you so very sincerely for not abadoning us and sticking around to achieve your ideals and beliefs for those of us who believe in the right of all Australians; The Australian Labor Party.

    Looking forward to many more years with you as our leader delivering the best and forward thinking policies that only a Labor Prime Minister can. Thank you.

  22. OPINION: WE HEARD yesterday that Kevin Rudd is a changed man.

    We know he can't have changed all that much. A leopard like Kev doesn't change his spots.

    And we have evidence. He's still the same, rather eccentric, fellow ... as you can see in this small compilation of his quirks.

  23. Is Kevin Rudd "a psychopath with a giant ego" or a political messiah capable of saving a divided and demoralised government from electoral doom?

    Australia's 28th prime minister is a man of contradictions; reportedly prone to furious tantrums and indecisiveness in private, yet who is unremittingly casual and engaging in public.

    "You walk through a shopping centre with Kevin and it's a pretty remarkable experience," enthused a Ruddite MP.

    He is the affable, bespectacled member for the inner Brisbane seat of Griffith with "an angelic face", according to one voter, and is arguably his country's most recognisable and popular politician.

    But he is hated with an undiminished fury by a significant portion of the governing Labor Party.

    His detractors, including the former Treasurer Wayne Swan, have spent much of the past three years trying to sabotage Mr Rudd's reputation since he was unexpectedly ousted as prime minister by Julia Gillard in 2010.

    Last year, following a failed leadership coup, Mr Swan blasted Kevin Rudd for his "dysfunctional decision-making and his deeply demeaning attitude" towards his parliamentary colleagues.

    At the same time, the Labor MP Steve Gibbons gave Mr Rudd both barrels on Twitter, decrying him as a "psychopath with a giant ego".

    Another disgruntled Gillard cabinet loyalist, Tony Burke, was also scathing of the new leader's record in the past. "The stories that were around of the chaos, of the temperament, of the inability to have decisions made, they are not stories," he said.

  24. kelvin listen those comment and fix it then u win the election. I believe in u. go kev.

    We need to talk about Kevin: Six fatal leadership flaws of the man who would be PM

  25. 1. Being a “workaholic” is not a virtue

    It was a point of pride for Kevin “24/7” Rudd that he was a “workaholic” prone to “burning the midnight oil” and that he expected those working for him to do the same. When exhausted bureaucrats began grumbling about their boss’s unreasonable expectations, Rudd was dismissive: “I understand that . . . some public servants are finding the hours a bit much. Well, I suppose I’ve simply got news for the public service: there’ll be more.” In other words: “Let them eat cake.”

    Like most self-absorbed “workaholics”, Rudd believes that his overzealous work ethic is inspirational and widely admired: “I believe that the Australian community at large expect all of us [in government] to work really hard.” Well, no they don’t, they just expect the job to be done. In the minds of some, burning the midnight oil is associated with high importance, indispensability and high achievement. But as is often the case with executive poseurs, Rudd was consummately skilled at giving the appearance of furious activity but with very few achievements to his name as prime minister.

  26. 2. Leaders without empathy and respect do very little leading

    It’s understandable that ego, immodesty and a measure of arrogance go with being a leader. It is a fact of life that wallflowers don’t make it to the top. But leaders who consider themselves better than their colleagues and employees invariably come unstuck. A leader who has empathy and respect for subordinates, who values their skills and contribution, who is as far as practical open and inclusive, and who clearly sets out the vision that everyone is working towards, will find that employees will go the extra mile and follow that leader to wherever that journey may lead.

    Rudd was not such a leader. Whenever anything went wrong during his administration, he blamed his people – staffers, public servants or ministerial colleagues. The result was a disgruntled public service, mass defections from his personal office and colleagues who could take no more bollockings and humiliations. By the time his party was resolved to turn against him, Rudd was isolated and without support: the leader had no one left to lead.

  27. 3. Leaders who can’t delegate have no time for leading

    Rudd was a manic micro-manager who was incapable of delegating. The Super Leader is a myth. Even a leader who works around the clock will not have the time to cover off on every possible decision, action and approval that will course its way through the chief executive’s office. Delegation is not only essential in a busy office, it also marks the trust and respect in direct reports that will ensure a strong, vibrant leadership team, as well as for the people who work for those reports.

    Rudd is a busy-body micromanager who believes that the more systems, processes and rules, the surer the quality of management. In reality, the Rudd government, like many poorly run companies, became mired in its own red tape and indecision.

  28. 4. Reputations exist for a reason

    It’s true that some leaders can be followed by unfair or ill-deserved reputations – that goes for both positive and negative reputations – but by and large, reputations that stand the test of time are well-founded.

    It should be noted that when it comes to alienating public servants, Rudd is an old hand. As director-general of the office of cabinet, following the election of Queensland Labor premier Wayne Goss in 1989, Rudd very quickly became known as Dr Death. Rudd drove the necessary modernisation of the state’s public service, but did so with a clinical mania that all but caused a revolt in the Queensland public service. Rudd has taken few lessons from that experience.

  29. 5. The point of communication is to communicate

    Rudd fancies himself as the consummate communicator. When he was prime minister, and even now as a pretender, Rudd had a grating tendency to speak in “key messages”, elaborate and self-satisfied jargon and over-rehearsed catchphrases.

    Like most users of jargon – who can forget, as much as we may try, the phrase “detailed programmatic specificity” – Rudd is more interested in impressing himself than actually communicating. Rudd’s penchant for adopting different personalities according to his audience – from folksy to international statesman – while initially amusing in its way, eventually was taken for the artifice that it was. When a leader loses the ability to communicate, he has lost the ability to lead. As Kevin Rudd would say, and did say: “Fair shake of the sauce bottle, mate!”

  30. 6. It’s the results, stupid

    If Rudd’s style of management actually delivered results, it would be easier to stomach the spin and the smugness. As prime minister, Rudd assured Australians that he was in control, but he was not. Like most managerialists – box-tickers, control freaks, process junkies; call them what you will – Rudd was consummately skilled at giving the appearance of furious activity but with very few achievements to his name. Witness the bungled home insulation scheme, the maladministration of the school building program, the inglorious cancellation of the government’s emissions trading scheme legislation, and the massive failure of resolve typified by the government’s weak-kneed response to the Henry tax reform report.

  31. Congratulations Mr Rudd on returning to the office of Prime Minister. Thank you for again living up to the pure meaning of representative government by putting aside your personal pride and responding to the many, many thousands of Australians who have beseeched you to return as our PM.

    Thank you for ratifying the Kyoto Protocol in your first term, as you promised you would. Thank you for apologising to the stolen generations in your first term, as you promised you would. Thank you for bringing our troops home from Iraq in your first term, as you promised you would. Thank you for guiding us through the GFC. I look forward to your next full term as PM and how great a nation you'll surely remind us we are, and can continue to be.


    Antony Green's Election Calculator

    Seat Labor need hang on

    Corangamite VIC ALP 0.3%

    Deakin VIC ALP 0.6%

    Greenway NSW ALP 0.9%

    Robertson NSW ALP 1.0%

    Lindsay NSW ALP 1.1%

    Moreton QLD ALP 1.1%

    Banks NSW ALP 1.4%

    La Trobe VIC ALP 1.7%

    Petrie QLD ALP 2.5%

    Reid NSW ALP 2.7%

    Lilley QLD ALP 3.2%

    Brand WA ALP 3.3%

    Capricornia QLD ALP 3.7%

    Lingiari NT ALP 3.7%

    Page NSW ALP 4.2%

    Blair QLD ALP 4.2%

    Eden-Monaro NSW ALP 4.2%

    Parramatta NSW ALP 4.4%

    Dobell NSW ALP 5.1%

    Kingsford Smith NSW ALP 5.2%

    Rankin QLD ALP 5.4%

    Fremantle WA ALP 5.7%

    Oxley QLD ALP 5.8%

    Chisholm VIC ALP 5.8%

    Perth WA ALP 5.9%

    Hindmarsh SA ALP 6.1%

  33. Seat need to win Liberal

    Hasluck WA LIB 0.6%

    Boothby SA LIB 0.6%

    Aston VIC LIB 0.7%

    Dunkley VIC LIB 1.0%

    Brisbane QLD LNP 1.1%

    Macquarie NSW LIB 1.3%

    Forde QLD LNP 1.6%

    Solomon NT CLP 1.8%

    Casey VIC LIB 1.9%

    Longman QLD LNP 1.9%

    Herbert QLD LNP 2.2%

    Canning WA LIB 2.2%

    Dawson QLD LNP 2.4%

    Swan WA LIB 2.5%

    Bonner QLD LNP 2.8%

    Macarthur NSW LIB 3.0%

    Bennelong NSW LIB 3.1%

    Flynn QLD LNP 3.6%

    Sturt SA LIB 3.6%

    Fisher QLD LNP 4.1%

    McMillan VIC LIB 4.2%

    Leichhardt QLD LNP 4.6%

    Dickson QLD LNP 5.1%

    Hughes NSW LIB 5.2%

    Gilmore NSW LIB 5.3%

    Paterson NSW LIB 5.3%

    Higgins VIC LIB 5.4%

    Stirling WA LIB 5.5%

  34. Think need change to win

    The mining tax played a role in Rudd’s demise in 2010. There were those very effective Mineral Council advertisements warning of economic Armageddon for the whole country.

    The policy was also, even after the ads were pulled, particularly unpopular in the two states it would, almost by definition, redistribute wealth from, Western Australia and Queensland, which are also the states most inherently suspicious of Canberra. (Tasmania the other contender.)

    Queensland contains a fifth of the country’s electorates—30, twice Western Australia’s number—can swing big (it swung by more than any other state at the last two elections) and thanks in part to Brisbane’s geography tends to produce many seat changes for a given swing.

    The mining tax should only be approached with a barge pole.

    But the carbon price is yesterday’s issue, even if the Coalition and its supporters haven’t realised yet. For the vast majority Abbott’s promise to repeal simply means a few dollars off their utility bills. And no-one has yet begun picking at his “direct action” scheme.

    The former Queensland premier mentioned one other thing (I can’t remember and it’s not yet online) but he neglected debt and deficits, economic competence and the opposition’s highly successful “addicted to spending” line.

    In my humble opinion this is deadliest issue for the government and likely to be at the front of swing voters’ minds on election day.

    Debt and deficits doesn’t need to just be neutralised, but turned around and owned. See, again, Friday’s post.

    The contribution of Wayne Swan’s woeful communication skills to the government’s problems since 2007 is roundly under-estimated, and the identity of the new Treasurer will be important.

    It requires someone who looks like they believe what they’re saying. Greg Combet is an obvious choice.

  35. Kevin Rudd now should dump carbon tax for emissions trading scheme and win seat in wa, NSW and qld. After the election win have time to look it again. Tough on immigration match LIBERAL SO THEY CAN HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY.

  36. Kevin Rudd now should dump carbon tax for emissions trading scheme and win seat in wa, NSW and qld. After the election win have time to look it again. Tough on immigration match LIBERAL SO THEY CAN HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY.
    all the chinese,vietnamese,india.korean or asian community say they vote labor again of if the carbon tax go. first win the election then look again after the election.the Asian can help kelvin win back Bennelong john howard with 3percent margin.

  37. Kevin "mate" are you going to take the blow up doll of yourself with you to the lodge or will get a new one made?

  38. smithy hates you

    PARTY UMR report show alp well be lost the next election imagine have 35 seats in 150 seats??the liberal party will be in power at least 10 years. Abbott will be laughing all the way to the en on abc website show that . Labor can win if kelvin do the opposite of Gillard policies that are unpopular. gogo labor.

  40. As a past card carrying ALP member who dumped membership when K Rudd was stabbed in the back, I am very pleased to see him back as PM. As someone said above, we voted for him as PM not someone else. I was steeling myself to vote for Mr Abbott but now may well not.
    Congratulations on a really good first Press Conference - keep going like that and you may yet give him a run for his money. It is probably too late for a win, but anyway I do hope the caucus dont dump K Rudd as leader in opposition! Could they be that stupid? possibly.

  41. Congratulations Kevin on the second attempt. On behalf of the women of Australia, will you please review the measures taken by the Gillard government against sole parents, by moving them to New Start Allowance when their youngest child turns 8. As a result of this at least 84,000 sole parents, mostly women, lost around $120 per week in their survival income, and now have a far lower thresh-hold for losing their benefits if they work. This measure, expanding on the original Howard measures called Welfare to Work, plus the Howard Family Law amendments, have put women back to before Whitlam brought in Sole Parent Pension and Family Law. People don't understand, that without adequate, stress-free income support, women are not free to leave unhappy, abusive and violent relationships. Coupled with Family Law that allows Courts to order women to hand over their children to their abusive ex's, this has done terrible damage to the life chances of women and their children in Australia. When will the Labor Party get this? Gonski will not fix this. The NDIS will not fix this. Kevin, if you have any balls at all, please get Cabinet to address these issues.

  42. We have seen how the mining industry, swayed the public option against Kevin Rudd to protect their own proffits and change our government for their own agenda, twelve months later we all saw that Kevin was right about their all time high profits. The carbon tax was only a renaming the money the country should have received from our natural resources, and redirected it to us the hard working people of this great country. How quickly we forget that it was Kevin Rudd that kept us as one of the only countries not to fall into the World Economic Crisis at it's worst, and we are worse off now in these few short years under a priminister that no one ever voted into power. Our shame is that as a whole the people of Australia were tricked, or brainwashed if you will by a media campaign paid for by a few rich % of the population to stay rich, shame on us all. Welcome back Kevin, stay strong to your beliefs, lead with confidence, take the time to get things right before putting them into affect and correct them if they go wrong instead of deleting them (like the insulation incident). NEVER BACK DOWN. Ohh and lastly my inner child wants to say "Ding Dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead....)

  43. Thanks Kevin for coming back. I was going to vote for the Libs, but now I'm voting for the ALP.

    You are the person we need running this country, not Tony Abbott!

  44. I will never lead the Labor Party again ...Mmmmm man of your word are U..?

  45. Now we have the leader we elected back I think you are the right person to change the overall culture of avoidance of progress and accountability that federal and state government departments have. I have worked in many and they refuse to consider change. Their information systems and processes are absolutely terrible therefore providing no accountability. If you suggest change or try to adopt best practice you are bullied and eventually frozen out. I'm sure this is why your party ousted you the first time. They have come up through these ranks and didn't want someone who forced them to be accountable.

  46. To assist Labor to win at the next election tackle the mess that has been created with the Northern Territory Emergency Response. Instead of solving a problem we have added to it. The money being wasted by the government departments behind this is atrocious and I have never come across such poor work ethics. We have gone from Indigenous people feeling they have the right to Government handouts without working to now have the government staff doing the same. Time for some tough love for both. Lets give indigenous people a chance to regain their dignity by stopping the excuses, hand holding and workarounds for law. They are strong, good people but we have brought out the worst by having different sets of rules for them and us. There is no other culture in Australia where we turn a blind eye to multiple wives and Centrelink are happy to pay for all partners. How can women be valued if we this happens? No other culture where we allow people to not turn up to jobs and still keep them. How can people value themselves and their skills if they aren't required for their jobs. Lets stop stunting the growth of Indigenous people with the excuse of preserving culture. Every culture needs room to grow. I want the people to be proud of their achievements not proud of their ability to work the system. We need accountability and the departments involved need to be dragged over the coals and have the laziness and corruption eliminated from them.

  47. Kevin,I hope you get in, I along with millions will make your time so miserable and these idiots who love you, will see through your used car salesman dribble, you will do more than invoke a war with Indonesia you will invoke a civil war here in Australia. I loved the song gillard and swan played for keV " you're so vain" , keV mate - your head is so big you will have to leave Australia, leave the planet, for earth is no good for you mate, you are above earth keV

  48. Talk is cheap. I'm withholding my opinion until I see results.

  49. Hi Kevin,

    I'm a big fan of yours.

    Two things I don't want you to forget to do lots of now that you are PM: smile and laugh. These were the characteristics we saw in you, after you got stabbed in the back and before you were elected in 2006/2007 - it's why the public loves you.

    I know the job is stressful but Keep smiling, keep laughing... its the genuine Kevin Rudd smile and happy emotion, the public love!

  50. Hello Kevin,

    Congratulations on reclaiming your position as Prime Minister and head of the Labour Party. I'll get right to the point here and say that I hope you will use this opportunity to make bold changes to the current policies. Other people on here have made some very valid suggestions, but the two areas which I personally would like to see change in are these:

    1. Gay marriage. By supporting gay marriage you would not only be giving gay couples the chance to have their relationships formally recognised, you would be setting yourself apart from Tony & Julia. If you want to win over the young people, show them that you are willing to embrace change instead of clinging to the values of the past. Marriage equality is something almost every young person - gay or straight - is passionate about because they can see how wrong it is for the government to deny a couple the chance to celebrate their relationship based on their sexuality. To them, it seems as absurd as banning two people from getting married because they're from different ethnic backgrounds. It's discrimination and it's wrong.

    2. Asylum seekers. Can we please stop using these vulnerable people as political pawns? I'm all for "stopping the boats" but not in the sense of turning boats around, or sending them back once they arrive. What I would like to see is a HUMANE approach to the asylum seeker issue, one that honours our obligations under the UN Refugee Convention. Throwing innocent men, women and children into horrible detention facilities and leaving them to rot for goodness knows how long is unacceptable, not to mention expensive. Remote detention facilities are a waste of government funds and they don't work as a deterrent. The only winners are SERCO. You are in a unique position now where you can present a new, fresh approach to the asylum seeker issue and use it to distance yourself from Tony & Julia. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

    - Community processing. Not only is it a cheaper option than remote detention, it's better for the mental health of asylum seekers. Shutting down remote and isolated detention centres would be a positive step for asylum seekers and you'd save BILLIONS!

    - Limited mandatory detention. Indefinite detention is costly, it's a violation of basic human rights, and it causes serious mental health issues. Let's focus on getting asylum seekers out into the community quickly so they can begin their new life in Australia and work to support themselves. A 30 day limit would be ideal.

    - Regional solutions. Rather than waiting for asylum seekers to make the treacherous journey to Australia by boat, why not tackle the problem at the source? The UN is unable to cope with the number of people applying for refugee status in countries like Malaysia. There is no queue and the chances of direct resettlement for a refugee in Indonesia are slim. However, the chances of them being thrown in prison are high. The Malaysia solution was a failure because they are not signatories to the UN Refugee Convention, but plenty of other countries are. Until it becomes safer, faster and easier to reach Australia through "legitimate" means, there will always be people risking their lives on boats.

    - Increase our humanitarian intake. At the moment, there are record numbers of refugees GLOBALLY. It's a GLOBAL crisis, not an Australian crisis, and the reason why we're seeing an increase in the number of asylum seekers is simply because there are more people in need of asylum. Like a dam filled to bursting point, if you don't release the pressure it will find a way to release itself, usually in an uncontrollable way. This is what's happening now. You need to release the pressure and the only way to do that is by increasing the number of refugees we take directly from the UN refugee camps.

    Best of luck with the upcoming election. If you want my vote, you know how to get it!



    1. Creation nor evolution have provision for same sex unions. The man's anus is a one way tube: out not in. Candles or broom sticks got an other purpose............Same sex couples are not able to pass their detestable doings on to the next generation, unless they adopt innocent children. Eileen, people like you are the cancer on every human society which like to live upright. Have peace in your heart.

  51. Dear Mr Rudd,

    I wonder if the Government would consider passing a law which does not allow the change of leader of the Government political party during the term of the Prime Minister without calling for an election which involves voting by the whole country to decide who the next prime minister should be. That way, it can gurantee that whoever the people vote as prime minister would remain the same throughout his term and would not change without people's election.

    I think passing such a law would give confidence to people who vote for Mr Rudd in the upcoming election that Mr Rudd would continue to be the Prime Minister throughout his term until the next election, and would potentially increase the number of votes from those swing voters whose main concern is whether who they vote would stay the same and would not change without having the people involved to vote again.

    It would also increase the unity of the Government political party to try to work things out together instead of thinking about ways to replace the prime minister whenever the poll does not work to their favor and would potentially prevent the destablization of the Government due to the change of Prime Minister during the term of his prime ministership.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Kind regards.

  52. The Flagship ABC is full of anonymous big brown rats.
    Rudd have to clean it up together with Abbott.
    Step 2: Stop The Abbott's.

    1. Then only God can help us. Abbott is our only survival chance.

  53. Dear "Refugee",

    We do not pretend to understand your circumstances or reasons for leaving your home country. But we do not want you to throw away your blood money or risk your life at sea or destroy precious memories of yourself.

    Australia will process your application quickly and grant you the appropriate visa to migrate if you are a genuine refugee.

    We are proud that you find Australia a desirable place to live. But we want you to respect the laws of Australia and come to Australia on Australia's terms.

    Whatever your situation now, always remember: What people meant for evil, God meant it for good.

    1. Sarah Laugh,

      Australia does NOT process refugee applications "quickly." The average wait for a refugee hoping to resettle in Australia is thirty seven years. THIRTY SEVEN! If you were in danger and the police told you it would take thirty seven years for them to get round to helping you, would you wait? Or would you try to reach safety yourself?

      It's all very well and good for Australians to tell refugees to "come to Australia on Australia's terms" but you don't understand what you're actually asking them to do. You're asking them to put their lives on hold for DECADES. To live in constant fear of being captured and sent back to the danger they fled from. To work themselves to the ground so their family can slowly starve in a cramped, dingy shoebox. You are basically asking them to SUFFER, when they have already suffered so much. Why?

      It is our duty as a civilised country and a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention to help people who are fleeing violence and death. Instead we let them drown trying to reach us while we sit on our hands and moan about how sad it all is.

      That is the true tragedy: we have the ability to save lives but we choose not to.


    2. How many refugees are you sponsor? How many refugees are living with you under your care in your house? If you coward are really being concerned about their well being, give half of your income to a refugee family and write them constantly. Will you do so?
      Show your compassion or shut up, ok

  54. With the constitution at > 100 years of age, its the next area of structural change required in light of the global economy. Our representation costs > 1/2 Billion per annum yet fails on any measure of performance. I trust used car salesman more.

    All political parties have faceless men. Public servants write job descriptions that people outside the public service can not apply for and the essential services we actually need (as opposed to much of the public service) struggle.

    So. Public servants who lie are fired. Public servants need KPI's and failure means only one 4 year term. Two terms is the most Public servants can service (8 years). Salaries and benefits will be 20% lower than the commercial world. Public service becomes national service and you are called to serve via a random selection before going to the electorate with peers. Representation in parliament should reflect the electorate and include the under-employed, ex drug addicts, ex stay at home mums and less LIARS (aka Lawyers).

    Essential services staff have tenure and are not public servants. Public servants include politicians.

    I dare the unrepresentative swill we have to make the structural change we have where our misrepresentatives have allowed industry to die, do not act any further than the next 12 months and communicate only in 30 second news grabs.

    SHAME on so many of you.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Yay Rudd. Great move. We need to stop those boats to ensure no more drownings occur. We need to let genuine asylum seekers come through the proper channels safely and prevent people smugglers making money out of human misery. Your move took courage. Keep up the good work.

  57. I am appalled and shocked by your announcement that under the new Regional Resettlement Arrangement, asylum seekers arriving by boat will be sent to the grossly inadequate Manus Island detention centre, in exchange for Australia giving undisclosed funding to PNG, whether they're found to have a legitimate claim for refugee status.

    This is nothing but a racist ploy lacking in any humanitarian attitude towards vulnerable and often traumatised people.
    This is so much worse than the policies we saw during the Howard-era.
    I have always given the ALP my preferences after the Greens, but am so disgusted that am thinking for the first time ever I will not.
    There is now no difference between ALP and the Liberals on most issues.

    Shame Rudd, shame! You are making Australia the pariah of the humanitarian world!
    It is disgusting how politicians will stoop to pander to backward racist ideas and to make a scapegoat of the most vulnerable. Smacks of what happened under Hitler's Germany!

    Lou-anne Barker
    South Hobart TAS 7004

  58. Australian Manufacturing business24 July 2013 at 12:18

    Announce the election now if you feel so confident in yourself. Business has stalled at the moment waiting for the date. Since you are all about 'small business' and the ecconomy you should put Australia first and not you and your labor mates. I run a small business in manufacturing and since you became leader again 'we' (employees included) have lost 8 months work as the larger clients are too scared invest. With out this work I may have to lay off more people.

    Australia first - Labor last!

  59. Hi Kevin. Fear God and do what is right. Do not normalize or endorse wrong behaviour. Let's reach out to them in love and truth. God is sovereign and His grace is sufficient for us.

  60. thanks for taxing the smokers again kevin.poor old working class smokers paying more tax.cant afford much at all.won,t be voting for labor again.

    1. I am a smoker of to many years, I am happy krudd is putting up the smokes and not bread and milk, it will make me slow down on my smoking and that's a good thing, labour is for the people always has been always will, Mr Abbott doesn't care about people, you will see he will take more than smoke money from us...

    2. You clown, why don't you pay double by yourself? Oh yes, you need somebody to tell you what to do.....that's it.

  61. Dear Kev, I am planning to move my family and extended family to Pakistan for my health and I would like to ask you, as Prime Minister of Australia, this great country, to assist me with this.
    We're planning to simply fly from Aust. to Pakistan and we'll need your help. We plan to skip all of the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws.. I am sure they handle those things in the same way that you do here. Would you mind telling your buddy, President Asif Ali zardari, that I'm on my way over? Let him know that I will be expecting the following. FREE MEDICAL for my entire family. ENGLISH SPEAKING government bureaucrats for all my services. PAKISTANI Govt forms to be printed in English. I want my grandkids taught Urdu by English speaking teachers. Tell their schools to include Aussie culture. I want to see the Aussie Flag flying at schools. FEED my grandkids breakfast & lunch. I would like to have a nice job without paying any taxes, or tax laws enforced. I want a drivers licence so I can get easy access to government services. I'll expect free rental subsidies. I will still need my pension sent from Australia. And that Pakistan pays me 44,500.00 to buy a new car. And I'll need Pakistan monthly pension cheque. Easy request KEVIN because you already do these things for his people who fly to Australia from Pakistan. Ask him nicely on your next overseas trip at my expense.

  62. Always politicians looking for money in the wrong places how hard is it ? Want an easy 5 billion on your bottom line ... open a government run bank I'll sign up along with the majority of all other Australians stop over taxing people and work smarter

    1. strongly suggest reviewing this policy choice

  63. To all God-fearing people:

    Submit to the law of the land as you would to the law of God.

    God is sovereign and His plan never fails.

    His timing is perfect. Trust Him & depend on Him for today & tomorrow.

  64. No offence Mr Prime minister but the majority of the votes came from those that support Labor. They didn't vote for you, they voted Labor. You should have let Julia finish her term off as she was going to lose the election anyway. You have stepped into a position that will not get you re-elected. And Beatie? Queenslanders hate him so what were you thinking? I actually voted for you last time but when the powers of this country changed hands without the permission of the people, then I have lost my faith in you. One person to rule, one person to lead but this has failed for the Labor party. Just remember, the people of Australia are your employers. As an employer of the Australian government, I am disgusted to even be in the same country with you and all the other politicians. I will never vote for Labor or you again and that goes for Liberal. Lets make it so the people of Australia vote for the person and not the party. Make sure that that person who wins the election is an Australian, born and bred in Australia.

    1. hmm letting labor jump off the cliff with zeal and a steel will under a duplicitous, sometimes incompetent JG?(no i do not care what gender you are as long as you can do the best job for the country), no thanks - very happy to now have Rudd+ back at the helm

  65. How does it works? Going to church, saying to believe in God, putting on a Christian face but promoting same sex marriages.
    You are a fake, a hypocrite and God knows it!

    1. just guessing you are not gay? :)

  66. I think Abbott should release his costings when the Labor party does, which it the last election was at 5 pm on the Friday before the election. You have no credibility.

  67. Unfortunately labor will not win this election unless more intellectual doubt is cast over the liberal's remarks and policies and yours/Labor's speeches connect more to the hearts and minds of Australians (including being more emotive) - some ideas:

    - use simple, truthful messages and repeat the same messages throughout the campaign (clear choice: coalition = cuts, labour = livelihood and longterm prosperity, everyone knows positive debt is used to build a stronger economy to achieve prosperity, an economy in austerity and recession cannot pay off any debt, savage cuts to pay off debt lead to recession (point to Europe), Australia is leaps and bounds ahead of most countries in the world due to Rudd Govt economic management, Rudd govt is about a well managed economy and investment in all Australians to protect and promote wealth, Rudd govt is the only genuine choice)

    - coalition stats often do not add up or make sense and are targeted to try and fool the Australian public e.g. gun crime is not linked to increased gun smuggling due to labor's cutting of custom positions, this information is in direct contradiction to crime bureau stats

    - coalition keep throwing in economic theory expecting Australians will just accept they will know what they are doing in terms of economic management - Labor could more clearly identify coalition strategies to the voting public and mention actual economic theory 101 (e.g. labor has maintained AAA credit rating showing debt can easily be serviced, it was right to stimulate the economy due to GFC, as it is now right to move back to surplus responsibly, economy is growing but still has some challenges - coalition will slash and burn and could plunge Australia into recession)

    -make a big deal of own economic credentials (comparing Austn situation to unemployment and growth rates in other countries)
    - mention that Abbott policies are unpredictable, the Coalition may not stay a stable team once they win government and may change their policies

  68. nice debate last time, but as a swinging voter it may be good for you to open yourself/Labor up to a Q&A session with ordinary Australians (risky of course) to address the simplistic understanding they have gained from Abbott. Suggest not using notes too and do it in a pretty public forum. There would be adverse remarks of course but it may be necessary to really connect. E.g. remarks like "you put us in debt" clearly need to be given more straight-forward truthful responses "yes to protect the country so that we did not go down the toilet like the rest of the world" and our economy is still vulnerable so cuts like Abbott's will make have a high risk of putting the economy into recession, similar to how cuts in Europe have made the situation worse not better. Ordinary Australians need you to explain how Labor will work to improve their lives and how the Coalition would hit ordinary Australians hard.

  69. mate u r a dishonest .. fake .. and all wanker


  71. Just saw a commercial for 20/20. Diane Sawyer is interviewing Hillary Clinton and my god, she reminds me so much of Kevin Rudd. They have the same giddiness about them. She said the funniest thing, "I'm going to tell the truth and let the chips fall." She is a barrel of laughs. I guess she turned over a new leaf. I don't think Kevin has. Saw another video of him today and had the feeling fifty percent of what he was saying were lies. I thought it was interesting when the interviewer asked about foreign aid money going to the refugees. Or I guess funding the situation. Foreign aid is for foreign countries, or so I thought. Eye opening. Kevin can be so juvenile when it comes to America bashing. Like father, like daughter. It's funny because neither one of them bashes England, France, China, Russia etc. Is it jealousy? I wonder.
    Oh god, that laugh of his! He sounds like a cartoon character. He needs to rein that in a bit.
    Nice touch Theresa with the red wine. Good hostess. Sounds like Kevin likes to imbibe. The word gin comes up quite a bit. Closet alcoholic?
    The question everyone should ask is……WHAT DID YOU ACCOMPLISH WHEN YOU WERE PRIME MINISTER? It has to be factual and we WILL double check.He and his wife accomplished a lot of free travel. Too funny.
    Yes, getting back to the bashing. You need to concern yourself with YOUR country being that it is basically (compared to USA) a 3rd world country in the middle of no where. I don't think it's important that you are all descendants of murderers etc. Y'all have no control over that. I bet you don't bash America when you are here. Ha! Do ya? You are too afraid you'll get your butt kicked. Bostonians are tough and very proud of their city and the US. If you don't like this country - leave and don't come back. Ya hear?
    Dude, you are weird.

  72. HFD, dude!

    Albert Einstein sent this to me by mistake - he meant to send it to the 'THINKER.'

    The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of HUMAN WEAKNESS, the bible a collection of honorable, but still PRIMITIVE LEGENDS which are never the less pretty CHILDISH. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this. These subtilized (?) interpretations are highly manifold according to their nature and have almost nothing to do with the original text. For me the jewish religion like ALL other religions is an incarnation of the most CHILDISH SUPERSTITIONS.

    WELL! This comes from one of the most intelligent human beings the world has ever known.

    I have just an average IQ and I totally, 100% agree with him. He is 100% correct. He is correct when he says that people who believe in god are WEAK and CHILDISH. Kudos to A.E.


  73. This is just to say

    I have just
    asked you to
    get out of my

    even though
    you never
    i would

    forgive me
    you were
    me insane

  74. "It was all about ego." Shrug….who cares? You both screwed up and had to pay the ultimate price. One day you are on the top of the world and the next on top of the trash heap. You reap what you sew, as the saying goes.
    I bet Rudd had a thing for Gillard and they had a pact that first he would be prez and then she would be prez and so on and so forth. It worked! He had a hard time keeping his eyes off her. Sooo obvious, Rudd.
    Yawn. Ancient history.
    Although, I wonder if they meet and compare notes? Or whatever you call it.

  75. Did you read the article about this girl and her family move back to Brisbane and love it. I think she loves it because her father is there.


    Agree? I know you do.

  76. This is what you need to do, a la Jimmy Carter.

    Go to Liberia and help with the people who are sick with 'Ebolia.'

    First write an article on Israel's cruelty towards all the innocent men, women AND children in Gasa. Start pointing fingers at all the countries that are just looking the other way because it is Israel. Write about why everyone is afraid of Israel. After you write a detailed report - go to that area and help.
    I seem to remember a certain slogan, "Never Again." Well, so much for that, eh?

  77. He gave up and never looked back. Smart move. What took so long?

  78. Swanky Bubbles say 'Showoff's' NOT otay.

  79. We all know that politicians are rich and we all know how they got to be so rich.

    So why do they feel the need to live in mediocre houses whilst hoarding their money?

    Do they think we don't notice?

    We do and are wondering why.

    If a politician lives in a pretty house will they not get the votes? Odd.

    25 things I don't like about the Rein/Rudd house.

    1. Are they in the middle of a jungle?

    2. No yard.

    3. No view of anything but I don't know you can't see.

    4. Pool? In the shade? Very ugly pool. Would that take up the whole yard? Gross.

    5. Great landscaping. Actually, no landscaping.

    6. Trees? Palm trees don't count.

    7. House on a slight hill. Up and down up and down

    8. Reminds me of Disneyworld. What would you call THAT design?

    9. No garage? Carport? I mean really.

    10. They paid too much for THAT place.

    11. Kitchen too small.

    12. House right on road. What.

    13. Living room? windows stained brown. Eww.

    14. Furniture from Ikea or similar.

    15. I can imagine the bugs and reptiles.

    16. Who did the decorating?

    17. 5 bedrooms and TWO baths? Someone skimped.

    18. No powder room? People have to use Theresa's bathroom? Eww.

    Need more photo's. Why can I access the photo's?

    I do like the flat red rug (Dhurrie?) rug in living room. LR? It's more for a family room. Living rooms should be more formal. Need to get a memo to Theresa.

    You guys Flunk.

    As a voter I don't care if you use a decorator. Makes your surroundings much nicer. Not as many mistakes too.

    That house reminds me of the way Theresa dresses. They go hand in hand. Too funny.

    How much is your house? I have a feeling you overpriced it.

    You are moving to Noobska? Ah…….why? Are you lying about that too?

    Isn't it funny how everything you two/three say is a lie. We love this, we are staying, we are………all lies.

    Your house is neat and tidy. You get points for that. Cleaning crew?

    You've been in beautiful surroundings (other countries) and you've seen some nice stuff - did you notice or were you looking at Other things?

  80. OK - Saw more photo's.

    Chandeliers? Take them down today. Shaking head.
    The bones of the interior are good.
    Bathroom? The sink area? Gone/in trash.
    Bath tub? Interesting location stuffed in corner. Why?
    Stuff on walls? Give to charity.
    Furniture? Rolling eyes.
    Lack of window treatments? Why?
    Beds? Why so small? Why is one in front of a door?
    Holy mother of god. I didn't know you lived LIKE THAT!
    What is the problem?
    It is ok to spend a few dollars, you know.
    If you are ever in Nantucket again. Go to some of the galleries and get some worthwhile prints or oil paintings. I will point you in the right direction.
    If you have to go cheap at least throw down some sisal or something. Hardwood floors are great, but that doesn't mean you can't have rugs too. It looks cold and also a rug grounds the room. Shaking head.
    IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT. I'm poor compared to you and my stuff is a million times better than yours. I have priorities.
    You have the oriental mentality. It all goes on your back.
    Your house should be no more than $500,000.00.
    When dumb and dumber buys it - they should paint the outside mainly ONE color. I get dizzy looking at your paint job.
    Instead of diamonds and whatever - buy Theresa a few decorating books for Christmas and whilst the two of you are sitting in Noobska - you and she can peruse them.
    Good Luck. You need it.

  81. One more thing before I throw up.

    The green on the outside of your house.

    Is that a blue green?

  82. When the U.S. government calls the Australian government - everyone pushes each other out of the way to get to the phone first.

    When the Australian government calls the U.S. - they let them leave a message on the answering machine.

    Just the facts.

    I expect to see a big improvement in Theresa's hair, clothes etc. after they move to NY. NY does that to ya.

    Will they live in a Democratic neighborhood or a Replubican neighborhood?

    Is that why Jessie is always perturbed about Americans? As soon as she moves back home, her parents move away? I bet her father had disparaging things to say about the American's while she was growing up. Didn't he mock George Bush? That came back to bite him in the butt, didn't it? He never learns.

    The Mudd/Rain's are never satisfied with the status quo. Always have to be a moving and a shaking or else they are bored, bored, bored.

    I saw Kevin in Doo Bye. Must have been there with Rain. I listened to him for a few minutes and then dozed off. zzzzzzzzzzzz. That man is a one hit wonder. His Chiner obsession is getting a little scary and creepy. It's just increibly boring/or is it/he is boring/or the combination of the two?

    Well Mudd - was it 10K or 13K? Big difference ya know. 1/3.

    Well Mudd - are we going to someday read the family of the 'nun' is having her body exhumed to check to see how she 'really' died? Didn't the Mudd/Rain duo cheat her family out of a great deal of money? Sounds like the duo fought for the money when it would have been a lot more gracious to let her poor family have what was entitled to them anyway. Didn't you feel even a tinsy bit guilty? A wee bit? No?

    Back to Boston in January? Great time of the year to be in the Arctic. Where you biding you time in Boston waiting for something to pop up in New York? Lucky you! I guess it paid off, eh?

    Brisbane vs New York City? No contest?

    I must admit-it is a little close for comfort. Not entirely sure why that raises my blood pressure-but it does. It's not as though you will show up one day and shoot me or anything, but it gives me the heebee jee bees. I like you better thousands of miles away, not 90. I'll have to deal with it I suppose. Sigh.

    Spelling of heebee jee bees? Have no idea.

    Doo Buy. Looking for work there too?

    But hey, wasn't it a conflict of interest whilst PM to have your business in lots of countries that you do government business with? If they liked you --- it must have been very lucrative for you.You might say it was legal, but i guess you must have known you had the clear advantage. That makes it unethical.

    Do the Mudd/Rain duo sit around thinking of ways to make money?

    I guess no more burnt dinners though.

    As the world turns, eh?

  83. I think you guys are going for the 'billion dollar thing' and the only way to get there is by way of China.
    It's so not worth it.
    Money will not buy you happiness.
    It can buy you a very nice car though.

  84. UNremitting, eh?

  85. For us, this will always be our local community.

    Not sure what that means.

  86. I know the Rudd's are very religious and attend church every Sunday. They would even stop and talk to reporters after church. They wanted to make sure everyone saw them because they wanted to set a good example for others. Oh.
    Are they ok? I haven't seen them since he left the PM job. If they don't come back, it will be touch and go as far as them getting into heaven when they
    They are very religious.

  87. He (and other men) only seem to have respect for working women. Somehow if they have a decent job they are worthwhile whilst the stay at home mother is somehow useless and doesn't deserve respect. Why is that Rudd? I bet you've used that word 'respect' only for working women, eh? I've never heard that word pertaining to me, but I've heard it pertaining to a co-worker. Is that how it works?
    Poor Theresa.
    I guess cheating on your wife is the ultimate 'Disrespect.' You can run around telling everyone 'she's made of tougher stuff than you or me,' but they are just words Words of Guilt. BTW - don't talk down to people you don't know. It's insulting and how would you know what they've been through? Except for her father - she created her problems with a quest for money and fame. It wasn't dumped in her lap, you know.
    Poor Theresa. She has so much, but at the same time so little.
    Should people respect your wife? Yikes! A person who persues money and fame gets respect. How odd. Everytime I read about someone (WITH NO MONEY) who goes out of their way to help an animal in need I feel great Respect for that person. You confuse respect with the ability to make money or their zest for fame. It's just the way you are bilt.
    Look at the way you treated the pastor in the audience. Here's a guy with NO MONEY and fame. You talked down to him. Would you do that to let's say Rupert Murdoch? No? Why not? In the hours you spend with Bishop - do you talk to her like that? No? So you pick and choose, eh?
    You know what, Rudd? You are worse than the other person. I was hoping you were better.
    You flaunt it. That say's a lot.
    I would assume there are others.

  88. Take off those french heels and RUN.


    Be careful your silicone doesn't rupture.


  89. "Hey" kevin - its REAL "difficult" 2 contact U bit its "okay" - i need to inform you the CIA* is investigating your accounts and to hide the ...XXX - you people need to listen to God and look up Bron Amity / Bron Thorpe / Anarchist Star/ Anarchiststar on you tube / facebook/ twitter - right kevin,, back to us and your safety,, avoid nothing,, everything is fine

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