Sunday, 19 May 2013

Speech to Parliament - Southside School Sell Offs

Adjournment Speech
Australian Parliament House, Canberra
16 May, 2013

I rise today to inform the Parliament of the Liberal National Party’s plans to privatise a number of school playing fields on Brisbane’s Southside.

Unilaterally, the Liberal National Party government has announced that playing fields at Balmoral State High and Whites Hill College will be sold off.

Not a word of consultation with the local P&Cs who in previous decades help build these playing fields from scratch.

Speaking up for Southside Schools

Not a word of consultation with the local community whose local cricket and football clubs use these fields.

Not a word of consultation with the other local primary schools across Brisbane’s Southside who also use these playing fields for their kids because in the inner southern suburbs, there aren’t enough playing fields for the thousands of kids who need it.

And Madame Deputy Speaker
- Not only no consultation but
- No mandate from the people to flog off these playing fields at all
- At no time prior to the last election did the Liberal National Party tell Brisbane Southside residents that they planned to privatise school playing fields

Madame Deputy Speaker, not only is there
- No mandate
- Not only is there no consultation
- There is no logic to this decision

We all know when city school populations go up and down
- Local primary schools had small populations 15 years ago
- Now they are bursting at the seams
- Without adequate playing fields

Once they are flogged off, no future government will ever be able to buy new playing fields in these suburbs because the real estate nearly 8 hectares (7.55) is just too expensive.

Its utter madness on Brisbane’s Southside to be flogging off scarce green space given community demand, and rising local populations occurring through urban consolidation – these fields are part of the lungs of the city.

What about child obesity (and obesity in general) and the capacity for everyone to be engaged in sporting activity – or just walking the dog.

Madame Deputy Speaker, this decision lacks logic on all accounts.

So far more than 2000 people have expressed their opposition to this heartless decision by signing my petition calling on the LNP Government to reverse this short sighted approach.

As Bruce, one of the petitioners said, “I teach in a local Catholic school. On a number of occasions we have had the pleasure of using the Balmoral High School Oval for our sports days. It is a great community asset used by many outside the school. For this reason I believe it needs to be protected.”

So while Brisbane’s Southside community are up in arms about this, what’s been the response from the Liberal-National Party?

One P&C wrote to the LNP Member for Greenslopes, what was his response? Sorry, you’ve got too much land. That’s it.

Well, what about the newly elected Member for Bulimba, you would think he would be more sympathetic.

Don’t bet on it.

Mr Dillaway has told the Balmoral P & C that he fully supports the sale.

Mr Dillaway then tried to convince the P&C that this had nothing to do with the government.

It was an independent decision of the bureaucracy.
Well I’d say this to the LNP:

Local people are not easily fooled.

Anyone with half a brain knows that school playing fields don’t get sold without the tick off from the Minister.

The Courier Mail recently reported that Mr Dillaway is one of many in the LNP Party room who are staunch advocates for asset sales.

In fact the Member for Bulimba believes the LNP hasn’t gone far enough in Queensland.

The LNP are treating Brisbane’s Southside with absolute contempt – they seem to think it’s their land, not the community’s.

Then there’s the Federal LNP candidate Mr Glasson. What’s his position?

The sounds of silence.

Mr Speaker, I love my local community.

I’ve lived here for 25 years.

I love its schools.

The great work they do with our local kids.

And I am angered beyond description by appallingly short-sighted decisions by a LNP (state and federal) deeply wedded to their ideological agenda of privatising everything they can.

Well I have news for the LNP. Together with the local community we will fight these decisions – with one objective; to get them overturned and to keep these playing fields for future generations.


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  3. Welcome back kelvin u can do it.. no1 fan u

    10 things Kevin Rudd will do differently to Julia Gillard

    Read more:
    KEVIN Rudd will want to put distance between the Julia Gillard prime ministership and his own renewed leadership in the lead-up to the federal election.

    There are 10 ways he can do this:

    1. Dump the September 14 election date. Mr Rudd will be under pressure to take his new leadership to the people as quickly as possible and scrap Ms Gillard's election schedule.

    2. Support gay marriage. He declared his support for same-sex marriage from the back bench when it seemed there would be a vote on it in the House of Representatives, and will be held to that during the election campaign.

    LIVE COVERAGE: Kevin Rudd sworn in as Prime Minister

    3. Move to a floating carbon price by ending the fixed price before the 2015 schedule set by his predecessor. The Greens might object but Mr Rudd will be aiming for government without needing them, and will want to send a message to households who blame carbon pricing for extra expenses.

    4. Produce a new asylum seeker policy. The Opposition's Stop the Boats offensive has hurt Labor but the Opposition's policies also are problematic. Mr Rudd, who three years ago pleaded for the Gillard government not to be heartless towards asylum seekers, might change his mind to help his western Sydney MPs, part of his support base.

    5. Reshape school funding. Mr Rudd is likely to make a clear break from the Gonski reforms promoted by Peter Garrett, who has refused to serve under him. For one thing, he is likely to ban the word Gonski.

    6. Call a truce in the class warfare rhetoric. Mr Rudd has already indicated he wants closer relations with business and his backers have been critical of the class warfare theme of former treasurer Wayne Swan.

    7. Scrap the mining tax. It doesn't work, it doesn't resemble what he wanted when PM - it's no use to him.

    8. Shut down the gender warfare front. As a man it wouldn't work as it did for Ms Gillard, and it might reclaim some voters who were put off by her stances. But there are many women voters furious he has removed Australia's first female PM, and we can expect many appearances with Mr Rudd's wife Therese Rein and his other female relatives to strengthen his feminine side.

    9. End the white-anting. Mr Rudd last night and today called for peace. "We all have families we all have emotions," he said today, urging MPs to be kinder and gentler with each other - apparently unaware others might see irony in this.

    10. Take a 'normal' family to The Lodge. The residents will be a church-going married couple and the PM's spouse will have a full-time job, to the satisfaction of voters who objected to Ms Gillard's domestic arrangements.

    Read more:

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  5. Hey kevin i support you 100% and i am so glad you are back.

  6. Hi Kevin, Congratulation ! We support you 100% in the next election.
    Job cut is a big issue in Australia.
    How can Government to stop some companies cut jobs in Australia and move the jobs to offshore?
    Should Government issue some penalty Tax policies to those companies ?


  8. Hi Kevin...the farmer in this country is backborne of the future of our country. Sustain them to maintain the economic of the country.without them the country will die. Others, would you like to think about small Island near to Darwin. That is West Papua, just one hour by flight from Australia, while you decided to visit Indonesia which distance more than 8 hours by plane. who treat West Papuan badly, unhumanity.Also, they treat badly Australian, killed them a lots.The West Papuan people cry out to freedom, would you like to help them. The small Island call Cassoary Island shared with PNG is too rich with natural resources. why dont you take this Island into our country. Thanks anyway, congratulation for your second period as a Prime Minister for humanitarian country.My power and wisdom are yours.

  9. Hi Kevin nice to have you back instead of watching the parliament fall to shambles... But just wanted to say with overhead world events (especially in Syria and Egypt) please do our people a favour and back people like Clare Daly we Don't want to bring terrorism or bands on freedom of speech here too this country is very nice so keep Obama out of here or make sure he and the others are arrested for there war crimes!
    I want to support your campaign as long as it revolves around peace and not with the US in our government decisions get real Australians who are dealing with the problems first hand not people who don't care about the state of peoples health. and I know your busy so if you haven't seen what's going on here are 2 links
    for the lovley video of Clare Daly
    if his own people don't trust him why should we.. anyway good luck :D

  10. It will be great to see the people of Australia finally get to vote you out of your job.
    You're an egotistical sociopath.

    1. Good call Chris.
      And for those Seinfeld fans out there you may recall George Constanza saying "Its not a lie if you believe it". Typifies the Labour party don't you think?

  11. message to kevin rudd.
    if you want to have votes from English men and women you must drop the POME word it is out of date and going to loose you a votes because many English men like myself take the word POME as an insult meaning Prisoner Of Mother England.

    you said POME the other day when you sent a message on TV to the Australian cricket team.

    I,m sure your not the idiot Tony Abbott keeps saying you are so come on kevin get up with the times 2013 and keep my vote and many many many other English men and women residing in Australia by letting us ear your apology on TV and on this web site asap.

    I do like you a lot Kevin and feel you are where you are because your not only the best choice to run the country but you are a genuine Aussie that cares for not only Australians but all residents from all countries world wide.

    i,m sure you are smart enough to take my advise asap.

    All English man and women are very proud of being English mark my words.

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  13. Bring on the election Kevin. You expect the Australian people to fall for the crap you have been spewing out since returning to the top job (which you weren't elected for). A zebra never loses its stripes and as far as I'm concerned you can talk up the economy as much as you want but yourself, Julia and the rest of your labour hacks have spent us into massive debt. You fail to recall the conditions you inherited back in 2007. Conditions that got us through the GFC. And as for assylum seekers- you are leaving your own people to struggle day in day out and hand out $$ to our neighbours to look after a problem you created.
    I'm praying for a Coalition victory on September 7.

  14. Hey KRUDD.
    Since gillard took the job off you the first time round this country hasn't had a prime minister elect. you put in place all of the failed policies that this country is reeling from today, the same policy failures that Gillard could not surmount. Your old hat. do the right thing for this country and curl up under a rock and take wong wif u. we wont survive another term of labor government.

  15. If you really believe that Beattie will help you in Qld then you are dreaming. They will punish him and the Labor Party.
    Another policy like bubble on the run.

  16. Rudd-you are a fool--go away and take all your cronies with you

    1. Fellow Australians,

      The unthinkable may happen that Tony Abbot will be the negative Prime Minister of Australia and the Deputy Prime Minister will Barnaby Joyce of the Coliation and when Tony Abbot is on leave the Prime Minister of Australia will Barnaby Joyce!!!!. Should this happen NEVER NEVER!!

      Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland is under the Coalition and plus Coliation federally. Australia will be governed by one party. The unthinkable should NOT happen.

      On the 7th vote Kevin and Australian Labor Party to prevent the unthinkale to happen we need CHECK and BALANCE to protect Australians and democracy each individual rights.

      Australians will deny a one party dominance of any colour. Australians are wise and intelligent people and vote Kevin in O7 to be only western country out of the GFC we need a level playing field not dominated by the rich neither by the unions.

      Vote Kevin on the Seven so that all Australians we will be continue to be in the Heaven!!!.

    2. excuse me? i'm calling the cops

  17. To our Honourable Prime Minister, Mr Rudd. I am just an ordinary every day person trying to make sense of the political situation at hand, and I would like to offer a respectful comment. I noticed that you have been using the word "I" a fair bit when talking about various policies etc. If you used the words "we" or "my party and I", I think it would be very beneficial for you during your campaigning. MW

  18. LOLA 13 August 2013

    Mr Rudd, my family and the rest of the Asian Community here at MT GAMBIER SA will vote STRAIGHT LABOR

    1. I have change my mind to vote Mr Abott. I believe he listens to Australian people more and stand on his ground to against gay marriage - do you want female hormone to go into female hormone?

  19. Tony Abbot says he will bring the economy into the surplus. You do not be a smart Alex to know it. Tony Abbot only think for himself and how to become a Prime Minister of Australia.

    There are 101 reasons why Tony Abbot will NOT be the Prime MInister of Australia.

    1) Tony Abbot think about himself and how to get himself elected at all cost

    2) He crucify two Prime Ministers with his negative approach to their achievements.

    3) He kept himself fit so that he can become the Prime Minister.

    4) He want a minimalist Government by transferring his responsibility to the private sectors and let the private profit at the expense of all Australians.

    5) A minimalist Government will have low budget and always be in surplus and Australians have to struggle and pay for everything.

    6) Australian unemplyment of 5.5% will increase to 8 to 9% under Tony Abbot as what happen in UK.

    7) Tony Abbot have to increase taxes to meet his political agenda.

    8) Tony Abbot with be conspirarcy with Liberal states premiers to further give very little to average Australians.

    9) Tony Abbot with get away because there will not a Labor party to check and balances as all be be under one party country a Liberal party.

    10) Tony Abbot will want abosolute power and minority voice will dissappeared in Parliament.

    11) Tony Abbot will never break his back for the average Australians.

    12) Everything is about Tony Abbot.

    etc etc.

    13) Tony understimate the faculty of the smart Australian where they can see through him and his Prime Ministership ambition at all expense and down playing the robustness of our economy.

    Australian are smart and will deprive Tony Abbot to be Prime Minister of Australia unless he change his way.

    We Australian must send a clear message until he behave ethically he never be the Prime Minister of Australia.

    All Australian send a resounding clear message do not take Australian for granted.

    1. Rudd must change strategy. Rudd must spelt clearly that his New Way is to redirect poltics away from the unions -Paul Howes or corporations like Rupert Murdoch. Rudd is the people Prime Minister like Obama the people's President.
      Rudd must get rid of corruptions in all aspect of life.

      Rudd is the right Prime Minister Australia from save Australian from another looming Global Financial Crisis.

  20. Labor will not win Tasmania unless Sid Sidebottom gets off his backside and does some electioneering.
    The countryside is full of Brett Whitely placards and some would think the Whiteley is the only one running for the position.
    Where are you Sid?

  21. I used to live in Forde and had you done your homework you would have found that bringing Beattie there was a big mistake.
    This will damage the Labor Party. You just do your thing without consulting others.
    Libs by 15 to 20 seats.

  22. The 500 million bribe for the car industry on top of the 200 million promised last week sort of makes this a bit of a joke, especially that it is in 3/4 years and not costed.
    It is not really surprising that people just don't trust your government.

  23. vote for me Anonymous not sick Kev


  25. Tony Abbotts maternity leave policy is a lie, he knows that it will never get through the senate and the only reason he has it as a policy is to send a message - Abbott wants women to stay out of the work force and he is happy to pay them full pay to get rid of them.

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