Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Martin Ferguson is unique.
An honours graduate in economics from Sydney University, one of the lions of the Australian labour movement, the most respected resources and energy minister in Australian history, someone who always knows his stuff and one of the world's genuinely good human beings.

In public life, you do well to possess a couple of these virtues. In Martin's case he covers the field.

And what always shines through are his fundamental Labor values of a fair go for all, by growing an economy through creative enterprise, enabling working people to get a decent job, and providing a helping hand to those who needed it.

Martin did not just talk about these things.

Martin went about doing these things.

And his enduring legacy will be his role in the restructuring of the Australia economy - the cornerstone of our 21 successive years of economic and employment growth.

At a personal level I believe Martin Ferguson was one of the most outstanding ministers of the Rudd government.

I regard it as a privilege to have Martin not only a colleague from the past, but also a friend for the future. 


  1. It's as shame to see someone of Martin's quality leaving federal politics when he's needed most. It will be a lost to our entire political process.

  2. keV, they are talking up the republic! Now is your chance Kev. Think about it MATE, your big head on posters, President Kev, cmon KeV the people love you, we really do, we want you back on the tele! keV cmon mate, head up, you are not just a c grade celebrity,the forgotten pm, you can be the next president! Ahahahahaha, keep dreaming big headed fuckwit

  3. Martin Ferguson - "one of the world's genuinely good human beings", "his fundamental Labor
    values of a fair go for all", etc etc.
    I am an Englishman, resident in Australia for 40 years and an Australian citizen for 38 of them.
    For 38 of them also I have been denied any contact with my 2 sons who accompanied me to
    Australia. Both of them informed Family Court staff that they wished to see me each weekend
    for access visits.
    I wrote to Martin Ferguson about this, seeking his help as a parliamentary representative. This
    genuinely good human being merely trotted out the standard crap about the "separation of
    powers" and did nothing. At least he had the decency to reply, which Hawke, Keating, Swan
    and dozens of others did not.
    The politicians make the laws, but then simply wash their hands of the consequences when
    they see the rampant feminist gang in the Family Court regularly violating the most basic of
    human rights. Hundreds of thousands of decent Australian fathers have had their own children mercilessly torn out of their lives by this evil, biased Women's Court and the number
    of father's who have suicided as a result of the court's abuse is something Australian politicians of all persuasions would prefer to keep hidden.

  4. The most respected minerals and energy minister in "Australian history". Whose the second most Kevin? Typical Rudd blather... trying to sound so smart you just sound like a twat..

  5. The shame of it is that Martin Ferguson felt his only option was to resign because this current Labor party no longer resembles the Once Great Labor Party he worked so hard for and represented so honestly for so many years. I will be following his lead. The Party now needs time in opposition to rethink it's current values and direction because they are not the same values that most voters relate to and the party in government is directionless. Mr Rudd take the foreign posting that will be offered by Julie Bishop to save some modicum of respect from the majority of voters. Ms Gillard has lost all support and respect but who cares she has done everything in her power to wreak havoc on the Australian people and will be no loss to politics. This now ex lifetime Labor voter (thanks to this current government) will be supporting Mr Abbott and his Coalition team because Australia desperately needs some stable government.

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