Monday, 12 November 2012

Statement from the Hon. Kevin Rudd MP

Like many Australians I have been deeply disturbed by recent statements by Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox of the NSW Police and by Deputy Police Commissioner Graham Ashton of the Victorian Police concerning institutional resistance to investigations of cases of child abuse.

Any form of child abuse is intolerable at any time and under any circumstance.

For these reasons I support the current Carmody Commission of Inquiry in Queensland.

Also for these reasons, I support the current Newcastle/Hunter and Victorian inquiries into child abuse involving the Catholic Church.

If either of these independent inquiries conclude that there is evidence of institutional resistance on the part of the Catholic Church or that more resources are needed to deal with these matters, then I believe this would constitute a clear case for a national Royal Commission.

Under any such Royal Commission, there should be an open examination of what has occurred in the past; what further reforms are necessary for the future as well as addressing the key question of appropriate compensation for victims.  

Consideration should also be given to other institutions of care as well where there have been a pattern of allegations of systematic abuse.

Finally, no commissions of inquiry of any type should in any way divert resources from  the proper protection of children today.


  1. Replies
    1. Attention Kevin Rudd,
      You need to know the prejudice that comes with the

      "White Ribbon Campaign"

      This "campaign" started in Canada.
      It was run by some of the lowest forms of life
      in Canadian politics who will dump on all other men
      in order to attract votes from the extreme feminist
      lobby group.

      It's main goal, is to promote hatred towards men,
      to paint men as abusers and women as victims.

      Increasingly, its given women open season, licenses to kill men , stab them to death, and get off scott free.

      This campaign is nothing but a promotion of hatred towards men, its leads to eradication of legal rights
      for men, makes them second class citizens, promotes
      violence and ABUSE against men.

      If you, Mr. Rudd, want to become the most hated male
      politician in Australia, just keep supporting these
      lowest forms of life who "pretend" to have an interest in domestic violence.

      The issue is domestic abuse, its the eradication of equality, that now gives women, legal presumptions of innocence, and an illegal reverse onus applied against

      Suggest you take a very careful look at the scumbags
      behind this "White Ribbon Campaign" before you open
      your mouth without having a clue what you are talking about.

  2. Why do we have to wait for the other inquiries, particularly the one in Victoria which has been completely f;awed, before we see support federally Kevin?

    The only way that we are going to stop more children being harmed is to have a Federal Royal Commission into clerical sexual abuse. There are too many survivors like me who need more than a few state or regional based inquiries that dont have the resources that a Royal Commission would have.

    Kevin, I hope that you can understand the call for a RC - and that religion wont stand in the way of that happening. I, like many others, understand how much sway the Catholic church has, including within the Australian Labor Party, in particular with your right faction.

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