Friday, 19 October 2012

United Nations Security Council

Mr Rudd congratulates the entire Australian diplomatic service who performed with total professionalism in securing a great result for Australia in a highly competitive race. Mr Rudd said it was a credit to the country. 

Mr Rudd also congratulates the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs for their strong and successful advocacy for Australia.

Finally, Mr Rudd wanted to thank all those members of the international community who have placed their confidence in Australia to uphold the global rules-based order.


  1. King Congratulates Mr Rudd on giving Australia a fighting chance to win.

  2. What a pity that Kevin Rudd replaces the default index page to his web site and wipes out all the other prior pages, including prior comments.

    What I'd like to ask Mr. Rudd is just how did he come to own so many millions of dollars of property?

    1. His wife runs a very successful business

  3. Dear Mr. Rudd,

    There should be an Asian Union under the knowledge of post-science, not science, which has been promoted by the West. Therefore, Post-Science Institute, which I've founded, object to rule-based society. It supports just non-violable laws of nature, which is beyond Milton Friedman, who wants no rules.

    Please check our web site:

    to get a brief idea of who we are and what is post-science. Thank you.

    Hugh Ching

  4. Great result, excellent work by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, she is proving to be an excellent PM especially in the diplomatic field.

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