Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I place on record my sincere appreciation for Daryl Melham’s service as Chair of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party Caucus.

He has discharged the position with passion and integrity during difficult times in the Caucus’ history.

Daryl Melham has led Caucus since 2004: through two election campaigns; various leadership ballots; election to government in 2007 after nearly 12 years in opposition; a global financial crisis and a hung parliament.

As Prime Minister I valued his handling of a massive legislative agenda through the Caucus and its committees including the many pieces of legislation necessary to ensure that our response to the Global Financial Crisis was both timely and effective, the Fair Work Act and 85 pieces of legislation to remove discrimination against same sex couples.

Many of these were controversial in Caucus debate and Daryl’s Chairmanship of Caucus process was essential to the business of government.

Daryl Melham and I share a passion for fair treatment and reconciliation for our indigenous peoples. I take this opportunity to thank him for his work over many, many years towards this cause as well.

As a movement we are lucky that he will continue to serve the people of Banks and will contest the next election. The people of the electorate of Banks can be truly proud of the work he has done and continues to do in this place.

I issue this statement to place on record my sincere personal appreciation of his work for the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party.


  1. There's an unavoidable truth that will not be forgotten by us, Labor faithful voters : that is the unconscionable plot of betrayal of Democracy and Kevin Rudd executed by Julia Gillard and various members of the caucus who deliberately stained the Labor Party with the sad reality of deceit and betrayal of decency.We voted for Kevin Rudd and we expected him to be the Prime Minister of Australia.
    So, regardless of the smoke and mirrors and parliamentary theatre, the fact is that most of the participants of that deceit will be voted out and the Party annihilated
    It's our hope that a new Labor Party will emerge from the ashes holding the Labor Party values which we have learned to respect and admire over the decades.

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