Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Design the KRudd Griffith Campaign TShirt

As you probably know – I am pretty dedicated to good fashion.

But when it comes to campaign election t-shirts, they can be a little… boring.

So it is over to you. If you can come up with a better design – I’ll use it.

The rules are simple: the t-shirt has to say “Kevin Rudd”, the shirt will be white, and I get to pick the winner.

If you have a design – email it to KRuddTShirt@gmail.com - get them in by 9 November 2012.

There’s no prize – apart from my never-ending appreciation and the satisfaction that there will be 100’s of people wearing your design. (more detail available here http://www.kevinruddmp.com/2012/10/design-krudd-tshirt.html )

Looking forward to seeing what the creative people of Griffith (and across Australia) have to offer.

Kevin Rudd

T-Shirt Campaign Terms and Conditions
We’re trying to find a fun way to create a fun t-shirt – don’t take it too seriously.

Submissions will only be accepted if sent to KRuddTShirt@gmail.com

The t-shirt has to contain the name “Kevin Rudd” and designed to be printed on one side of a white t-shirt.

Offensive and defamatory submissions will be deleted – so don’t bother.

By submitting an entry you provide us with the right to share the image on social media and other platforms

By submitting an entry you hold the intellectual property rights and consent to its reproduction in any manner – sharing is caring.

Please note no prize or payment is available to the winner – just KRudd’s eternal gratitude.

Entries close at 5:00 PM AEDST on Friday, 9 November 2012.

The winning entry will be selected personally by @KRuddMP


  1. Either...
    'Staiway to Kevin'
    Kevin Rudd'er - Steering Your Future

  2. Rudd the Dudd.....

  3. Kevin Rudd: Better than Julia

  4. Julia Sucks...
    Kevin Rudd PM

  5. Any winner yet?

  6. Komrad Krudd
    Kommunist to the Kore!

  7. What happened to this contest? > http://jobs.designcrowd.com/job.aspx?id=65333#

  8. Does Kevin Rudd win in the election? I was asking this because I am living outside the US and I have no interesting news about the election except for Obama outvoted Romney.

  9. Bad luck Kevin.... sorry to see you leave politics

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  13. Whether this t-shirt campaign will be conducted once again?