Wednesday, 22 August 2012

“Mum, Kevin Rudd told me the sky’s the limit”

On Friday I visited the St Laurie’s games which they organise for students on the Southside (in my electorate and further) who have physical or intellectual disability.
It is entirely organised by the students of St Laurie’s and Lourdes Hill College – entirely their own initiative.
One of the students I met who was there to participate in the games told me that we had met before at the Coffee Club.
Kunal told me that I had told him “the sky’s the limit”.
He then told me that, after our first encounter, he went home and told his mum, “Mum, Kevin Rudd told me the sky’s the limit” to which his Mum replied, “Well, always remember that.”
He then reassured me that he remembers our meeting and most importantly, that “I am trying”.
I have every confidence that he will keep trying, he will reach his dreams and inspire many others along the way.
So between again meeting this young man, and seeing the initiative of the students at St Lauries and Lourdes Hill – I remain an absolute optimist on the future of our youth.
Share your story of how young people have impressed, inspired or surprised you below:


  1. I help running a charity organisation for poor and abandoned children in Peru. In June I revisited the children in our shelter in the Andes mountains. I hadn't seen them in 5 years. The two weeks I spent with them were wonderful, they looked so much better and confident! Many of them are already studying now and are starting to help out in the soup kitchens that we run to feed almost 400 children daily. These young women now help the very needy children that they were once themselves. It is their way of doing something back for all the help they have received because their parents couldn't take care of them.

    When I left I wanted to give them the photos which I took during my stay, but my departure was hectic and I didn't get them printed in time (as it goes in Peru). I promised to have them delivered later. To which one of the children said: "We don't need you to bring us photos of your moments with us, we will always have those nice images imprinted in our memories and never forget what your foundation has done for us" What a spontaneous and great thing to say for such a young girl!

    I think we are very lucky to have helped raising such wise children!

    You can find more stories of the Peruvian children here:

  2. Kelly wylie aka domestic smurf23 August 2012 at 19:53

    My baby was in hospital and her elder sister stayed at a friends house, when my baby got out and we picked up her sister, her sister and friends had made get well soon cards they had thought of themselves.
    Little kids are so selfless these kids are five :)

  3. I was touched to read this! I was a student at Lourdes Hill back in the early 60's. Nice to see they are still great at helping the less fortunate and Kevin Rudd can spare time to support them also.

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