Monday, 2 July 2012

Rudd Report - Heartkids Launch

HeartKids works to support families who have a child with heart disease and to reduce the incidence of childhood heart disease by supporting research.

I myself was a heart kid. As a result of contracting rheumatic fever at the age of five, by the age of 11, I discovered that I had a damaged aortic valve. I had my first valve replacement surgery twenty years ago and replaced again last year.

My first aortic valve replacement was as a result of the huge generosity of an Australian family, who had donated the aortic valve of a loved one. I would encourage everyone to visit the Donate Life website.


  1. I am deeply saddened by the politics of Australian today.

    The core concerns such as Education Housing Medical Care Social Welfare and providing the right level of support for our police nurses doctors and firemen have evaporated.

    The political concerns of power and privilege
    are the only issues of concern for politicians in Australia today.

    If ever Australia was the great country of opportunity and hope for all is now past history.

  2. I may not share Kevin Rudds politics
    but I am disgusted beyond all belief
    at the way he was removed from the office of Prime Minister.

    This action degraded and demeaned the High Office of the Prime Minister and I believe
    many many decent Australians will not forget or forgive the people responsible.

    He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

    I was taught a number of things :

    1.Speak nicely always speak nicely.

    2.Never get personal.

    3.Be patient.

    I can see that the humiliation that people suffer often comes back on those responsible for causing it.

    Labor is going to suffer federally one of the most crushing defeats in it's entire history.

    The Labor party as a party might even cease to exist and that potentially a very dangerous turn of events.

    Profoundly effecting democracy.

  3. We have to be humane on the issue of asylum seekers perhaps we could broaden our intake but what is inhumane is not processing these unfortunate people promptly and making the decision to either accept or reject.

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