Thursday, 26 July 2012

Address to the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - Global Challenges, Global Responses and Global Governance

My good friend Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird.

Distinguished members of the Canadian Government.

Distinguished members of the Diplomatic Corps.

Distinguished representatives of the Canadian Foreign Service.

Merci beaucoup tout le monde.

Merci pour cette aimable présentation.

Je veux vous remercier également de me recevoir ici aujourd’hui au Ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Commerce international.

C’est un vrai plaisir d’être ici à Ottawa avec vous aujourd’hui.

Je suis particulièrement heureux de retrouver mon ancien collègue John Baird, un ami que je connais depuis bien longtemps.  En tant que Ministres d’Affaires étrangères, nous avons souvent collaboré en matière de dossiers communs.  Au fil des années, j’ai fortement apprécié ses perspectives et conseils.  

Comme vous le savez peut-être, j’ai commencé ma carrière en tant que fonctionnaire au Ministère des Affaires Étrangères australien – donc je me sens à l’aise ici parmi vous. 

It is an honour to be invited to address this gathering here at the home of Canadian diplomacy.

Canada has had a distinguished voice in the councils of the world for more than a century.

Canada’s voice is listened to with respect in every continent.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Address to the Munk School of Global Affairs

I am honoured to be able to address this distinguished School of Global Affairs at this most distinguished Canadian University.

The University of Toronto was established some years before the establishment of the University of Sydney – Australia’s oldest university.

This University has produced generations of Canada’s political, corporate and community leadership from the inception of the Canadian federation.

The standing of our academic institutions, the quality of their pedagogy and their engagement with the contemporary challenges of the international community are great assets for us all.

Both Canada and Australia face many common challenges as we seek to negotiate the great change drivers of the twenty-first century.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Speech - The Rise of China: Strategic Responses for the US, the West and the Rest

It is a distinct honour to address this distinguished Council, long-dedicated to the policy discourse on America's role in the world.
When I mentioned to Henry Kissinger in New York on Monday that I was coming here today, he observed that this institution was as old as he was.

Rarely do I seek to correct Dr. Kissinger, but on this occasion I've discovered he is wrong.

The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations (now the Council on Global Affairs) is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. Henry, by contrast, is a mere spring chicken at 89.

Both these facts, however, render both these institutions (Kissinger and the Council) as venerable indeed.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rudd Report - Cannon Hill State School Student Leaders

I was proud to attend the Cannon Hill State School Year 7 Student Leadership Ceremony.

At Cannon Hill, all of the Year 7 students are nominated for leadership positions, whether that is as School Captains, Sports Captains or Mentors. Each one has accepted their nomination to be a part of the leadership team.

A big thank you to Principal Chris Ling and all the teachers and students for making me feel so welcome.

Congratulations to all of the Year 7 students. I am sure you will be wonderful role models for your fellow students and your school.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Speech - NAIDOC Family Fun Day

I begin by acknowledging the first Australians, on whose land we meet and whose cultures we celebrate as the oldest continuing cultures in human history.

Your cultures represent not just something great for Australia; they represent something great for the world. Be proud of everything your culture has achieved.

Is it good to be here at NAIDOC week?


Is it good to be here with Aunty Joan?


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Visit to Coorparoo Secondary College

I was pleased to recently visit Coorparoo Secondary College to spend some time with their Senior Leaders.

I spoke to them about their studies, their plans for the future and what they’ve enjoyed about their time at this terrific Queensland state school. It was great to listen to their experiences and to share some of my old school stories.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Speech - Legal Education for a Global Community

Thank you very much for that kind introduction. I begin by acknowledging the first Australians on the land we meet and the cultures we celebrate as one of the oldest continuing cultures in human history.

To those of you who are guests from around the world welcome to Australia. And to those of you who are guests from other far flung states in our glorious Commonwealth, welcome to Sydney. To those of you have come from Queensland, I welcome myself as well.


Monday, 2 July 2012

Rudd Report - Heartkids Launch

HeartKids works to support families who have a child with heart disease and to reduce the incidence of childhood heart disease by supporting research.

I myself was a heart kid. As a result of contracting rheumatic fever at the age of five, by the age of 11, I discovered that I had a damaged aortic valve. I had my first valve replacement surgery twenty years ago and replaced again last year.

My first aortic valve replacement was as a result of the huge generosity of an Australian family, who had donated the aortic valve of a loved one. I would encourage everyone to visit the Donate Life website.