Monday, 25 June 2012

Rudd Report - Building a National Disability Insurance Scheme

Meeting with David, Jaden, Tanya, Bonnie and Christine 
People in our community have been telling me of the need for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), to support families on the Southside like Tanya and David who care for their son Jaden.

The Budget delivers $1 billion in funding to kick start the NDIS. There is still a long way to go. The 2020 Summit back in 2008 raised the possibility of an NDIS. It was then taken up by the Government as one of nine proposals put forward by the community that the Government would further work on.

In 2009 the NDIS was referred to the Productivity Commission for advice. The
Productivity Commission, on 31 July 2011, recommended a scheme that ensures all Australians with a significant and ongoing disability receive long-term care and support.

The Government, on 10 August 2011, then announced that we would proceed with a scheme. Now an NDIS will help people in our community living with disability.


  1. If we the great ALP can and must do anything, this is it - finishing what the Whitlam Government started with Medicare. Political reform is so slow..and the mean, short-term thinking Opposition will be ding-bats not to pursue and stimulate the economy with proving people with disabilities more chances in life.
    Of course, the other great moral challenge which goes hand in hand is climate change....I have referenced your faith in politics essay on my
    Best wishes,

  2. How much longer do we wait until you get in and repeal the carbon tax. Who I ask you would vote to be taxed more? Even Sennacherib could read the writing on the don't continue with something that no one wants. Has the labor movement gone mad like a bunch of lemmings we head for the sea.

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