Friday, 23 March 2012

Transcript - Greenslopes Shopping Mall

The Hon. Kevin Rudd MPIt’s great to be out here with good friend Cameron Dick. In what’s a very important state election. Let me cut straight to the bottom line. Queenslanders are poised to vote in the Liberal National Party in the biggest landslide this state has seen in its history. The problem is this, if that happens, then the opposition, the Labor opposition will be virtually wiped out. Queensland as a one party state is no good for anybody. I remember the 1980’s. It’s no good for anybody. So what I’m saying is very simple, very loud, very clear, is that we must ensure that the LNP is held to account by an effective opposition which means making sure that strong local members like Cameron Dick, like Andrew Fraser, like Di Farmer are elected on Saturday to  hold the LNP to account. A one party state in Queensland is no good for democracy, you need a strong opposition to hold them to account. We need Cameron Dick, Andrew Fraser people like that able to lead the opposition into the future and Di Farmer to hold this LNP Government to account. That’s the bottom line here. I don’t think that it’s in anybody’s interests for Queensland to end up as a one party state.

If I look at the polls today it means that people like Cameron Dick would be wiped out. It means that people like Andrew Fraser would be wiped out. People like Di Farmer would be wiped out. That’s no good for democracy; we need an effective strong opposition to hold an LNP government to account. A one party state is no good for anybody. That’s why I’m appealing for support for Cameron Dick, to be a strong voice in a future opposition against an LNP government to hold them to account, for Andrew Fraser to hold that LNP government to account, for Di Farmer and strong local members like her.

Journalist: You refer to the future opposition; does that mean that there is no hope in the election tomorrow?

Kevin Rudd: You know something? I’m a political realist. I’ve been around for a while. Let’s just call a spade a spade. All the polls indicate that the LNP will end up with the biggest majority in Queensland political history. Virtually a one party state. That means we need an effective opposition to hold them to account and my direct appeal is you don’t want a one party state, you want an effective opposition to hold the LNP to account so that they don’t end up with a blank cheque. You’ve got to support Cameron Dick, you’ve got to support people like Andrew Fraser, you’ve got to support people like Di Farmer – strong local members.

Journalist: What do you think the impact of this loss will have on Federal Labor?

Kevin Rudd: I’m not here to talk about implications other than for Queensland itself. I’m a proud Queenslander. I was around in the 1980’s. I remember what a one party state was like in the 1980’s under the National Party in those days. No Queenslander wants to see a return to those days. That’s why it’s critical that we return strong local members like Cameron Dick, like Andrew Fraser, like Di Farmer, and other strong local members to be the leaders of the future and to hold this LNP government to account. I don’t think any Queenslander wants an LNP government as a virtual one party state with a total blank cheque to do whatever they want. You need to support strong people for the future and that means people like Cameron Dick, Andrew Fraser, Di Farmer and other strong local members.

Journalist: It’s certainly not good to see this many people turning against Labor, on a state level, for the Federal (inaudible)?

Kevin Rudd: Well for Queensland and I’m a passionate Queenslander. I mean, I was here working for Wayne Goss when we got rid of a virtual one party state under the National Party against a corrupt electoral system, 20 or so years ago. Nobody wants a return to a virtual one party state. So my appeal to Queenslanders is I know people are strongly driven in a particular voting direction. I understand what the polls are saying but I am also saying don’t give the Liberal and National Party a total blank cheque. We need strong local members like this bloke who I have known for a long time.  He’s one of the future hopes for the side. Andrew Fraser one of the future hopes of the side. Di Farmer, other strong local members, future hopes of the side. We need them in Parliament to hold this LNP government, ultimately run by Clive Palmer, to account.

The Hon. Cameron Dick MP: Can I just say too. The message that I’m getting very strongly on the ground in Greenslopes is that they want someone to hold a Newman government to account and to hold a Newman government to their promises. And that’s a very strong message that I’m receiving locally. Good government is made by effective opposition and I believe I’ve got the skills to not only be a voice for this community, this community where I grew up, where I went to school, a community that I’m very passionate about, and committed to because of those personal things. Not only does this community need a strong voice. It needs men and women of skill and ability to hold a new government to account. To hold that government to its promises. I believe that I’ve got the skills and the ability and the talent and the strength to ensure that we have a good government for all Queensland and an effective opposition for our entire state.

Journalist: Would you like to be opposition leader if you do win?

Cameron Dick: Ultimately, my sole aim at this stage is to continue to represent this community, where I was born and where I was bred. I want to be continuing if I can as the State Member for Greenslopes over the last three years. It‘s been an enormous privilege to represent this community over the past three years. I grew up just down the road at Holland Park. I went to Marshall Road State School. It is a very personal thing for me to represent the community where much of what happened to me as a young man makes me the man that I am today. So my sole focus now is on succeeding the best I can tomorrow. To be re-elected if the good people of Greenslopes seek to return me to office. And then being their voice in the Parliament and being a strong and effective opposition.

Journalist: (Inaudible)

Cameron Dick: I’m going to keep fighting until 6 o’clock tomorrow. It is a very difficult time for the Party. The polls are the polls and they are very clear but we need to be realistic as Kevin said about what may happen. I think I have more to give. I feel there is a lot of criticism about the Government but let me say this, I have as much energy, enthusiasm and as much commitment as the day I was elected three years ago.  I’ve got more to give and I want do that for the people of this electorate and hopefully on a broader level being the voice of the people of Queensland.

Journalist: (Inaudible)… into tomorrow when the polls are effectively saying we will not be the Government?

Cameron Dick: Look, this is a hard election, there’s no doubt about that. The polls are clear, but all of us, all of us who are in the Parliament and all of us who are Labor candidates are fighting our hardest wherever we are running. To represent the community that we’re currently representing or to stand up for the Labor Party and the good things we’ve done over the last 3 years, in education, introducing the prep year, now transitioning year 7 into high school, delivering the national curriculum, so everyone student in every classroom in every school in Queensland and around Australia is taught the same thing. These are the things that make a difference, create opportunity, and change people’s lives. I’m proud of that. I’m proud to have been the Attorney General in a Labor Government, I’m proud to have been the Minister for Industrial Relations in a Labor Government and I’m proud to have been the Education Minister. It’s been an enormous privilege for me and my focus is always Greenslopes. It always has been and it always will be and I’ll keep fighting until 6 o’clock tomorrow night.

Journalist: Is this heart breaking?

Kevin Rudd:  A lot of things are said in election campaigns. Let’s just cut to the chase here and forget all the nonsense. It’s important that we just level with people about a very simple fact here. It is absolutely clear what Queenslanders are now saying about, through the polls, about the change in government. But it’s equally clear that I don’t believe that they want a one party state. I think that’s its equally clear that they don’t want the LNP with a blank cheque and therefore I appeal to Queenslanders to make sure that you have an effective opposition. Which is why I’m here to support Cameron Dick, he’s one of the hopes of the side for the future. It’s why I’ve been supporting Andrew Fraser, he’s one of the hopes of the side for the future. Di Farmer, one of the hopes of the side for the future. Good people, but the bottom line is nobody in Queensland wants an LNP, out of control, power gone to their head, a one party state, with a complete blank cheque for the future. They need an effective opposition. Cameron is part of that future and so is Andrew Fraser and so is Di Farmer.

Journalist: (Inaudible) … are you worried about a Campbell run Queensland?

Kevin Rudd: Queenslanders are very practical folks. They are very practical folks. I grew up on a farm, you know what happens when you feed cattle, you know what happens when you fix a fence, you know what happens when you take your stock to market. You actually understand all this, it’s very practical. Queenslanders understand politics in a very practical way. They are saying through the polls that there is likely to be a change in government, they are saying through the polls that it is likely to be the biggest landslide in Queensland political history but I also think that Queenslanders being practical will not want a Liberal National Party government with power gone to their heads, out of control, with a complete blank cheque to do whatever they want in the future. They will want an effective opposition to hold them to account. Cameron Dick, Andrew Fraser, Di Farmer, strong local candidates are part of that future. It’s part of the health of Queensland democracy in the future. So that is the core of my appeal, no nonsense, no sorts of flights of fancy here, no flowery spin, it’s just telling it like it is and that’s why I’m here today. Thanks folks.


  1. Labor stands for lies and evasion

    Lies and evasion are now Labor’s key strategies.
    Whether it is Prime Minister Julia Gillard on what she knew and when she knew it about the coup which installed her in the nation’s top job, or the continuing ploy of dragging out the investigation into Dobell MP Craig Thomson’s use of union credit cards for personal services, or Climate Minister Greg Combet’s defence of the carbon dioxide tax, there is a constant pattern.
    The benchmark was set with Gillard’s big 2010 election lie – “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead” – and has been faithfully followed ever since.
    Gillard’s preposterous prevaricating on Four Corners about whether she was aware of damning internal Labor Party polling which showed she was the preferred leader ahead of incumbent Kevin Rudd has unsettled Caucus.
    Just as has her evasive response to the question about her staff working on an acceptance speech two weeks before the coup has added to the perception that she lacks the judgement necessary to run the country.
    But Gillard’s office was also heavily involved in triggering the Australia Day riot by a half-crazed mob informed by Canberra trade unionist Kim Sattler and led by an eager self-proclaimed Aboriginal extremist Barbara Shaw.
    Lies upon lies, compounding and inflaming and subsequently leading to a riot which the prime minister’s security detail believed constituted a serious security threat.
    Then we have the nearly $1 million spent so far on the drawn-out inquiry into Craig Thomson.
    It has (at more than three years and still counting) become, as Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has confirmed, the longest inquiry in the history of the nation – longer than the investigation into the 1963 assassination of US President John F Kennedy.
    It has taken longer that it took to built Sydney’s Olympic Stadium, longer than the post-WWII Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals.
    Combet and Gillard’s attempts to claim other nations are introducing crippling carbon taxes comparable to that which they will impose on the Australian people from July 1 are just as farcical.
    This is stonewalling on a world-class level by a government which is now the laughing stock of the world.
    Australians who voted for Labor, for the Greens or for the Independents which have kept this rabble in office, should hang their heads.
    But the greatest fault lies with the flawed Labor Party and its own leader – a liar with no judgement and no moral compass.

    1. Well said, I was a rusted on Labour voter, this version of the Labour should be ashamed of themselves as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Hello Kevin. How do you ride your position, your passion for a central Queensland, in the role, also as a Foreign Affairs Minister?
    It is possible, that you have a keen prospective, with honest battlers - like myself, my husband and 2 sons.
    Yes! You have a great insight to politics. I do notice that you haven't done economics as a fond career choice. How much did you learn about economics within your experiences?
    You are doing well at any type of career, or general life interests, choices, while working through them, to help others.
    Is the idea of Queensland becoming more predominantly active with education, health and education politics, and funds?
    I am proud to be a Tasmanian, to see the politics on the t.v. while keeping abreast of all the ups and downs you must be receiving lately. (It beats 'The Days of our Lives').
    Thank you also, for having a wonderful "Federal Labor, and Kevin" site in Facebook! Looking good.
    I've only returned after a week away. So lots happening! New challenges. and people.

    1. Labor politicians, paid staffers and supporters don’t want to be reminded of the litany of disasters the federal labor party has brought on. But let me remind you of a few:
      • Pink batts
      • grocery watch
      • fuel watch
      • green loans scheme
      • BER
      • cash for clunkers
      • set top boxes
      • live cattle debacle
      • boats and more boats
      • Craig Thomson
      • Peter Slipper
      • the worlds biggest Carbon Tax
      • the worlds most expensive NBN
      Maybe I have forgotten a few. Please remind me if I have. Yet we have around 27% of voters still supporting our Labor party.
      Wonder who the misguided 27% are?

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