Saturday, 17 March 2012

A St Patricks Day Limerick

Brisbane once had a mayor they called Can Do;
who wished to rule Queensland too.
So he quit, picked a seat;
where Kate Jones was to beat,
Only to find Kate fought like a Bantu.

His party elected him head;
Clive Palmer knew he’s not red;
But switching to Campbell;
Would prove quite a gamble;
If young Kate was to win instead.

But answer that question Can Do could not,
Which left Jean-Paul, Lawrence, Jeff to plot;
And now voters must ponder;
If in fact they are fonder;
Of Anna or Premier dot dot.


  1. made me chuckle!

  2. Made me chuckle
    Cath Unwin of Wagga not anonymous, but that's the only thing I get get it logged onto.

  3. Not the worst one I have read.

    1. No no! It is, it's so awful it's sort of mesmerising!

  4. Proving once again that you're a very brave

  5. Very good Kevin, but don't give up your day job..we need you too much.

  6. Kevin, you are such an arrogant wally - You promised us Fuel Watch, Grocery Watch, improved health care, education - you lied. you lied to the extent, that your own people didn't believe you any more, and they had to tell you twice. But worse, at the last federal election, you like to your constituents in griffith, you apologized for having let the trappings of PMShip keep you from your electorate, and that that would be remedied. Again, you lied - you were off sticking your nose into every other country's affairs. Now, the only time we see you anywhere near your electorate is to campaign for your loser partners in the ALP in the state election, they will be lucky to have the numbers to field a parliamentary cricket team. Give it up, you failed - retire gracefully. Don't keep making a fool of yourself.

    1. Tony Abbot will try anything, loser.

  7. Is there anything the K-bot can't do? Now add poet to his resume.

  8. Watching with interest from the freezing South.
    Thanks for the paddy's day laugh!

  9. Hope Kate wins, she seems like a nice polly unlike can-do dolly!!

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