Friday, 3 February 2012

Visit to Southside Schools

Seven Hills State School

Speaking to students at Seven Hills State School
I was proud to visit Seven Hills State School to attend the Student Leadership Ceremony with Di Farmer MP, State Member for Bulimba and Cr Shayne Sutton of the Morningside Ward. We watched fourteen very brave Year 7 students pitch their campaign ideas to the entire school community. Di, Shayne and I were all very impressed with their speeches and we look forward to congratulating the new school leaders in the coming days.

We also joined the staff and school captain candidates in the new library for morning tea. This terrific new space was funded under the Government’s Building the Education Revolution Program.

Seven Hills State School is also looking forward to the completion of their new Kindy, which Di Farmer worked hard to secure funding as part of the Queensland Government’s Flying Start program.

A video of the visit is available here

Whites Hill State College

On Wednesday, I visited Whites Hill State College with Steve Kilburn MP, State Member for Chatsworth and the Hon Cameron Dick MP, State Member for Greenslopes. Steve, Cameron and I enjoyed meeting this year’s schools leaders and visiting the new Interactive Learning Centre (ILC). The $3 million ILC was funded under the Government’s BER program and provides the students with state–of-the-art IT, music, drama and sound production facilities.

I would also like to congratulate the school on their success in securing a grant from the National Solar School Program.  Whites Hill State College joins a number of other schools on the Southside that have received funding to implement a range of energy efficiency measures and reduce their future carbon footprint.

Steve Kilburn MP, the Hon Cameron Dick MP and I with
staff at Whites Hill State College


  1. Hi, I was a student leader at Whites Hill State College on Wednesday- where can I find the photo's from it...

    Contact me on

  2. Thank you Hon Kevin Rudd, I have certainly been impressed about the recent, future goals you have set for yourself. It will be a hard slog. However you are a workaholic! I am proud of you, and Labour as a whole.

    I am working out Blogger, which is going to be fun. I'd like to see you there. You can have a great chance to become PM, no worries with visits to schools, and yours BTW. Just get her with details, and a strong message in public debate.

    I hope you don't mind me being a friend.
    All the best! Naomi ;-)

  3. Kevin, just stop. Move on. I'm sure the leadership spill was an extremely unpleasant and unsettling experience for you and on a personal level I'm sorry that happened to you. I also acknowledge that you made a significant contribution as Prime Minister. But I think it's time you realised it is over. The libs had your measure before and they will have it again. They are waiting for 'it' to happen and they will make significant political mileage from it if you are Prime Minister again. I can also assure you that there are a significant number of labor voters who do not want you to return as the Prime Minister. Their disappointment when you backed down on your climate change initiatives and the momentum this gave to climate change sceptics is still very much in the forefront of their minds. The lack of intestinal fortitude that you showed is not what they expect of a Prime Minister.

  4. So just how is a high work ethic a negative exactly? The ALP refer to the word 'workaholic' and that too much was expected from the team. I say welcome to the real world. People hearing that statement by the ALP were disgusted. Just because people don't speak out doesn't mean they don't have an opinion. As a long time supporter of the ALP I was extremely disappointed at the way you were treated, and continue to be treated - and angry now about your resignation from the role you took up despite the treatment of the Party in order to continue to work for the people of this country.

  5. You have my vote you have my wifes vote you have the Australian public's vote Gillard needs to listen to the Australian public we dont want her as prime minister that is a FACT

  6. I support Kevin Rudd as PM. Let the people vote again. Save the Labor Party from further damage. No more Julia Gillard.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

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