Friday, 24 February 2012

Transcript of Press Conference - Waterfront Place, Brisbane

Throughout my time in public life I've been motivated by two core goals - how to build a better Australia and how to build a stronger Australian Labor Party.

Today as a nation we face some serious challenges; a new global economic crisis that threatens jobs, our manufacturing industry and people in small business.

Today as a party, we also face serious challenges and if we're honest to ourselves all indications are that we're heading for the rocks at the next election, leaving the country to the ravages of Mr Abbott, the most conservative government, the most right-wing government in prospect in Australia's political history.
That's why I'm here today.

Because I believe that to do the best for the Australian - for Australia and Labor - things have to change.

It's no secret that our Government has a lot of work to do if it is to regain the confidence of the Australian people.
Rightly or wrongly, Julia has lost the trust of the Australian people and starting on Monday I want to start restoring that trust.
That's why I've decided to contest the leadership of the Australian Labor Party at the ballot in the caucus of the Australian Labor Party on Monday.  I want to finish the job the Australian people elected me to do when I was elected by them to become Prime Minister.
I believe that with the right Labor team we can meet the challenges of another global crisis and see off the threat of an Abbott Government.

Many of my Cabinet colleagues including Chris and Kim and Robert and Martin and many others in the Parliamentary Labor Party have encouraged me to do just that and I've spoken with many of them this morning.
I was elected in 2007 to govern for all Australians, to govern for working families and that's what we did.

The record is a good record.

Protecting the jobs of Australians through the global financial crisis; the only major developed economy not to go into recession because of the global financial crisis.

Increasing pensions for the aged, for people with disabilities and for carers.

Increasing the child care rebate.

Introducing paid maternity leave.

Abolishing WorkChoices; protecting the rights of working people.

Acting on climate change through Australia's first mandatory renewable energy target at 20 per cent.

Also, massively investing in education, radically increasing that investment including in new libraries and other facilities in schools right across Australia.

I'm proud of each and every one of them. Each and every one of them.

Building the National Broadband Network; a massive new investment in the public hospitals of Australia.

Apologising to the first Australians.

Closing the gap.

Membership of the G20; something which previous Australian Governments thought about, worked on, they never got very far on for decades. We achieved that. Australia for the first time in its history has a place at the world's top decision making table on the global economy.

And beyond that, establishing for the first time a single institution in East Asia which brings together all the great powers - United States, China, Japan, India, as well as Indonesia, ourselves and other countries. A table now capable of dealing with the great security challenges and political challenges we face in this, our Asian hemisphere in the 21st century.

This is a good record of achievement.
We haven't got everything right but let me tell you, this is a good record of achievement of which we should all be proud.

I want to finish the work we started and to build on these achievements.

We can help our small businesses by reducing the tax burden on them.

We can reduce the cost of living for families doing it tough.

We can strengthen our manufacturing.

These are just some of the improvements to our society and our economy that a Labor Government can make. And at the end of the day, it's all about jobs, about creating jobs not exporting jobs.

We also need to do more to strengthen party reform.

We need to build the Australian Labor Party of the future. I've spoken up for democracy everywhere in the world but it's most important that we have a thriving democracy within the Australian Labor Party itself - my own political party. And democracy is a process of continuing renewal.

Australians are sick and tired of outside forces calling the shots. Members of our parliamentary party should have the freedom to vote as they choose. Australia's greatest gift to democracy, our greatest gift to democracy has been the secret ballot known around the world as the Australian ballot.

Members of our parliamentary party should have exactly the same right.

Members of our parliamentary party should have absolute freedom from intimidation, including intimidation from factions. Their pre-selections must not be threatened on the basis of how they vote in a ballot for the leadership of the Australian Labor Party.

I call again on the Prime Minister to make absolutely clear that no Australian Labor Party Member of the House of Representatives or the Senate will have their pre-selection changed as a result of how they vote in the ballot. In other words, to confirm each and every one of those pre-selections. No one should have to live in fear.

I also call for there to be a secret ballot, a truly secret ballot, rather than people peering over one another's shoulders in a time-honoured tradition in certain parts of the Australian Labor Party.
And beyond that again, I would call on the Prime Minister to ensure that both candidates, and perhaps there might be more, for the ballot next Monday have the opportunity to speak and to address the parliamentary party before the ballot is taken. That's what normally happens. It rarely has happened in our party in the past. Let people make an informed choice there and then.
Let me tell you about something I think I got wrong and - one of a number of things.

During my term as Prime Minister we removed the right of the parliamentary party to elect the Ministry. On reflection, I think that might have been the wrong call because it did add to a sense of powerless on the part of various members of the parliamentary party and, as I've reflected on this and discussed it with ministers, a lack a sense of independence on the part of ministers as well.
If elected as Prime Minister, I will return that power to the parliamentary party as part of a broader policy of party reform. A policy aimed at reducing the power of the factions. I outlined that policy in an address I made just prior to the Australian Labor Party national conference at the end of last year.
The result, in essence what we want, is the power of the factions to be transferred to its rightful position to each and every individual member of the parliamentary party. That's the Australian way - people having their free and independent say - elected to Parliament on the basis of the common principles of the Labor Party but not dictated to in their vote because of the organisation of the factions. That is not the Australian way.
I'm not prepared to stand idly by and see our great nation's future wasted by an Abbott-led Government. If things don't change on Monday, I'm convinced that will be a certainty.
So let me be clear, if we don't change, the Labor Party is going to end up in Opposition.

We will all end up on the backbench not just one and the Opposition backbench at that. That's the cold, hard, stark reality that we face. It's time for a reality check for everybody. This hasn't just happened in the last week, the last month, it's being going on for the last year.
Mr Abbott is a man who has proved that he has neither the temperament nor the vision nor the experience to hold the high office of Prime Minister of Australia. He is a man with both feet firmly planted in the past. His view on the National Broadband Network is from the 1990s and by his own admission he believes the NBN is just a new way of sending emails and downloading movies more quickly. That's what Mr Abbott, not only thinks, that's what he said.
His view of the climate change is not from the 1990s it's from the 1960s where he simply denies that climate change is a problem. In fact he says, to quote his immortal phrase, it's absolute crap.
And then there's his attitude to women which doesn't go back to 1960s it goes back to 1950s. We have a man whose feet are firmly planted in the past.

The only idea Mr Abbott had about the future of the health system was to cut $1 billion from the health budget. And his only idea in foreign policy that I have read is his outdated notion of an Anglo-sphere.
He is not, as they say in The Castle, exactly an ideas man. That's Mr Abbott. No, Mr Abbott is not the answer.

He is philosophically opposed to using government to build a nation.

His values are always cast in negative terms and his positions on so many matters before the nation are just plain extreme, from his attitude to women as well as his attitude to climate change.

Australia can do better than Mr Abbott. Australia will turn its back on the Liberal Party's defeatist depiction of our future provided Labor in government presents a vision and a path that leads towards prosperity, growth, full and fair employment and strong environmental policies.
Beating Mr Abbott is vital and beating Mr Abbott is achievable.  He's entirely beatable.

One final reason - I have never met a more negative man in Australian politics as Mr Abbott. 

If I went through all of his Liberal predecessors right back through Liberal Party history this is the single most negative force in Australian politics that we have ever seen, and also a person whose views lie right at the extreme.

He is the single most Conservative leader that the Liberal Party have ever had.

The importance therefore of beating him is paramount, for so much of what we've achieved is at risk and so much of what we need to achieve for the future is at risk as well.
I believe that Labor in Government must renew our commitment to the values which have been our light on the hill now for more than a century. As we face the possibility of a second global financial crisis we need to send a message to Australians that we have a government that can protect jobs including those in manufacturing.  We need to let Australians know that we haven't forgotten what we stand for and who we stand up for.
We need to rediscover and promote those policies which are unmistakably, unambiguously Labor.

Great Labor Governments have introduced universal health care; they've made tertiary education available to everybody regardless of their means or their station.

My commitment to the Australian people is that I'll provide the balance that only a Labor Government can provide.

A Labor Government with Labor values doesn't need a Green Party to tell it how to protect the environment. A good Labor Government provides the proper balance between protecting the environment and protecting jobs.
We can offer growth, the Greens cannot. We can offer a fair workplace where employees are respected and paid properly, the Coalition cannot.
If we respect and reflect the hopes and aspirations of the Australian people wherever they live, wherever they work, they will reward us with their trust.
Next Monday will be a tough ballot, a tough contest, really tough when you're up against the combined forces of the combined factions of the Labor Party, and theirs can be a pretty ruthless operation.
Many of you have asked this morning what I would do if I did not succeed on Monday - I would go to the back bench and would not challenge Julia a second time.

I would continue to work for my community as the Federal Member for Griffith, work for that community into the future, a community that I deeply love.

I thank you.

QUESTION:       Mr Rudd how many confirmed backers do you have on your count?

KEVIN RUDD:     Well, you know something, I'm not going to get into numbers, you wouldn't expect me to, people don't do that sort of thing because I have many supporters in the Cabinet, many supporters in the parliamentary party, and guess what, while I'm here, they're working on that and I'm glad they are.

QUESTION:       Mr Rudd you said before that you wanted to get back to do the job that the Australian people elected you for. You believe that Julia Gillard cannot win.

Is Julia Gillard's problem legitimacy? Does she not have legitimacy in the eyes of the electorate?

And secondly, if you were Prime Minister again would you proceed with the current timing of the introduction of the carbon tax?

KEVIN RUDD:     Two questions in one - well done, Matthew.

On the first, on the question of legitimacy. I think, as I said this morning, trust is fundamental in politics. Questions of trust arose at the time of the coup in June of 2010; questions of trust arose on other policy commitments that were made prior to the last election; and other questions of trust and confidence have arisen since then.

And, as I said, in politics trust is everything, and I think that is underpinning fundamentally our political and policy challenges today.

The second point, to answer the question that's been put to me, is on the question of action on climate change.  You know, Matthew I've always supported a price on carbon. My position has never changed. I support a price on carbon and I'd be working for the earliest possible transition to an emissions trading scheme and a floating price.

QUESTION:       Was it Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan that convinced you to shelve the ETS or the CPRS in the first place? And you talk about trust as being the most important thing in politics…

KEVIN RUDD:     This sounds like two questions.

QUESTION:       …could Julia Gillard trust you as Foreign Minister, and can you say hand on heart that you haven't been backgrounding against her in the last six months?

KEVIN RUDD:     Well on the first part of your question, which I got lost in the second, what was the first part?

QUESTION:       The first part. Did Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan convince you to shelve the CPRS?

KEVIN RUDD:     Yes. But I accept full responsibility for the decision.

They took a view, very bluntly and very directly, that we should not proceed with the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, and furthermore, in the case of Julia, that we should instead adopt what is called - or what she called a bipartisan solution. What was that? That the Labor Party should not put a price on carbon until Mr Abbott changed his position and returned to the Liberal Party's previous position. That's the unvarnished record of what occurred.

On the question of trust can I just say a few things about trust in politics. You know, a lot of trust was extended prior to the events of June 2010.

On the question of discussions with journalists can I just say this; you all know, each and every one of you here, that every member of parliament and cabinet minister talks to you on a regular or irregular basis, you know that - and so I'm no different, but on the key question of support for the Government and support for the Prime Minister, I have maintained that throughout.

Next question. I think was over here. Yeah.

QUESTION:       Mr Rudd there are many criticisms of your time as Prime Minister and not all of them are from people that are in the Labor Party.

John Mendoza, who was the chairman of the National Advisory Council on Mental Health, says your style was erratic, unpredictable and chaotic when you were Prime Minister. You say you've changed, but how can everybody be sure that you have?

KEVIN RUDD:     Well on that particular question I think my dealings with that individual were not extensive at all, he primarily dealt with the Health Minister. So I'll just leave that - no, hang on, I'm going to answer your question in the broadest terms if you would allow me to.

And that is, take for a simple example the question of one of my greatest detractors these days, Simon Crean. What did Simon Crean say immediately after the change in leadership in 2010? He said Kevin Rudd was a great chair of cabinet, he said he listened to people, he took their positions into account, then summed up and made decisions.

Now that's what Mr Crean said back then.

I simply draw your attention to what various others of my Cabinet colleagues have said, including the Attorney General Robin McClelland as he was over the last two to three years, he was interviewed I believe on the 7.30 Report last night.

I refer to the example that I touched on this morning upon arrival here in Brisbane which is the response to the global financial crisis, a systematic careful response to one of the greatest challenges to this country's economic survival in its history. And we did it through Cabinet processes, we did it through Cabinet working groups which I chaired or ministers chaired on my behalf. We arrived at a solution which is now regarded by the IMF and by the World Bank and others as the copy book response to the global financial crisis. And you say that's a failure of management style - I somehow doubt that.

But I will just go on to talk about other things like the National Broadband Network. For three months we internally within the Government, through the Cabinet committee processes worked our way through that in a very far reaching way, and we had submission after submission after submission on how this should be approached before a final position was taken. This is a systematic way of doing things.
I think what it's important to do is to look back and not simply, not simply have a view that the post facto recollections of some are necessarily the norm. I'm the first - I'm about to go to another question because you've had a couple of goes already, mate - I'm the first to admit that I wasn't some perfect creation of public administration. But guess what, I don't think that would be the reflection of any Australian Prime Minister in their first term if we have a proper perspective on history.
Mate over the back.

QUESTION:       Mr Rudd the Prime Minister has released journalists of off the record confidentiality restrictions in relation to their discussions with her, and urges any journalist to come forward who has evidence of her either undermining or plotting against you. Will you do the same?

KEVIN RUDD:     Can I say that my attitude to the ethics of journalists is that they should answer to their own - well first of all I haven't seen her statement to that effect so I'm always cautious about anyone's paraphrase. And the second is journalists should adhere to their own code of conduct which you as a profession repeatedly say to me you are fundamentally about upholding rather than being in it and out of it at your selective convenience.

Over to you.

QUESTION:       If you win who will you name as your deputy? And if you lose what number of caucus votes would you consider as a victory in defeat?

KEVIN RUDD:     On the first question that would be entirely a matter for the parliamentary party.

QUESTION:       So you can't name a running candidate?

KEVIN RUDD:     Can I say that would be entirely a matter for the parliamentary party, because the parliamentary party normally under these processes would then ask for nominations for that position.

I would be supportive of the outcome of the parliamentary party in such a ballot. And in terms of minimum or maximum outcomes, in terms of a vote next Monday, mate, I've never been in that business in the past and I don't intend to get into it now.

QUESTION:       You said this morning, though…

KEVIN RUDD:     Over here.

QUESTION:       Mr Rudd if you lose on Monday, how will you channel your passion for policy from the backbench?

KEVIN RUDD:     Well, there's a great tradition in politics in many countries for this being done.

If you look at the older history of this country, and various individuals who have served as Prime Minister, in one position or another they have continued to contribute in the public policy debate. Similarly in the United Kingdom they've done the same as well. From the backbench or other positions on the front bench, over time.

I'm quite relaxed about that. What are my passions? Australia's future in the world, and how we carve out a future for a country such as ours in a very uncertain environment - plenty of opportunities to shape the national debate on that.
I'd also say I'm pretty passionate about my local community. My local community is something which means a lot to me. It's where we have all had our being, and it's our place that we call home and we intend to stay there. Now, I just want to get other folk who haven't had a go.


QUESTION:       I have a quick double banger. If you…

KEVIN RUDD:     Why not just continue the pattern?

QUESTION:       If you go to the backbench, would you rule out being drafted at some future date as opposed to challenging?

KEVIN RUDD:     I will go back to exactly what I said before. I think it's very clear cut what I've said. I don't propose to add to it. I'll come back to you in a second, Michael.

QUESTION:       You've already said you're committed to an emissions trading scheme as quickly as possible. Does that mean you'd consider actually shortening the period of a fixed price if you win the ballot on Monday?

KEVIN RUDD:     I said I'm committed to an emissions trading scheme and the transition to it as rapidly as possible. I think that it's important to look carefully at how the implementation of the current tax goes in its first six months. Michael you had the second part, and then here.

QUESTION:       Just are there any policy differences, in particular on gay marriage or asylum seekers? Would you take a different approach to the Prime Minister?

KEVIN RUDD:     Well on the question of asylum seekers, let me just say this - I think one of the current gaps in the way in which we approach the thing is the adequacy of the national security resources that we dedicate to this.

It's been a longstanding debate in the general community. I believe we can do a lot, lot more. That's my position.

I also have always had a view that something called the East Timor solution wouldn't work, and can I say those sorts of things tend to be looked through very carefully before you simply take a walk on the policy wild side, and find that other governments may not necessarily concur. I think you sir had the last question.

QUESTION:       Thank you sir. Can I just take you back to Laura's question?

KEVIN RUDD:     Which is Laura's? Okay.

QUESTION:       Can you categorically deny that in the last sitting week of parliament, you did not personally brief senior Press Gallery reporters that you were planning to launch a challenge against Ms Gillard, lose, go to the backbench, and seek a second challenge?

KEVIN RUDD:     My discussions with journalists remain confidential, but can I say my position with all those journalists has been one that I have supported the leadership of the current Prime Minister.

And furthermore, in terms of the events that we're just in the middle of right now, this decision of mine a day or two ago was taken that evening in Washington on the basis of the Prime Minister failing to back me in, following the sustained criticisms of Minister Crean.
If you think that was anticipatable back in the last sitting week of the parliament, then you've got better forward vision than I have. Can I just say I've played this as it's come, and I would say to you, and to anyone else that it's very easy to establish a frame whereby all of the government's problems are the result of one person called K. Rudd.

Can I just respond to this? It wasn't K. Rudd who made a pre-election commitment on a carbon tax.

It wasn't K. Rudd who made a particular commitment to Mr Wilkie on the question of poker machines.

It wasn't K. Rudd who had anything to do with the East Timor solution of the Malaysia solution.

These were initiatives and decisions taken uniquely by the Prime Minister.

And I'm a bit tired and fed up of this general frame which says that if the government has a problem, and Prime Minister Gillard's leadership has a problem, ipso facto it's because of me. It is simply unsustainable.
Let me give you one concrete example.

You may remember that last year, I had a bit of heart surgery. I was out of action for two months. Have a close look at how the government went over that period of two months where I was nowhere to be seen or heard, or whether in fact I'd necessarily be coming back to politics.

Can I just say that your overall frame on this needs to be examined carefully.

The government's problems, as they've accumulated over time, have been of its own making.

If I didn't exist, people would have cast around for an alternative leader of the Australian Labor Party because of where we've got to in historically low polling numbers, not for one month, but for 12 months.
Let's be very clear.

When the leadership decision was taken in June of 2010 on my own leadership, now I think I'd been below the 50 per cent mark once. I got down to 49 per cent.

In the last 12 months, my recollection is, I don't think the current government has got, in terms of Prime Minister Gillard's support ratings, anything approaching that number of 49 per cent.

So I'd simply ask you to put into context, wider context, who is responsible for the government's current poor standing? This general frame which a number of you seem to have accepted given the nature of your questions, that all this exists because of one K. Rudd, needs to be fundamentally re-examined against the decisions which were taken, in my absence often, and then announced and implemented, often without my knowledge, in the case of various decisions like the Malaysia solution for example, and then off they went only to discover they didn't work.

So the thesis that the government's problems exist because of one K. Rudd, is simply unsustainable, and I think it's time there was reflection on that, and I've got to zip.


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      Kevin Rudd - That's who

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      3. Kevin thanks for moving Australia forward on the international stage.
      4. Kevin all the best for Monday

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      No one should ever displace an Australian Prime Minister who hasn't finished their term.
      Julia doesn't deserve to finish because she back stabbed you in the first place and didn't even mention you as one of the previous leaders. SHAME on her. Shame on her government for trying to blame you for everything. The People love Kevin Rudd. Julia Gillard needs elocution lessons immediately. It's and international embarassment of epic proportions that she has been allowed to continue in her Negociashuns.

    4. Thank you for destroying the ALP, you have done a magnificent job and I, and many other Liberal Party voters appreciate it.

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    Common sense must prevail on Monday... Only Rudd can lead Labor to victory at the next election. It's time those with faces and those without put aside their own personal beliefs, their stubbornness, and vote Rudd at the ballot so that Labor can finally be lead by an educated, capable, and worthy leader. It's what the Australian people have wanted for the past 18 months.

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      Fact : understands social media so well, that he would have a strong undnerlying understanding when he submitted NBN.

      There are no facts about the current PM who just refuse to accept that she is unwanted by the people who voted for Kevin. I jsut cannot undertand why Labor gone the distance to bury Kevin who are the reponsible of where the are now in the Parliment, that it has now reached to a point of no return and a guaranteed defeat in the next election, and destroyed fragile trust in ppl have post-Keating & Whiltlam era.

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  7. Can I suggest everyone contacts their MPs and Senators letting their feelings be known. Julia Gillard is blatantly telling them to ignore KRudd's appeal to the voters and, instead, play political games.

    Unfortunately, my MP is a Liberal but my state has several ALP Senators and I've made it clear to them I want them to vote for KRudd as a much better choice of PM.

    We only have 2 days to put pressure on them--time to do it.

    (And if they re-select Gillard, get used to the phrase "Prime Minister Abbott".)

  8. Mr Rudd
    If you lose on Monday:
    Do you promise not to undermine Ms Gillard?

    If you win on Monday:
    Do you promise not to be a bastard to those who voted against you?

    1. I'm guessing no, and no. The man is only interested in himself.

    2. actually he is a poeple person
      he spends more time in the electorate than with the backstabbing caucus.

      He is a Gentleman and not a Manipulator and Bully like the faceles and Gutless few that removed him.

      He was the only one in political history that had the balls to sorry
      to generations of indigeous Australians.

      No one elese had the balls

      He had the intelligence to keep us ordinary Australians from loosing our homes like the Millions in other
      country's that faced the Global Financial Crises.

      And yes now he has the Balls to stand up against a tide of bullies.

      Why is so hard to give credit where
      credit is due.

      The Man Speaks The Truth
      and that is his Legacy
      What is Gillards. lies.lies and more lies.

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    Lets just stop giving the next election to the Libs.... And we are, with every argument. So sorry Kevin Rudd... Your actions are wrong, and weakening the chances of a win with every move you do. It's not about you... or Julia... it's about governing a country and doing it for the country not ego.

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  17. This speech was the first time I've felt inspired by a politician since you apologised to the stolen generation.

    I called Albo's office today (my local member) and passed on my support for you as leader.

    What happened to you was wrong, people argue that we don't vote for Prime Ministers, we vote for governments. Well, I voted for a Rudd Government and I expected to see it run full-term.

    The decisions being made by this Gillard Government are not in line with what I feel the ALP is all about. The Malaysia deal was an offensive and ridiculous idea.

    I wish you luck on Monday, however, if you don't get the votes, which is likely, I hope you stick with it and challenge again when PM Gillard's position becomes untenable.

    Cheers, Phil

  18. Congrats on a well delivered speech. I completely agree that Abbott has bad policies and bad attitudes towards the Australian public. I agree that if Gillard remains ALP leader- Coalition will win (with the caveman leading them) the next election.
    I wrote to my local MP today telling him just that- so if Anthony Byrne isn't in your corner on Monday- he lost a local voter.

    Good luck- and here's hoping we can get this nation's government back on track, lead by a leader not a puppet.

    Thanks K-RUDD!

  19. Kevin, Sir
    I have enormous respect for your intelligence but I question the appropriateness of this challenge.
    Some in the public may support this move, but please be aware that many of us don't.
    Ousting a sitting prime minister was probably wrong, but doing it twice doesn't make it right. Julia is doing a good job. Please make peace within yourself on what happened and give her and the committed ALP ministers, the chance to get on with running Australia.
    (ALP supporter, Northern Territory)

    1. you are not many but one person , what she did was wrong in the first place ...he could have done so much way back then but no he didnt he took it in his stried .
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  23. Absolutely, Kevin Rudd all the way

  24. Your true character has come through over the past few days KRudd. Rather than 'turn the other cheek' you have come back to seek revenge even though it will cost the ALP and Australia dearly for years to come. It's Julia for me.

  25. The belief that you were the man for the job was there when the people of Australia voted for you.It was not without a saddness that at the last election i found myself voting for the prime minister I have voted for the Labour Party from the time i was old enough to vote.It is my belief that you are the right person to lead the Labour Party to the next election and to lead Australia into the future.Without you the people of Australia will lose faith in Labour and i am afraid that with this uncertainty it will lead to a win at the next election for the opposition,which I pray does not happen.good luck on Monday Mr Rudd.You have my support and that of many Australians.

  26. I really hope you succeed, my birthday is Monday so I will make a little wish for you :)

  27. 好想帮你,how about孙子兵法?Best of luck! With you always.

    Call me old fashion. An unmarried woman with a boy friend can’t be our PM. It is a very bad role model for our daughters and our nation. Julie should at least get marry and it takes only a few hours. THIS says A LOT about her, I think.

    1. No, it says more about you. Your values belong with Tony Abbott and his archaic value system. Shame.

  28. Nigel, you seem to ignore reality. If Gillard stays as leader, Abbott will become PM, no doubt about it, unless of course Turnbull takes over, then it would be Turnbull. There is NO way Julia can win.

    Good Luck KRudd! So hope to have you back as PM on Monday!

  29. Join us on and support Kevin Rudd for PM.

  30. Everything was so well said Kevin, you are doing great! We are here to support you :)

  31. I've always found it perplexing that both major political parties have a member of their party who is more popular with the general public than the leader (#krudd and Malcolm Turnbull). I don't think the Labor party realises that Kevin Rudd is far more palatable to the general public than a dishonest puppet whose strings are pulled by a combination of the Greens, Independants and Faceless Men.

    I have voted Liberal my entire life, but would be more inclined to vote for you in the next election than vote for Abbott - zero chance for the dishonest Julia.

    Goodluck Kevin.

  32. As a liberal voter, I am stuck.

    I hate jooLIAR Gillard,
    don't like Tony Abbot,
    Like Kevin Rudd.

    now if only Kevin was the leader of the Liberals, the choice would be so easy.

    Switch sides Kev...

  33. I have voted Labor all my life, but will not vote for a party headed by Juliar Gillard. Please save the country from dishonest politicians, Liar's and Fools. Best wishes for the battle ahead.

  34. Keep to the high ground and good luck

  35. I think kevin is the best bet for running the country.
    GO KEV 2012

  36. We have been concerned what Labour stands for - and how it represents this country....... it sure feels like its been one person running the country - both with you and Julia - please be united and stand up to work with the Australian people .....not the dam politics !!!

  37. When I vote for a party or a person that wish is to be respected - not trampled on in a grab for power. Take back what the people of Australia voted for..You as PM. The Australian Labour Party and it's Ministers take note: Get it together - now- respect the voting wishes of the Australian people and get on with the job or be relegated to the political wilderness forever. The Labour Party barely got my vote last time - I give no second chances. Good Luck Kevin and welcome home. :)

    1. *Correction: Labor ~ my apologies

  38. Check out the difference in twitter followers that Krudd has compared to the PM. It is massive !!! Says a lot really.

  39. Anyone but Abbott. And if you can - have the balls to tackle the neoliberal rape of Australia. Plus reinstate Better Access to Mental Health

  40. I am so glad to hear one of Rudd or Gillard to actually say that the Australian public should be heard. So I look forward to labor calling an election so Australia can be saved from this rabble.

  41. Hi Cousin Kevin, Best wishes from all your relatives from the original Campbelltown mob, as you described us when we met in Ballarat. We can't think of anyone better to lead the nation than you. All my six adult children are pulling for you. Mary McKillop is also part of my equation - is'nt she a miracle worker?
    Angela Kearns Ballan

  42. I have lost all faith in the Labor party. You can't even keep it together when in government. You are supposed to be running the country, not having childish infights.

    The good thing about the Liberals is that they held a strong and unified public front when they were in power. This presented John Howard as a strong leader with a strong party behind him.

    But I hate the libs as much as you do. I have lost faith in both of the major parties.

    I will be voting for the Greens. They stand up for true democracy, decency and liberty.

  43. You Have My Vote! :) I'm Just About To Turn 19 In July! And You Have Done So Miuch For Us When You Were PM, I'll Be Making Sure I Get People To Vote For You! IM VERY PROUD That You Stood Up! I've Been Waiting For Ages For This Moment To Arise!

  44. GO KEVIN! you have our support. I voted for you as PM and I'm hoping to see that again. good luck! try not to promise too much but do what you have to do.

  45. Mr Rudd, If you can take a strong stand on Coal Seam Gas I will be very glad that you have won. But if you persist in promoting this terrible industry I will never vote labor again.

  46. Australia voted for Mr Rudd, and the labor party changed the PM, without regard for the australian voter. I am pleased that someone prominent in the labor party understands why Australia doesn't trust the ALP not just Gillard alone, and that reform and tranparency are needed for the ALP. I Proudly voted for John Howards Liberal/coalition leadership each election and yet have no ties to any political party. He was the best leader at the time. Kevin Rudd is the only choice for leader of Australia at this time. I wasn't approving of your first attempt but you rarely make the same mistake twice and if success is falling 9 times and getting up 10 I feel positive about the country's future. Best wishes

  47. Hey Kevin, or should I say KRudd.
    Way to go on the speech, good job. It's several months since I first said to you that you should challenge JG.
    I'm hoping you are not too serious about no further challenges as I think you'll need longer to get the numbers.
    All the best for Monday, I'd love to see you roll JG.
    As for the next election, I do fear an Liberal win, but you're certainly the best hope of avoiding that.
    Cheers mate, Jon.

  48. The ironic thing about this whole situation is that the complaints from the ex-Rudd government's cabinet ministers etc. about having to work hard make Kevin even more appealing. A politician not liked by other politicians actually makes them more appealing to the rest of us! Aaron

  49. Your a Good Man Kevin,
    I believe
    That Ausltalia is seeying one of it's finest Leaders being attacked by a bunch of Liers and Faceless Bullies.

    Why not take her on in a open debate on tv..and then call a vote.

    Ps why not ask her to take a polygraph.

    Any caucus voting for Gillard will be doing this out of fear of losing their job,
    When in reality they should be fearing the electorate who will make a decision after Monday.

    No Matter What Caucus say
    Come Election Day We will have the final say.

    Good Luck had my whole family's vote at hello.

  50. Kevin, out of all of this you have restored my faith that some politicians have honor, loyalty and dignity. Never give up and never surrender because the people want you to lead us.
    Good Luck for Monday we are behind you every step of the way.

  51. Impressed by your determination and ideas.

    Hope Monday goes well for you.

  52. good on ya buddy

  53. Kevin I wish you all the best on Monday,Australian Labor voters overwhelmingly support you way above Julia.
    Hopefully the Caucus comes to their senses and listens to Labor supporters and not the factions which have been eroding Labors credibility and core values.
    The blindingly obvious truth is that Labor would have won the next election after 2007 with you as PM.
    You're a great human being and show great empathy towards all Australians and are an extraordinary Statesman.

  54. Rudd has definitely been the bigger man in this whole situation. Obviously, the public preferes him over Gillard.
    The whole Julia/Kevin bulls*** that's been happening lately is so childish it makes me almost ashamed to be a supporter of the Labor, and to be honest, does make me disappointed in not only both of the individuals, but of the media and every other single politician and average citizen who's publicised it to the point where it's always on the news, always trending on Twitter... basically all anyone in Australia's conversing about at the moment.

    As a young girl who's always been interested in following a career in politics, I'm now steering quite far away from that pathway.

    Mr Rudd has expressed poor words, but none that I find as poor as that of Gillard's.
    If Julia Gillard is elected, I will be quite disappointed - Kevin Rudd, as I believe, does deserve a higher position in the Australian Government than Ms Gillard.

    So, overall:
    This whole thing between K. Rudd and J. Gillard has been absolutely ridiculous and I think that I, an underaged girl with barely any political knowledge could have done a better job keeping things under control than either one of them. But, I do believe if Rudd wins everything will calm down... unless Ms Gillard turns into a princess.
    Australia needs to get its sh*t together.

    1. Gillard has already done her'princess'by seizing a throne that wasn't hers.

    2. Yes! To both Anonymous' here.

  55. You might consider publicly announcing this weekend that, should you win, you would strongly urge Julia Gillard to put aside her stated plan and, in the interests of the party and the Government, you would invite her to be a member of your Cabinet. You could acknowledge her administrative skills, which would be wasted if she went to the backbenches. You could go further ans say that you would make a similar offer to other (unnamed) current Ministers. This would be a generous and magnanimous offer. Julia Gillard's response to this would be interesting.

  56. I'm in your corner mate, good luck !

  57. Best of luck for Monday... This is the right job for you and I know you will do us Australian's proud :)

  58. It has never sat well with what they did to KRUDD, I for one will be contacting my local member and expressing my concerns. If we continue with Gillard we are handing about Tony Abbott the PM office and god knows we don't want this

  59. Mr Rudd, you speak well but you fail to deliver. You promised so much and brought so much hope, only to disappoint us all by taking the weak way out when things go tough. PM Gillard may not speak as smoothly as you but at least she gets the job done. Mining tax, means tested health insurance rebate, ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE - you walked away after promising the world.

    Instead of bleating about what has been robbed from you, how about thinking of what you robbed the Australian people of - and how about letting the woman who is actually achieving all you promised get the job done without constantly undermining her.

    I vote for the woman who gets things done over the ego maniac who thinks it's all about him. Mr Rudd, do something quietly for once - retire and leave Australia alone.

  60. Rudd you are delusional. You are all about yourself and not for the people.

    1. I agree, Kev had his chance. He should have just a little dignity and stop behaving like Latham. I'm afraid this posture is nothing short of embarrassing. Rudd is simply proving the very reason for his downfall as PM was exactly as reported. Ego the the of tasmania is not enough. there must be substance. I feel very very sad for Mr Rudd. He has lost the plot and if he thinks the OZ public want him back he is very badly mistaken. Off to the backbenches with him!

    2. Agree with both comments. This has all become a bit too presidential for my liking. Roll out the family, roll out the family tweets - I don't give a toss what his daughter thinks - so is not runnign for the leadership.

      The Labor Party sets the agenda and direction - not an individual. Mr Rudd shouldn't need a mini-manifesto. We should all take a deep breath and remember that we elect local members. They then elect the leader to follow and tow the Labor principles and policy. This single person personality contest should stop as it will destroy the Labor party.

  61. Well finally we have some clear vision back in the political landscape. Julia's late night act of power grabbing led to this farce - has there ever been a more public display of un-Australianism? So unpalatable for an electorate who would have given the ALP another outright majority with KRudd. It is time to make things right and return to the architect of the anti Howard and make Tony Abbot reveal his lack of policies or clear direction. Sometimes style is the substance and of the three there is only one with the leadership this nation deserves.

  62. I think big egos in politics are what makes our politics exciting. There is definitely a place for ego. As we impose no time limits on political parties, being in government has become much more important than being truthful. Truth is the casualty of party politics.

    Take education. Those nations outperforming us are doing so by driving their youth into the ground. In South Korea children memorise large slabs of English text, regurgitated it after intense study and bingo - they help South Korea look good by OECD rankings. But these children cannot SPEAK English, other than 'hello'.

    So what do we want? To compete by becoming similarly robotic, rote derived OECD achievers. Unfortunately Governments don't get this. Gillard does not get this. And it is to do with her not having direct parenting experience. I have a friend who answers all issues concerning children based on her childhood - she does not have her own. While this is constructive in a detached way, she can never know what it feels like to turn up to school and see your own children bombarded by a system, a national system that says hurry up and read. Read read read. A system that laments the sliding national maths rankings yet waits it out to teach anything useful just so that kids can be force fed reading.

    Mathematics has its own symbology, its own method of communicating. It does not need reading as a pre-requisite. And it is the doorway to the engineering riches enjoyed by the likes of Germany.

    So in formulating (a maths term!) a strategy for education lets talk about balancing the learning curve, lets talk about educational access rather than simply mimicking our northern neighbours, where the creative thinker is less important than the mass produced educated worker.

  63. Mr Rudd,
    I voted for Labor in 2007 at which time you were the leader. I do however understand that I was voting for a political party, not you personally.
    The method of your disposal from the office of Prime Minister would have been deeply humiliating and I admire your courage in carrying on in a very successful manner in the role of Foreign Minister.
    I believe it very unfortunate that you have chosen to challenge Julia Gillard in this manner, there have been many good, forward thinking changes passed through parliament since she has been in office. I don't believe you are doing the Australian people any favours in your current endeavour to challenge for the office of PM.

  64. Hope you take it! Mr Prime Minister

  65. Anyone who spent the money you gave us Kevin should be truthful and support you.
    I do and I am praying for you for Monday.

  66. You're clutching at straws, give it up

  67. Go Kevin! We're right behind you!

  68. You were the First PM I was ever passionate about. I ,for the first time ever , could see real change and progress especially in our schools. There was a positive air in our country. Unlike our Liberal buddies. Anyone who puts our children's education first is a decent leader. I voted you in Kev, not Julia. You will always be my PM. Good luck. I hope you don't get backstabbed again.

  69. Well Done! Kevin4PM

  70. This is completely abnormal.

    Both yourself and PM Gillard have lost my confidence.

    I can only wish the parliamentary labor party endorses a reasonable candidate other than either of you. Only then can I vote for Labor again.

  71. Good luck Mr Rudd, I voted for you, and believe you should still be in power, unfortunately though, it comes down to the actual ones voting. Whatever happens you have my support :)

  72. Robin Rudd V Sheriff of Gillard supported by the faceless opportunists who R in turn supported by big mining. Kev, you are the 1st leader of labor to stand up against the megalomaniac faction leaders and the mining magnates. Just when you needed your wingwoman the most she left you high and dry. Get Hinchy out to do an atomic "Shame Shame Shame" on Jezebel Gillard. Then watch the ignorant masses, the very same bulk moved by the transparent mining magnate ads, jump back to support you. The rest of you intellects, turn on computers and drown all Labor MP's with emails. Their addresses can be found at this link
    Like the man said, "This is your country!" do something about it or forgoe the right to ever whinge about politics again.

  73. You are only interested in KRudd. You dont give a shit about your party or your country. Piss off and stop destabilising the govt.

    1. You piss off buddy! You know nothing about anything. Rudd is the only one that has ever stabilised the government and got something done. We will go down a very dark,sad path if we don't get Rudd back - believe me!

    2. Totally agree. Only KRudd get the job done.
      I believe in nothing but surely confident that KRudd was pushing hard to get the most and the best for all Australians.

  74. Good luck Kevin. I am all 100% behind you.

  75. GO RUDDY. You deserve to be PM WAY more than Julia "Carbon Tax" Gillard. I'm not old enough to vote but if I was, I would vote for you. :)

  76. I am a middle aged Labor voter, have been since I was privileged to vote at 18. My understanding is that I vote for the member of my electorate. The party, votes for its leader, the leader becomes leader of the opposition or Prime Minister, Mr. Rudd, you are not looking after the interests of the Australian people, you are looking after your self if you contest on Monday, for the first time ever, I may not vote for Labor next time!

    1. I dont know which part of democracy you are coming from however sure you have no clue of what is happening during the election. I am sure the true democracy is where people, through their member electorate, elect the nominated leader for the high office of prime minister.
      Should KRudd had not been nominated as Prime Minister from Labor party, do you think the Labor was anywhere close enough to defeat John Howard.

    2. Anonymous at 03:44AM. you need a reality check as you have no understanding of how the Australian political system works. We are not running a presidential style political voting system. If you want to vote for the brand K.Rudd I suggest you move to his electorate and exercise your vote. Anonymous at 03.06AM said it perfectly correct - you elect a local member who looks after your local interests. The best thing about the party system is you know what it stands for regardless of who the leader happens to be as all the policy decisions are set by the party machine (Labor and Liberal). So stop trying to americanise our political system with this cult of personality.

  77. Well laid out sir! All the best for Monday.

  78. Wishing you the very best of luck sir, I was very disappointed to see the change of leadership after having voted you in. I sincerely hope you make it back pm. Sticking your neck out for something you believe in is very inspirational.... Regardless of outcome. Many thanks and good luck for Monday.

  79. Just don't do any more to stuff up the party that gave you your chance by doing any more to impede Gillard as she brings the party back to health through good government.

    1. It will be in your dream while Tony look forward to win the upcoming election.

  80. Take note all you politicians...Listen to the people, hear them roar! Give us back our true PM, the one we elected, the one we chose, or would you rather this country go to hell?

  81. Mr Rudd,

    I'm a liberal voter through and through.. And yes, you have the ability to prevent a liberal leadership. But as a QLD'er and former coorparoo'ian I wish you all the best. You deserve the opportunity to demonstrate to people like me that you are a VALID alternative and do not stand against everything I believe in.

    Should you not succeed I urge you to hit the cross bench and do absolutely everything you can for your people and my former neighbours.

    Good luck.

  82. Kevin Rudd - a man of substance.

    Kevin Rudd gives me a real choice in the Labor government, the main reason I've voted Liberal most of my life is an intense dislike for factional and union control over Labor governments.

    If it isn't Kevin, it is going to be Abbott at the next election for me

  83. As I see it, Gillard is unelectable. Unfortunately, most labour supports would rather vote for Abbott than submit themselves to another Gillard-led government. KRudd is our only hope to avoid an Abbott government.

  84. You don't lay the foundation of a house to not put up the walls. you don't build strong support walls and leave off the roof.
    Julia took advantage of the construction provided by you and threw a shabby roof on top.
    Her inability to understand the blueprint and complete the architecture, is turning prime realestate into an adobe hut.
    If the people are given their voice, Ms Gillard would stand aside and do what is best for the party. Instead power fuels the thoight process and the desire to construct the team plan will end the perfect design.

  85. you have to beat her mate,I can't take another year of her,what she is screams so loud,you can't hear what she says.

  86. Mate!

    Best of luck come monday. I have respected you for one reason, you when you where in Cairns you took a few minuted to speak to myself and my partner in cairns. I left the ALP based on 2 things, one was the back stabbing an secondly was to with the sitting state member. I have become really confused with the what the ALP stands for these days due to the way SWAN and RRHT treat everyday australian's with contempt.

    I do hope there is a change on Monday and you do get the keys to the lodge, at least then we can move forward them sitting on our hands as we are now.

    Again Good Luck!

    (ex Rainbow Labor QLD)

  87. RUDD FOR PM. The Australian people deserve to have the Prime Minster WE voted in, in 2007. I felt cheated when Gillard became Prime Minister -what is the point in us voting when things like that happen. I say to he Labour MP's - LISTEN TO THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE when you cast your vote on Monday. TEAM RUDD!!!!

  88. Julia Gillard the "Getting things Done" PM has been given a rubber-stamped Upper house ruled by the Greens. Julia waited months to push through bills including her ETS after the senate power had changed hands. Keven Rudd never had this opportunity.

  89. Your a good bloke Mr Rudd... I hope you get the numbers... To the labor party members reading this... AUSTRALIA DOESNT WANT JULIA, they want Kevin Rudd.. Do the right thing on Monday and give us the people what we want!!! Australia and democracy deserve better!

  90. I sent the following note to my local member;

    Hon. Jenny Macklin MP

    Dear Mrs. Macklin,

    I am writing to you, about the current issue, regarding the leadership challenge.
    I am a voter that placed my trust in The Labor Party for years now. This has been based on the actions and believes of what Labor has represented at times, not just based on its ideology.
    At the time when Labor was in power or when Labor was sitting in opposition, and still fighting and challenging the Liberals in our parliament.
    I believe and share a common idea with many other voters, that our votes are given to our elective representatives as a sacred privilege, rather than a blank mandate for carrying on like a bunch of no hoppers.
    The recent events, and in particular in these current weeks, have made many Labor voters feel sick. The sense of disillusionment and disgust about some of the comments made by some of your high ranking senior colleagues towards others in the government are not acceptable in a civil society.

    The mentioned behavior of your colleagues has been, Childish, Outrageous, Deceitful and at times very Un Australian.
    I like to urge you respectfully, to represent your constituents in the challenge, with the best intention in your mind. The best for the nation must remain the ultimate factor to decide who represent Labor in the next election, not based on intimidation of some in the party but based on personal feelings of the members.
    I believe, that the Labor party is in a very bad shape now. If the factionalism continues, it is not very long before Labor will receive a final severe blow at the next election. If so, it would be many long years, for Liberals to have and be in the power for a long time again.
    I believe Ms. Gillard as PM, has been losing touch with many of her constituents. Due to lack of her credibility and her continuous actions that placed the country in the current shenanigans.
    Australia now, is in a desperate need of a leadership that is respected and be trusted by its people. I believe Kevin Rudd, has the proven record and has the public support, to win the next election, without Labor fearing of being decimated.
    Alternatively the current internal frictions within Labor government will cause the country to be handed back to the Liberals and in particular, Tony Abbott and this will be considered by voters inexcusable and unforgivable error for many years to come.

    I thank you for your time to read my views in this matter.

    Yours faithfully

  91. Awesome !!! You dont expect the same capability of clarification, assertiveness and persistent consistency in principle standing from juLIAR.

    I have no doubt that Rudd is the only member of Labor party worthwhile to lead this nation.

  92. Good luck Kevin,
    Julia Gillard is good at what she does but not good enough to beat Tony Abbott, the Caucus should listen to the people.
    We live in Rural Australia and struggle to find Doctors as well as trying to keep the local hospital open, the Rural side of Australia needs hands on help not vague promises.
    If you get in and can promise some sort of assistance to the Rural areas you have our vote.

  93. And Julia is only interested in moving forward with her lies.
    More Moving Backward than forward..

    Oh and yes...and Julia didn't destabilise
    the Government in 2010.
    Pigs will fly..

    All off this ...was started back then.

    Every Man has a right of response.
    that is the Fair Australian Way

    This Man's Legacy is Truth
    Gillards Legacy is Lies..Lies and More Lies..

    I don't give a rats what caucus do and say. She ain't getting my vote.

  94. If you win on Monday, can you please reinstate Better Access? Or better yet, win my vote forever, and have psychological services added to medicare like going to see a GP. You wouldn't ask a diabetic to only see their doctors 10 times a year if they needed to go every week? You wouldn't ask a cancer patient to only have 10 rounds of chemo? So what is so different about mental health? If seeing a psychologist 1000 times saves a person's life, weren't those sessions priceless?
    How many people have to take their own lives BEFORE you see that Australia is in crisis? Young Australian's are taking their lives in epidemic proportions. Please do something to help save them. We wont be much good without our young people.

    (I'm not picking on diabetic's or cancer patients, I just using them as an example of what the government is asking mental health clients/patients to do with the current policy of 10 sessions per year)

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. Why do we have to try & keep up with the big powers of the world? the greed is killing this country! remember the song "life in the fast lane" Thats how the Australian government has us all living!! why why why? Create jobs for us you fake upper class bastards!!! stop sending everything overseas! Thanks for taxing me most of my xmas days wage! I was rostered to work which is part & parcel with my job but i missed seeing my kids faces in the morning on xmas day, thats something i'll never get back, got paid well but then got hammered by tax!" oh well kick in the guts & bad luck young fellow" thanks for paying for joe blows dole while we gave his job away overseas because his company wanted to make super profit!!" Wake up we need new laws, when you have money it makes you blind to what we need! MR rudd when was the last time you paid for a full tank of petrol in your government paid car? did you pay insurance, rego, new tyres, services?? the bills go on & on!! its expensive ok. Finally i'm a well paid Australian that is still struggling to be able to save any money from my wage each week??I feel sorry for anyone on a small wage & good people just trying to make a go at things, i want answers why! & a real person a real Australian can only bring this country back to real living! life's too short, and i want to be able to give my kids a holiday! they deserve it! both mum & dads at work but can only afford week to week living expenses because EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY IS OVERPRICED!! because of the Australian Labor party! IS OUT OF TOUCH!! laws need changing quick smart!! The whole government needs changed quick smart!!

  97. Good luck Kevin, you are the only hope for the ALP at the next election.

    If your caucus colleagues don't listen to the public this time they will suffer as they suffered at the last election.

    Most in the Nation recognise what happened to you was wrong. I was volunteer on a booth down here and the public sentiment was overwhelming.

    Fingers crossed they make the right and only decision.


  98. Ive always said you were never given the time to do all you had planned so maybe now you can show your stuff. I do have to admit I am disturbed at many accusations made by other party - many are simply not true so how do we trust those types? I would also like the person we voted for to have been the one in the job Not one of us voted her in so....

  99. Sent the following to:

    Hon. Julie Owens MP

    Hello Julie
    I would like to let you know my support for Kevin Rudd over Julia Gillard.
    The only time I started to vote for Labor was when Kevin took the top job at Labor party. In him, I have confidence that the country being led by the right quality.
    I have been truly disappointed with Julia as PM in terms of integrity, honesty and persistency. Her promises and actions have been in a number of occasion self-contradictory thus not reflected the reason why Australian has voted for her during earlier election.
    Australia is a great nation and belong to its people. Any representation within the parliament house has to be as a reflection of the people's choice and NOT as a result of personal desire/opinion/preference from a bunch of political elites such as those obvious childish statements that we have heard most recently.

  100. You are the peoples PM-elect K.Rudd, no one can take that legitimacy away from you. Look at the squawking vultures and guwaffing hyenas, interupted from their disgusting feast on the carcass of the Australian people's mandate, turning around and baring their poisonous talons and fangs against you, the noble lion, the rightful ruler of this land. Those foul, cruel and despicable carrion crows: Conroy, Swan, and Gillard, are the lowest and most vile creatures on God's green earth, and no justice prevails in this world until they are swept away from Government and replaced with a righteous and trustworthy member, one K. Rudd.

  101. Coming from country NSW i have seen the change first hand that K RUDD has made. We voted for K RUDD and want K RUDD as OUR PM. In my short life of 24 years you are the one PM who is changing our country for the better! Keep it real as you always do and the rest will take care of itself :)

  102. I voted for Kevin Rudd. I, like many Australian's were sick of Liberal's Work Choices. Don't ever forget what it was like working under work choices. The choice was ill treatment imposed by employers with disregard for their employees. Kevin gave us hope and he was passionate about his promised tasks. Kevin was removed over night with no warning. I voted for Kevin Rudd not Julia Gillard. Give us back Kevin Rudd. If Kevin Rudd isn't returned as Prime Minister, Labor will not be elected for a long long time. Labor will be history, forgotten, viewed in disdain for it's Julius Caesar back stab of Kevin Rudd. We want Kevin Rudd!!! When do we want him? NOW!!!

  103. Why has no one mentioned that you were brought down by the mining tax? They lobbied against you hard and Julia saw an opportunity. She only got it through because it was less of a dent in their profit margins. And now, the gambling industry lobby's against her and she reneges on Wilkie's gambling reforms.

  104. I think its great that you have stood up and are having a crack at getting the leadership back. The problem is that the people won't win you the ballot come Monday it will be your party. It is very obvious that Gillard cannot win the next election and anyone that wants Abbott to be the next PM must have rocks in their head. Saying that if your party choose Gillard over you knowing that the next election is lost if they vote her to stay on as leader, well maybe everyone is loosing sight of the future. I respect the amount of time you put into your job and considering we are voting these people in to run our country i would assume everyone that gets elected to parliament would want to put in the hard yards to do the best for our country. Surely if you get elected you must realise that your 8 hour day is a thing of the past and you should stand up and work your guts out to do the best thing for the Australian people. Hope you get back in and keep up the hard work mate

  105. A lot of Labor MP'S may be starting to hear some of the noise, the sound of the people, listen carefully to them now while you have a chance, support Rudd, at the very least he should have been left alone to serve his full term. Give him back his job and allow the people to learn to have faith and trust in the party again and not have to put up with lies and deceipt.

  106. Good luck Mr Rudd, We the people voted you in, we stand with you now. May you have the support needed to topple one who has caused so much grief. The gap between is wider than ever! I am so concerned for the future of my grandchildren;what a mess we will leave. It seems the majority no longer have a voice. For the greater good we need you more than ever.

  107. I will never vote for Labor again, ditto other members of my immediate and extended family, if Kevin Rudd is not returned. We would all hate to see Mr Abbott as PM but have lost all faith in Labor. All the best Mr Rudd to you and your family, hope Monday will be a far happier day for all of you - and for Australia.

  108. Labor you need to choose Rudd or it's GAME OVER, simple as that. The party need's to see the truth and what the Australian people want and have asked for. If you don't do something quick you will all be wiped next time around.


  109. When we voted I voted for Kevin Rudd not Julia, I like her but I feel Kevin will do a better job for Australia, and he will lead us into the next election and Labour Party will win..with Julia Im not so sure and god forbid Australia is left in the hands of that Abbott weasel, I cant stand him he makes my skin crawl.... GO GO Kevin !!!!!!!!!!

  110. Who won the cricket? Noticed 5 times more follow KR on twitter over JG. So easy to see who should lead Labor.

  111. The only way I would vote Labor is if Kevin is in the drivers seat again, how can anyone ignore the fact JG is a liar?, the same could be said for a lot of politicians but this woman has excelled herself, she wants us to believe she decided to contest for PM on the spot with no prior thoughts on the matter, is just one glaring example, flippant if not a liar.

    JG also accuses KRudd of undermining her from as far back as the 2010 election, why in the hell let that carry on if its true, a real leader would have at least addressed it, maybe move the person they thought was to blame or fire them even?, not give them a nice job with high level access to party proceedings, and complain now after the so called horse has long bolted.

    KRudd may not win this spill, we just have to hope he gets enough numbers in caucus to put a big hole in GJ sizable hull, interesting times ahead, couldn't get much worse I hope.

    Best of luck Mr Rudd.

  112. I think it's about time that all this"knifing Rudd" bullshit was put firmly back in it's box.

    Rudd was removed because Rudd was incompetent. No ifs, no buts, no maybes. I'll repeat it.. Rudd was removed because Rudd was incompetent.

    Imagine, if you will, that this country is a corporation competing in an open market, providing diverse goods and services to an even more diverse customer base. This corporation has a one trillion dollar annual turnover. This corporation has to provide its own armed security, pensions and health care for all its people and operate in such a way as to engender respect and trust in the broader worldwide community. while ensuring that all are fed, watered, housed and safe.

    This company cannot afford the weakness of ego fulfilment from its CEO. Neither can it afford the paralysis of indecision and politically advised paranoia. The governance of the company demands maturity, strength, courage and the ability to understand that the future is intrinsicly linked to the decisions of today.

    Kevin Rudd had his chance to write history. He had his chance to listen to those who would tell him he was wearing no clothes. He chose not to listen. He chose the history.

    Kevin Rudd was not "knifed". Kevin Rudds ego delivered him to the petard of his incompetence. He chose to climb the stairs.

    1. You obviously have never been a CEO.... Democracy plays no part in the board room!

  113. All the best Kevin and well done! I so enjoy watching you play in one sense a very tricky political game but on the other hand a commitment to a set of principles that has probably been driving you for a very long time

    Your emotional intelligence and story telling of an uncompromising vision binds you to the Australian people and their aspiration of justice and the fair go for all! Maybe not actually fully achievable but in the words of the Rolling Stones “If you try real hard you might just get what you need!”. I hope so!

    1. well said marks, KR has come across with far less personal vitriole and far more professional integrity in an environment that must rock him to the core.

  114. Good Luck Kevin, We voted for you in the first place, not that ranga who took your place! I will not vote for Gillard if she stays in power, but the Australian people need to have their say. Will you get rid of the Carbon Tax if you get in? Please do so, as we were lied to about it, dont ruin a great country with that rubbish.

    We are behind you......You go get her!!!

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. Personally I'm tired of the factions ruling the labor party. I dont ever want to vote Liberal but I don't know if I can ever trust Julia Gillard. Sure Kevin Rudd wasn't liked by everyone in his own party, but that was one the things I liked most about him. He's not a smiling diplomat, he spoke his mind and was real, whereas Julia Gillard seems more concerned in making everyone like her, instead of being who she really is.

    I hope Rudd wins, but with the factions I dont know if it's possible. I can only hope. My local member for parliament knows where I stand and I hope they all vote according to what the electorate wants instead of towing a "party line" they were elected to represent us, not the party itself.

  117. I have always been a liberal supporter, however I am not face with quite a few dilemas.

    1. I live in the seat of Ashgrove QLD and I like Kate Jones (ALP) a lot, I liked Campbell Newman as well until he thought he could take a seat he does not deserve or live in, therefore my vote is Labor Kate jones.

    2. I thought that the way Julia got into power was very unfair, and it reminded me of when I was a young boy and Paul (idiot) keating beat PM Hawke. This affirmed for me that Labor becomes too greedy whilst in power and therefore deserve not to be in power. However I think it is very brave of Mr Rudd to deliver the same back to Ms Gillard - therefore good luck PM Rudd.

    3. I have always thought that unions are much more effective whilst Labor is not in power, I think that was proved more than enough when the Queensland nurses union took their sweet time to help out their members, all they do when complaints get made is advise people to call Qhealth payroll - pathetic!

    4. I think Abbott is an idiot and definately DO NOT want him as PM, therefore for every vote for now on until a new leader is called I wanted to go labor.

    5. How can I now vote for either big party when all you do is challenge eachother for the top jobs, who cares? start caring more about your voters, how our money could benefit us not you.

    6. In secret I will be gunning for Mr Rudd on Monday however that does not mean you will have my vote in the next election.


    That is all :)

  118. I won't be voting for you Kevin and I sincerely hope the rest of the ALP support their elected Prime Minister come Monday. You had the opportunity to lead the country and you blew it. You even knew you blew it in 2010 which is why there really was no challenge. Now you come along and say you would like to finish what the Australian public elected you to do, mate, you were elected in 2007, you had 3 years to accomplish something and you failed miserably. Gillard at least has the courage to follow through on carbon tax, something you were unable to achieve. Kevin, for the love of Australia, go away. I for one will NOT/OR EVER vote for a government you lead.

  119. You are truly the only way forward,good luck Mr Rudd!!!

  120. You've got my vote, but I gotta say, if you were out on Monday, I won't cast my vote on ALP for a longggggggg time to come (I will turn Green).

    Go Kevin!

  121. Why do you refer to yourself in the third person?

  122. Good luck Kevin, JG is not liked or trusted. I hope your labour colleagues choose to vote in true conscience for the good of Aus rather than prioritising personal likes or dislikes. Secret ballot is good to prevent any repercussions later. Seems to me no matter how the general public feel JG and supporters are not listening ot the people. Could you ask your department to support you in public to counter the attacks against you

  123. Howard from Canberra24 February 2012 at 21:57

    Kevin, I hope you get up. I am sick of Ms Gillard's lies and backflips and I am shocked by the lack of coherent thought processes displayed by nearly all members of the Libs.

    Australia needs something now and I think your it!

  124. Fact : kRudd got to dethrone the tough Lib leader Johnny Little Howard when ALP sent several leaders (one repeatly) and failed.

    Fact : kRudd rounded youth support more than ever. kevin07 were quickly embraced by the youth and we see youth voters increased.

    Fact : understands social media so well, that he would have a strong undnerlying understanding when he submitted NBN.

    There are no facts about the current PM who just refuse to accept that she is unwanted by the people who voted for Kevin. I jsut cannot undertand why Labor gone the distance to bury Kevin who are the reponsible of where the are now in the Parliment, that it has now reached to a point of no return and a guaranteed defeat in the next election, and destroyed fragile trust in ppl have post-Keating & Whiltlam era.


    WE GET TO VOTE FOR PRIME MINISTERS SO WHY NOT FOR CANDIDATES? That's because the views of the people are not reflected in the caucus. THEY THINK MOST AUSTRALIANS ARE NOT QUALIFIED OR EDUCATED ENOUGH to make such an informed decision. Our rights have been removed; we have no say.

    We have lost all sense of mateship since THE BACK-STABBING OF KEVIN and IT'S NOT THE AUSTRALIAN WAY. The only reason they don't want kevin back is because he makes them work! KEVIN RUDD CARES ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA and loves us all; just like his family. He is honest and very down to earth; just like the average australian.

    The government is for the people and not for themselves, as it currently stands. WE NEED KEVIN RUDD BACK to restore our democracy, to reflect the views of the australian people and to MAKE THEM MORE ACCOUNTABLE.

    Sure, KEVIN CAN BE BOSSY AND DEMANDING AT TIMES BUT AT LEAST HE MAKES THEM WORK, gets the job done, and doesn't hide in the background like most of the other faceless men (boys).

    FEDERAL MINISTERS OF PARLIAMENT ARE TOO SCARED to voice the views of the australian people and FACE THE WRATH OF GILLARD.


  126. Julia Gillard is cracking up under pleasure. She not polite like once, maybe her true colours are showing under pleasure.

    Get the Queen song Under Pleasure.

    Julia Gillard only got 73% votes, while Tony Abbott got 74% votes. If you remove the Independent, Greens votes she would be out of office, easily.

    Kevin Ruud a lone won 68% votes, and Julia Gillard only got 48% votes. People are saying we don't like Julia Gillard.

    Kevin Rudd with vote of 68%, he holds balance of power within the ALP.

    Willilam Morris Hughes, won the elect for the ALP, he switch to Liberal and won again, he later join the National Party and won again.

    Didn't Julia Gillard once said, she never over throw her leader. She done the same thing as Gough Whitlam to Kevin Rudd.

    The ones who should go to backbench are Simon Cream, Wayne Swan the pain in necks that create this problem within the ALP and Julia Gillard done NOTHING about it. This is her fault.

    Who wants to Tim her loverboy on tv. What a mess they done for G7 conferences while the Queen was here.

    What the hell does Tim have to do with it? Tim isn't a Labour support his been Liberal all his life, what screw up person to get involve with him.

    At least Kevin loves her wife and cares about her, not like Julia Gillard.

    If Kevin was to form his own party he could easily over throw Julia Gillard out of office.

    Julia Gillard has very ignoring voice, and thinks we are just kids, we are not! She think she copy Bob Hawke, his the past NOT present.

    Why did Julia Gillard go to ARIA Awards? PM don't attend these things, its only for musician only.

    I be glad if Kevin Rudd returns to office where he belongs. After all we elect Kevin not Julie. She not our Primer Minister, its Kevin Rudd and always will be, no matter what.

  127. Great speech Kevin, it reminded me of the man who inspired me in 2007 and ended 12 years of disappointment. Best of luck for Monday's ballot.

  128. Good luck Kevin and more power to you!

  129. I am bitterly disappointed that you've chosen to run and further destabilise the position of the Labor Party. Too much energy has been wasted over this leadership stoush and it has detracted from Labor's ability to serve the people of Australia. Rather than sniping and belittling each other, it would've been more productive to channel your energy into finding a way to control your ego and work with your peers. I hope your bid for the leadership is unsuccessful on Monday.

    1. Labour are serving no one except the factions under gillard, the factions are the mining corps, banks and big business, it is about time we all stand up to these corps and say enough is enough, we need to all move money into australian run credit unions, move away from telcos sending jobs overseas, ooh i guess we will not have telecommunications then, we need to demand more for our car rego and green slips, we need to demand more from our hospitals and schools, we need our roads funded better, we need better town planners who plan for the future and dont allow supposed art to be put up on our states major interchange that looks like unfinished lighting conduit, yes you got it that ugly light horse interchange conduit what a joke. We are getting wool pulled over our eyes. Lets stand upnand demand what we deserve.

      Just my thoughts

  130. If you get back in as leader Kevin i will vote again, i did note vote in the last election as i did note vote forvJulia to lead labour i voted for you.

    I am sorry to say however if julia wins on monday, i will be voting liberal for the first time in my life after 20 years of voting.

    I do not want to ever see a hung parliment again, i want to see one party win and win convincingly to avoid what we have now with the independants and greens having too much power and influence.

    Kevin, i would also like you to put the carbon tax funds towards setting up a major solar power plant up in the desert, us working australians need an alternative to the big players, have the government run the solarplant, make the plant 50 * 50 square km and we will have enough power to power nsw and the government will pay back the plant in 4 or 5 years, provided the power is significantly cheaper than the rip offs now.

    I support you on the mining tax, these overseas companies are take, take and more take from our wonderful country, how dare they take our land and resources for next to nothing, tax them 40% Kevin and put back into hospitals and roads.

    I support the nbn, hoever you need a watchdog to look over every fine details from the supplier prices through to the installers charges and quality of work, if you dont you will have the same issues that arose from the school improvements and the insulation as well as the set top boc scheme, i think your heart was right with these but you were let down by the people overseeing the rollout of these schemes, you need hard and intelligent people overseeing these operations in the future for them to work, or the government will just be used and abused by organisations, suppliers and contractors taking everyone for a ride.

    Kevin good luck mate, i hope you win so i dont have to vote liberal.

    P.s i agree with you that there are factions that need to be put tonrest now before they take us down the us and europe path which is obviously what is trying to be done.

  131. I have been a supporter since I was in highschool in 2006, and I very much hope you win the leadership ballot on Monday. Or at least at some point in the future. Good luck Kev!

  132. A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behaviour is patience and moderation.You sir are a wise man. You will be PM again. JG has been tested & failed,polls reflect the same.I voted for you not your party, because I felt you were the best person to lead the Nation.I sensed you were not driven by ambition rather your concern, first for your country and people,second your party.You will be successful,the alternative will be an insult to democracy.Stay courageous & committed, you are supported.Do not allow the shadow men to run the country.Their tricks and treachery are at an end!!

  133. I am in @swannydpm electorate of Lilley, if you are not voted in on Monday Wayne Swan is out, no questions asked. A lot of people are talking around hear and they are all saying the same thing. It is a pretty simple question for Mr Swan, does he want to keep his job or not? We will see!

  134. KEVIN2012! Can't wait to see you reinstated as Prime Minister! Best of luck on Monday.

  135. there will be an election in any case... a vote of no confidence should be the only important issue.

  136. GO KEVIN! I saw you work tirelessly through the Brisbane floods refusing long interviews because of the job at hand.As someone who travels a lot I have been very proud of how you have represented australia on the international stage.It is the first time anyone in the USA knows the name of an Australian Prime minister..seriously! I am also normally a liberal voter but when you came into office & worked through and addressed most of your election promises with such ernest effort despite all set backs..& I have seen no Prime minister do that before ..I converted.I am hoping the same people who have put so much effort and money into spreading press propaganda on your personality are not the same people voting Monday. My dad told me the difference between caucus an cactus is that the pricks are on the inside & because of that I think you have a hard battle.. If they are too ego based to put you back in ( Which would be ironic) Would you please consider switching teams ;) We need our Kevvy!!

  137. I am also in the electorate of Lilley and have written to Wayne Swan pledging my support for Kevin Rudd. Perhaps he has forgotten his job is to represent the people! I too will not be voting for him if Kevin doesn't win on Monday. If you live in Lilley, pledge your support for Kevin here

  138. Did you know that many of the BER school libraries. Are not staffed by qualified teacher librarians or have sufficient resources? Read the 2011 government inquiry into the situation. What do you propose to do for education?

  139. If there was ever a party that was inwardly focussed then it is the current Labor party. The time has come to break this for the good of the nation. Kevin, Australia expects but needs you to stand up and drive them to see beyond party politics. The majority are behind you.

  140. Go Kevin!

  141. The choice on Monday is simple. Vote for Kevin Rudd making him Prime Minister or vote for Julia Gillard to be the next leader of the opposition. Julia can not defeat Tony Abbott in the next election this is fairly obvious.

    Kevin Rudd is the only Labor leader to have decisively lead the party to an election victory this decade. The 2010 election can not be considered a victory for the Labor party, it was not won with a clear majority, forcing a minority government. This was the best outcome Julia Gillard could achieve, and if the polls are to be believed, things have only become much worse. Political annihilation awaits in 2013. This can not happen.

    I hope that on Monday the caucus makes the right decision and reinstall Kevin Rudd to the role the Australian people voted him into in 2007.

    I'll leave you with one horrifying sentence that the caucus needs to keep in mind when considering this vote over the weekend...

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the new Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, Tony Abbott"

  142. We, the people will decide, one way or another. They can either listen to us now and vote you back in as OUR (the people's) leader, or they will hear our voice at the voting booths and the voice will be LOUD & CLEAR. Voter from the seat of Lilley.

  143. Good luck, I wish we. Could all have our say

  144. Hi Kevin - you're obviously a popular guy but I have a much better proposition for you.

    1. It is probably better you don't win on Monday
    2. You can then go to the backbench.
    3. But then you should have a word with your buddy Anna Bligh because this frees you up to run for Premier of Queensland and come in and ride your popularity to crushing QLD victory!
    4. You probably don't even have to resign to run for premier so you could even sit back and see the outcome of the result. Maybe you can be both premier and a sitting federal member! I'm sure you can test the rules on that one.

    Please please do this as it would be a great test of your popularity in QLD and I'm sure this option isn't even on the radar of the LNP in QLD.

  145. Your the best KRudd good on your for standing up for what you believe and what we believe please make sure you give us a referendum on the carbon tax if u get into the pm role and u can keep the mineral resources tax to the mining companys cause otherwise abbott will just push for an election and you shelved it kevin its not a good time now to be implementing several taxes so please before an election is called let us choose whether we want a carbon tax like john howard let us choose if we wanted to be independent, let us have a say in that way,
    may you have a great weekend i hope you win on monday :)

  146. It never should have been aloud to play out how it did! She's been screwing everything up ever since. I lost all respect for her when Krudd was stabbed in the back. He was doing well in the time he was in for the situation of that time. Their should have been a public vote after he finished his term. Or atleast a public vote. I miss john Howard though! But bring back Kevin to fix Julia's mess!

  147. If the people of Australia got to vote, it would be Kevin...simple...piss off Juliar

  148. As a Swing voter: Kevin I think you would have been more wise to leave that poisonous brand called the Labor Party behind. I think Julia, Simon and the others have destroyed the brand completely. Labor is no longer viable. I think you should have gone independent. That would have fixed their little red wagon. Promise me this Kevin make sure you push all the faceless men to the back bench and get rid of the factions in Labor.

  149. I was quite impressed by your performance at today's press conference, Mr Rudd, and definitely agree that you're a very convenient scapegoat for the government right now. I haven't heard the current government ever make as good and legitimate attack on Tony Abbott as you did today.

    June 2010 should never have happened, and as someone who cannot stomach the idea of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister, everything that has happened since that day has made me feel so disappointed at the talent and brains within the ALP that is being wasted. I hope this episode triggers the reform and reflection the ALP needs.

  150. If you become PM on monday, PLEASE rectify the government plans to wait in implementing an NDIS and push it through as soon as possible instead! It's a plan that supports those who truly need it, it isn't fiscally irresponsible, it benefits the economy, and it CHANGES LIVES! This is something that is truly needed!

  151. Rightly or wrongly the Public do not support JG conversely rightly or wrongly the Labor caucus do not support KR - ego's are getting in the way of common sense. In any case KR, win or lose, you lose, goes the same for the Labor party - in the eyes of the voting public to try and restore credibility and trust will take years in opposition. The best result, and I know you do not want to hear this but it was for you to make a clean break and take those backers with you to form a breakaway party. This saves the Labor Party as it stands and allows them to salvage what they can without you in the background waiting for yet another opportunity. On the flip side it gives you an opportunity to build a legacy for you, your supporters and a new vision for the country. If Bob Katter and Bob Brown can do it why not someone with substance and strong public support? Anyway I know you are fixated on being loyal to the Labor party notwithstanding they don't share the same feeling for you - Good luck KG perhaps we will see you in a consulate position in the near future.

  152. A few weeks ago, a 22 year old with an eating disorder was turned away from headspace, and other local NGO's and NFP's because she was "too severe". She was also turned away from hospital because she wasn't severe enough. Better Access has been cut...

    There are children in this country waiting over 12 months for a wheelchair. A basic "right" to leave their house safely. A basic "right" to mobility. Children FFS.

    Federal politicians can do more good in one day than some of us can do in a lifetime. And yet this display of backstabbing, gossipy, high school bullshit persists.

    I like what I've seen of you Sir. I really do. And heaven help us if Abbott gets in, given the only thing he's apparently good for is a toddler style "NO" tantrum, regardless of what is on the table. But after Monday, could the whole lot of you pull your socks up, and start doing your jobs? I understand that the majority of Australia has never had it so good, but some Australians are struggling - drowning - and this shit just makes me want to bitch slap the lot of you.

    Most of this??? It doesn't matter. Shelter matters. Food matters. Health matters. Ensuring kids aren't abused matters. High school political bullshit can wait don't you think?

  153. I'm appalled by the vitriol currently being directed at you - it only helps the opposition. Please don't descend to their level and history will judge you well, regardless of the outcome on Monday.

    I think you are right in that the PM is denying her own role in the government's current position and preferring instead to paint you as the sole architect of her failure.

  154. He's who we voted for and the only one capable of defeating the Coalition.

    I would vote for Kevin, but not for Julia

  155. We need a leader who can deliver passion and motivation. Someone who can hold a crowd and be genuine in delivering a message.

    That leader is you.

    (I've never been against a carbon tax, but anyone who comes out and has the balls to say they won't be implementing one, then within weeks does a u-turn - laughable).

  156. Good Luck Kevin. I'm only sorry this hasn't happened earlier. Kevin Eleven (like Kevin 07) has a much better ring to it!

  157. Kevin Rudd you are a media whore and an egomaniac. We don't need you in Politics in Australia. You will go down leaving a bad taste in the mouths of all Australian voters. You would have been at home in the Roman Empire with backstabbing & grandstanding as a daily ritual. I for one am completely over your pathetic selfish agenda, Now fuck off and crawl back into your hole.

    1. The People's choice - enough said.

  158. Let's do a trade like in the footy teams, the Liberal can have Rudd, The ALP will take Turnbull back.

  159. You are a disgrace to the ALP with your leaking and sabotage of the campaign in 2010. You admitted as much today with your sudden deep concern for journalists protecting their sources. Something to hide? You should join the LNP as your actions are doing more to assist them. Farewell Captain Chaos. Stop wrecking our Party.

    1. You are off the mark, but I do think Kev should admit some personal weaknesses / mistakes to show he will improve and continue to add to his achievements as PM,

      Julia is so bad it's ridiculous - no trust, a following lower than almost any other PM and a voice that is horrendous

    2. And who released the youtube video of Kevin? Get real, the puppet masters are the ones that hide in the shadows.

    3. Our party' you say? Hmmmm..... How about 'OUR PM' that we ie 'THE PEOPLE of AUSTRALIA' voted for?????

  160. Go get 'em on Monday.

    What a travesty that 70 to 80% of the general population want you back.

    Wish that figure was reflected among the partyroom.

    Hope it might change over the weekend !

    N. Bromhead Mackay

  161. Paul Keating was the smartest Prime Minister of Australia. He lay a good function for Australian economy, that Liberal got the credit for under John Howard.

    Paul Keating was treasury and good that his work. Bob Hawake put Paul Keating on backbench.

    Bob Hawke make a big stuff up in the Labour party. Which Paul Keating didn't agree with him.

    Paul Keating over throw Bob Hawke out out of office, for creating a lot damage to Australia.

    The best Prime Minister of Australia are

    Alfred Deakin
    John Curtin
    Ben Chifley
    John McEwen
    Paul Keating
    Kevin Rudd

  162. Our prayers are with you Sir for your success in general, and your victory come Monday!
    As a Carer for an ageing mom who is suffering from Dymentia, I know and TRUST you will do right by your promises.
    Australia is counting on you, go Krudd!

  163. Well there i was listening to Gillard(Guillotine) saying how she was sick of backroom chats going on behind her back,what did i miss something when she did this exact thing not so long ago to Kevin Rudd. Wake up ya Peacock we voted for him and he should still be there.I am sure if he made mistakes he has learned by them as we all do afterall he is only more human than you backdoor bandits who crave power.If you keep selling real Australia out then you will get what is coming real soon i reckon.The only reason Gillard got in at election time is there is no choice, thats why it really was a hung parliament.Wake up you idiots Mr Rudd is the only choice that we the people want,not the portion of backstabbers in the party or the sad ratbag that the opposition are blindly believing in.You go for it Kevin.You got every real Australian i know barracking for you

  164. On your side since 2007. You're our only hope against Abbott. You have my ADMIRATION, my TRUST, and my HOPE. Go KRudd!!

  165. StopKiddingYourself24 February 2012 at 23:20

    Kevin Rudd you were and remain hopelessly out of touch with reality - your only objective when PM was to innundate the electorate with "announcements" and in turn sustain a high have undermined your own party revealing a disgusting lust for power. The only honorable thing for you to do is to resign from the party (a party you clearly haven't cared about for some time) and let the Gillard government have the opportunity to govern..I believe she has been a sound (not great) leader who, unlike you Kevin, is obvioulsy very tough and has conviction.