Friday, 24 February 2012

Transcript of Press Conference - Brisbane Airport, Queensland

Well it's good to be back home. It's good to be back home here in Queensland and it's good to be back home with Therese and the family.

These are important days for the country and so it's important that we have some plain speaking about our country's future.

What's our vision for Australia's future? Well mine hasn't changed one bit in all the years I've been in public life. My vision is very simple.

How do we prepare Australia for the huge challenges that we face in the future given the uncertain world in which we live, and how do we do so in a way which never ever throws the fair go, as I used to say, out the back door. That's what it's about. That's our vision. And in practical terms that guides my action in public life.

That's not Mr Abbott's vision for the future. It just isn't.

If I look at Mr Abbott it's like he's got his head buried in a different age - maybe the 19th century or maybe the first half of the 20th but certainly not the 21st.

But on top of that I also think of a Mr Abbott who was the Minister who oversaw the implementation of WorkChoices which is the biggest assault on the Australian fair go I think this country has ever seen.

So, the key question for us all is this - for the last 12 months Mr Abbott has been on track to become Prime Minister of Australia in a landslide.

It's not just in the last few days, not for just the last few weeks, not in the last few months - for the last 12 months. I think everyone knows that.

So, the core question for my Parliamentary colleagues and I believe for the Australian people, is who is best equipped to defeat Mr Abbott at the upcoming election but more importantly, to prevent him from inflicting his prescription on Australia's future? That's the core question.

In politics, as you know, trust and confidence is everything.

And it's critical that whoever leads our country has this trust and confidence of the Australian people.

So the core question for the members of the Australian Parliamentary Labor Party, the core question for the Australian people right now is whether they believe that the Prime Minister continues to have the trust and confidence of the Australian people.

Because if you don't have that, you know something? You can't do anything else. You just can't do anything else.

Ultimately, of course, this is not a question of personalities and who you like and dislike, it's a question of vision, of policy, and of trust and confidence in which all of that is constructed.

When I last spoke to the media, in a different continent, I outlined areas of core policy where I have a different view to that of the current Prime Minister - how we go about the core business of restoring business confidence and providing support for small business through tax reform; how we build Australian manufacturing industry in the future; how also on top of that we deal with the future reform of the health and hospital system.

Because that's core to families wherever you go in country, who frankly don't care about politics, they just want to know if the hospital system works. And you know, they're right to have that basic expectation. 

Whether the education system in schools is delivering for their kids to face challenges which none of you in this room will face. The challenges of 10 and 20 years time - maths, science, languages - those things which will actually define whether our country has a future or not.

And of course in business closer to home for us, how to reform the Australian Labor Party so it is, as Australia's oldest continuing political party, not a creature of factions and power of factions and faceless men, but a party which responds to the people. The people.

And I suppose what I'd conclude on is, before I take what I anticipate might be a few questions, is this ultimately is a question of people power. Ultimately it's a question of people power.

Though I've just returned to Australia and I've not seen all the shenanigans of the last few days, it's quite plain to me that what I see from the faceless men is the same shock and awe tactics that I seem to remember being deployed during the leadership coup of June 2010.

That is, you deploy a whole bunch of people to go out there and launch a massive set of personality attacks in order to create this sense of inevitable momentum. And also on top of that, I begin to see reports in this morning's media about threats being made to individual MPs pre-selections. I don't think that's the Australian way.

And my appeal to the Australian Parliamentary Labor Party colleagues and to the Australian people is that this is a decision which requires very careful, careful thinking. You know, the Prime Ministership of this country is not something to be dealt with lightly. Certainly not something to be dealt with in a midnight coup which is what happened 18 months ago. It's something which affects everybody in this country.

And so, what I'm saying directly to the Australian people is if you have a strong view on the future Prime Ministership of the country then your power as the people is what will count in the days ahead. Pick up your telephone, speak to your local members of Parliament tell them what you think, jump into the media tell them what you think because this is your country. It doesn't belong to the factions of the Labor Party.

It's your country and where we go will therefore shape the challenges of small business down the road here in Tingalpa as much as it will shape the future of the economy at large. It will affect the local P&Cs and P&Fs. It will affect all those people meeting around their workplaces today wondering whether they're going to have to face WorkChoices Mark II.
So therefore, these are decisions which have to be taken very carefully. And so, when everyone gets a bit bamboozled by the shock and awe tactics of wow, here's an avalanche of attacks, Kevin Rudd is the Antichrist incorporated and if not the son of Satan then at least the grandson of  Satan, just have a little pause for thought - it may not quite be like that - there might even be a vested interest in play in putting those views forward.

These are questions requiring careful deliberation decision and therefore I'd say to the Australian people, you're not powerless in this; you're very powerful and let's have your voice heard. Because the only way - the only way in which political change can occur within the Australian Labor Party is through the power of the people reflected through their local members of Parliament.

To conclude, my core challenge for the Prime Minister is this - I've seen the reports about individual MPs having their pre-selection threatened. This happened in the coup of June of 2010. In other words, you either vote for what the faction tells you or we'll knock you out of Parliament. That's un-Australian.

So, my challenge to the Prime Minister is to provide a public guarantee today that any sitting Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives and in the Senate will be guaranteed of their pre-selection again so that they have that fear removed from them. And having said those few things, I'll take a few questions.

QUESTION:       Are you nominating on Monday Mr Rudd?

KEVIN RUDD:     I said when I left the United States that I'd be making a statement on that on my return to Australia. I've been back in the country now for 30 minutes. My political opponents have had a good 24 hours and probably longer head start on me to talk to Parliamentary colleagues. I've spoken to a few, I've been very encouraged by that.

I will be making a statement definitively on this late today after I've spoken to my colleagues.

QUESTION: If you challenge on Monday and lose and go to the backbench will you remain a happy little vegemite there and not challenge again?

KEVIN RUDD:     Well, we're going to deal with all those questions when we make a statement on the challenge itself but my view is pretty simple –  you've just got to be upfront about being a candidate for the Australian Labor Party and not make, I think, unbelievable promises.

Let me just give you an example. I seem to remember someone putting their hand on their heart for about three months in the lead up to June of 2010 and saying that she would never ever challenge for the leadership of the Australian Labor Party. I do seem to remember that happening.

So, can I just say I'll address those things later on.

Next question?

QUESTION:       Mr Rudd, the Prime Minister…

KEVIN RUDD:     Then to you Matthew.

QUESTION:       The Prime Minister has asked you to categorically rule out another challenge if you put your hand up and you fail on Monday. Will you do that? She's done it, will you?

KEVIN RUDD:     I'll address those questions when I make a statement on my future later today so just hold your horses.

QUESTION:       Mr Rudd, the key charges against you from your opponents are that you sabotaged the 2007 election and that you ran a dysfunctional and chaotic government and that basically Julia Gillard had to cover your back for - during the dying days of your administration.

Did you leak or in any way sabotage the 2010 election? And is the Prime Minister's claim true that she had to prop you up?

KEVIN RUDD:     Both of those claims are fundamentally untrue.

On the 2010 election, let's just call a spade a spade -  I seem to remember that we had about five different campaign teams in that 2010 election which culminated in the revelation of the real Julia.

I also note for a fact that the party's fully independent review of the conduct of the 2010 election campaign has been kept under lock and key apart from that one chapter which apparently had something critical to say about me. That's the first point.

On the second point about the nature of the administration, can I just make a very simple point?  How do you think, friends, that we all got through the global financial crisis? This was the most systematic effort in government administration involving Cabinet committees and sub-committees and working groups on every element of the economy down to the financial flows available to businesses and to the liquidity to the banks through to the overall need to provide guarantees for individual Australians' bank deposits.

How do you think we did that? A systematic set of Cabinet decisions and working groups which culminated in decisions that we took. These have been documented. So let's not get carried away with a hyperbole.

I will make one observation though, and it's been reported.
A question you should put to the Prime Minister is that when the final back-down on national health and hospitals reform occurred, did that occur on the basis of a full written Cabinet submission or a bit of an oral brief which was in fact partly misleading? I'd just put that question out there.

So, can I say…?

QUESTION:       [Inaudible question]

KEVIN RUDD:     I'll just leave that question for the Prime Minister to answer because it's a fair question.

Take another example, the National Broadband Network, it’s pretty fundamental to the future of the country, big item of government expenditure of some controversy in various parts of the Australian media. That was taken as the product of multiple meetings of the relevant Cabinet committees on all of the technological, cost and economic impact dimensions flowing from a decision worth tens of billions of dollars. This is a systematic exercise in public administration as have been all the key decisions of policy taken through my administration.

Can I just say, after the coup of June of 2010, do you think there might have been a bit of a vested interest on the part of some to post-facto, after the event, justify their actions in the coup by then demonising the guy who ran the country up until that point?

I'm not saying, and to answer your question Matthew, that I'm captain perfect. I've had a few things to say about that before. I think, measured against my predecessors in office - Prime Minister Keating, Prime Minister Hawke - I think we've all had a few flaws. You know, I'm among them. But you know, be very careful of the spin machine of the faceless men in basically a systematic campaign of character assassination in order to justify actions already taken for other purpose.

You haven't had a question.

QUESTION:       Mr Rudd, a number of your ministerial colleagues have come out and publicly slammed you. If you do put your name forward to run, how are you going to win them over? How will you work with them and will you remove them from a ministerial portfolio?

KEVIN RUDD:     Let me say this because I still have a statement to make later in the day about what I'll be doing precisely. But you know, when I look back on previous contests for the leadership of the Australian Labor Party, or for that matter the most recent one in the Liberal Party between Mr Costello - sorry, between Mr Turnbull and Mr Abbott, the public statements made by a whole bunch of ministers were not exactly full of friendship and cordiality either.

Let's have a bit of historical context here.

When you've got a big decision like the future of the party's leadership up for stake and people legitimately, and sometimes illegitimately, put forward passionate views. And what happens the day after is that the major political parties then bind together and bind themselves internally, I should say, to fight the next fight in the electoral contest. So let's just put that into its historical context.

The second thing is, you ask about the future of the Government. My view has always been that you need a government of all the talents.

Now, you want an example of that? In 2006 and 2007 when I became leader of the Parliamentary Labor Party and then Prime Minister, I had a whole bunch of people in senior positions who had campaigned viciously against my decision to run for the ALP leadership in December of 2006. What was my response? I put every one of them into senior positions within the Shadow Cabinet and maintained that during the transition to Cabinet.

I think it's important to look at a person's behaviour over time and how I've dealt with some of these challenges - because that was a pretty willing campaign.


QUESTION:       You're saying you can work with Wayne Swan again?

KEVIN RUDD:     Well my position with Mr Swan, despite some of the pretty colourful things that he's had to say in recent days, is that, you know, I think it's important to have a government of all the talents. And I think that's the right and responsible course of action. Because, you know, the country needs everyone pulling in the same direction and it doesn't mean that you're going to agree on everything but it means that you've got to pull things together.

I am however, you know, pretty disappointed by just the level of intense negativity and the basic shock and awe tactics that we've seen before.

One last question from Michael - Michael Gordon please because he hasn't asked a question - from The Age. And I know you're a long way south of the Tweed and the Murray but welcome to Queensland.

QUESTION:       Thank you. On the night of the coup, were you given any commitment that you would be given more time to address the concerns of colleagues, a commitment that was subsequently broken?

KEVIN RUDD:     That's correct.

What happened on the night of the coup in June of 2010 was a couple of things.

The first was, I had been given no prior notice by the deputy… then Deputy Prime Minister of her future course of action. I think we now know from the Four Corners program that that course of action had been anticipated for a while. And I think the Prime Minster's response to that question Four Corners said a lot.

In the discussions which occurred that evening, it was explicitly agreed in the presence of an impartial observer that we would work through those challenges, that she had then at that time for the first time put to me, and then revisit the question before the election was due later in 2010.

Ten minutes later Julia came back in the room and said all bets are off, that agreement doesn't hold, I'm challenging.

So can I just say in the fullness of history folks, there's a fair bit of shall I say retrospective reinvention of what's gone on. And I just conclude on this, because I do have to go and have a few moments with Therese - no one in politics is perfect. Sometimes we get things wrong. I'm like that, I've said some of the things I've got wrong. But you know we've got a hell of a lot of things right and there's many, many things still to be done for the country's future.

And so, I think these are important decisions for the days ahead, obviously. But I think what I'm saying to you loud and clear is that given the factional fire power of the faceless men and given the shock and awe tactics of negative assault that you see through the media today and in recent days, that it's very important for everyone in the Parliamentary party to sit back, take a deep breath, have a think about it.

But I'm saying also to the Australian people, you have a voice in this too. After all, the Prime Ministership of the country is something which is provided and gifted by the Australian people, not by the factions of the Australian Labor Party.

Folks, gotta zip.  Okay.


  1. If they don't give you your job back, they don't get my vote. Simple as that. I'll vote for you, not either of the other 2.

    Gillard and Abbott, on one hand you have the removal of workers rights, on the other you have economical ruin. Slavery and Ruin.

  2. Kevin, I am a Coalition voter, but even so, I feel for you in the way you've been treated.

    However, on my side of the parties, I'd rather see a different make-up of those around the top of it. But we have what we have and I look forward to a great weekend of motor sports at Phillip Island while you and yours try to get back to the top, so that we can have another shot at putting Labor back into Opposition with a run off between those who the Public actually voted in on your side, as I do not like the current make-up as it gives Bob Browns' Greens too much leverage.

  3. Kevin I'm behind you 100% and believe you are best places to lead our party to a successful election. I hope and pray you build momentum over the weekend and are successful Monday. I've never liked the way you were ousted as PM. Good luck. I will keep you in my prayers. If only the people and not the caucus could decide your fate things would be simpler. But I know you can do it! Christian M.

  4. Go Kevin! The people are behind you!

  5. Hawthorne Resident24 February 2012 at 16:30

    Please check out my longer comment at your Australia Day post, but in summary - no, the people are not behind you. What happened to you was "politics". Get over it - why are you so thin skinned? Your retribution politics is just causing massive harm to the governing party and it will likely lead to the outcome that none of us on the left want (Abbott in power).When you lose on Monday try and be a big boy and stay on the back bench and behave because every vote counts. If you decide not to run and be a spoiler then that is totally reprehensible and morally corrupt. For goodness sakes, we are talking about which party is in power here, not who is PM. Sorry, but you have totally lost me, and anecdotally most of my friends and colleagues. Maybe we will be able to see you in your office from time to time once you are a back bencher? I tried from time to time but you were always too busy. Such is the life of a PM and FM.

    1. Comes to something when we can't tell a Labor caucus supporter from an Abbott supporter. But then it's much the same thing these days. Don't you get it? The people ultimately control politics in a Democracy not little power factions.
      Best of luck Kevin - the peoples choice.

    2. Politics: sham acting of the people who actually face the camera by political puppeteers to confuse the masses of sheep in Australia.

      Mr Kevin Rudd is learning the harshness of their strings...

      Please Mr. Kevin Rudd show the sheep and the puppeteers what you are made of. I voted for you twice and will vote for you again

  6. I'm sorry, but as an Ausstralian voter who helped you become Prime Minister, I would not vote for you again Mr Rudd, with all due respect for you as previous Prime Minister and a generally good human being. I voted for you once but I believe your challlenge is based mostly on sour grapes and some misguided encouragement, but that you believe genuinely you are doing this altuistically and for the good of the nation. Perhaps like Luke Skywalker, only you can challenge Darth Vader and win the next election. Seriously? Julia Gillard can give Tony Abbott a run for his money any day of the week. What is transpiring now is very destructive and dangerous for the ALP and not based purely on the good of Australia. Julie Gillard only became PM because she had the support of your colleagues, and there were serious issues, otherwise it would never have happened. Politics is a fickle game and often not fair, but the ALP will NOT win the next election if they continue to play swap the leader. Julia Gillard has a lot yet to accomplish but she has strength to see it through. I have a newfound respect for her and I hope the Caucus support her strongly on Monday. Unfortunately the people don't have a say as many of the caucus will no doubt vote on a personal basis and it will become a numbers game. They are human after all. What Julia Gillard needs to be a truly effective PM is for those disruptive factions of the ALP to leave their egos and self interest at the door for the greater good, band together and support her in any way possible to keep the ALP in power. And then get on with the job. I will now only vote for a Gillard government. If you are voted in on Monday, I will vote Greens at the next election for the first time ever. Like another of the comments on this blog, many of my family and friends who were staunch labour/Rudd supporters seem equally as disappointed in what is now playing out. Many of these people are in your electorate. I think you may find on closer analysis that the Australian People, outside of the much needed apology to our Indigenous Australians, were generally not so impressed with your leadership as PM. Rhetoric and spin does not run a country Mr Rudd. I wish you well in every other respect but for the sake of Australia and the ALP, I hope common sense prevails on Monday.

    1. The only disruptive, egotistical self interested factions in the ALP are the ones that colluded to dump Rudd in the first place
      they now control Gillard

    2. Sorry, this is nonsense. Kevin Rudd is doing the only sensible thing in the face of a certain Abbott victory next year. Kevin Rudd, with the support of those who care, is the only chance Labor has. It can't be easy for Mr Rudd to be tainted by the same brush that created caucus's Gillard, but this has to be done if we truly want to keep that idiot Abbott out.

  7. Kevin, good luck - but if you do happen to not get the numbers needed, then split off and form your own party. Be the "new labour" party (or some better name of course). Act as an opposition to the "old labour" party. Reestablish true democratic ideals, remove the ability for the faceless men, etc. I believe only you could do this - it takes a very clever and strong person to do such thing. Besides, I think you would get a massive support base Australia wide.. So in summary, forget the old ALP, form a new ALP that you lead, and write a new constitution for it so that it can never be hijacked again. Cheers..

    1. Yes, that would be my second choice of outcome too. The poms tried "New Labour" and stuffed that name up though. Perhaps Kevin could lead the Nullarbor party (at least we'd get the country vote). Better yet "True Labor", get Malcolm Turnbull in as well. Together they'd wipe the floor with any opposition.

  8. Mr Rudd, the Australian people are behind you. You have always known what you are doing. You have always been worthy of holding office as PM.

  9. I'm doing what you asked me do to do Kevvy. You're dreaming. Grow up. Get over it. Shame you just gave away the best job you ever had will ever get.

    1. Besides the fact he was the Prime Minister...

  10. Mr Rudd, I've emailed to you and Mr Doug Cameron my support as I voted for you in Armidale in 2008. I don't know what the Independant Member from Armidale is saying about supporting Julia Gillard but I voted you and I want you to be back as Prime Minister.

  11. The leader of the country needs to have integrity, not coming from the Labor party. The more the Prime Minister is alleging, the worse off she is looking in the public eye and those Ministers who are supporting her seems to have helped in the coup, then. I will not vote again for Labor.

  12. Good luck next week. I have often likened Julia Gillard and her cohorts to tuck shop ladies that somehow ended up running the school. How you did and can can work with these people is beyond me. I don't think you will have enough numbers to topple Gillard but Abbott will so hang in there and maybe think about leading in opposition. The current house of reps is a cluster fuck anyway. And yes I swear too.

  13. If the people voted for a PM the party should not be able to chose to contest and vote for the next PM. Contest away but the people must vote again. Mr Rudd please do not give up and learn from what has happens so it does not happen again. Please be strong, tough but nice and select a leadership style that will inspire your followers to want to help you acheive your goals to make a better Australia. If you gain their respect and are firm but respectful they will want to do anything to help you.

  14. Dear Kevin,

    Just a few lines to extend to you my wholehearted support for your decision to contest the leadership of the Labor party this coming Monday, please also accept my best wishes for an outcome in your, and thereby the nation's favour.

    Like the majority of Australians' in 2010 I was appalled by the actions of a small number of your collegues which precipitated in your forced decision to resign both the leadership of the ALP and the Primeministership
    In 2012 again like the majority of Australians' I stand appalled at the indecent public demonization that you have suffered
    at the hands of your fellows over the last few days.

    Make no mistake Kevin, Prime Minister Gillard has issued you the challenge to contest, not the reverse, you have every right in this democratic nation to take that challenge, or not as you see fit.
    Should it transpire that you are not able to muster enough support to win the ballot, I urge you not to accept the Prime Minister's terms that you must denounce any further leadership ambitions that you may have. Ambitions have a rightful place in a democracy, and forcing you to accept those terms belies a sinister Dictatorship. I believe that a Gillard Government will fall, at, or before the 2013 election and I believe that the nation will call upon your leadership very soon

    Kind regards and again my Best wishes

    Kevin H

  15. I back u all the way Kevin Rudd. Gillard has done nothing to help the people of Australia. All she has done is lied and broken promise after promise. The longer Gillard and her puppets are there the worest this country is going to get. It is time for the rubbish to be taken out. Kevin if you do get back in here are some things you reall need to work on. They are as follow education, health, employment , inforstructure (roads), interest rates etc etc. Kevin Rudd I wish you all the bed the best and hope u can take the rubbish out

  16. Wonderful speech Kevin- best of luck on Monday, I'm behind you 100%.

  17. the alp website demonstrates the closed, factionalised, defensive and introverted nature of the party.
    I have always voted labor. Perhaps for the last time.
    If Julia is leader, then I vote for Campbell. Sorry Anna.
    Depending on how edifying the federal laedership process plays out then I might have to vote for a budgie smuggler. I could not stand the green/independents having any more airtime.

  18. Wonderful selection of informed? comments. So these people actually elected Kevin Rudd as PM - quite an achievement in our system. I've voted for the ALP all of my adult life and will continue to - even if Mr Rudd is somehow successful on Monday. Todays press conference showcased Kevin's communication skills but also his complete unsuitability to be the leader of a country. Mr Rudd, it is NOT just all about you and you are Not the Messiah.

    1. He's not the Messiah he's just a naughty boy!
      a naughty boy who, like Whitlam and Hawke was and is the right person to lead this great nation
      a naughty boy who has currently the support of 80%plus of the Australian public, a fact that the factional puppeteers in caucus will ignore on Monday.
      It is not Kevin Rudd who is disruptive, egotistical self interested it is the party room power brokers

    2. Please don't put Whitlam and Hawke in the same sentence... Totally different Labour PMs.

      Whitlam being the better of the two.

      Mr. Kevin Rudd would know the history of Whiltam's downfall, lets hope, Mr. Kevin Rudd knows those downfalls and has a strong body of co-workers to shield his back.

  19. This is one of the funniest moments in Australian politics - watching politicians from the same side publicly sledging each other. The ALP has lost the plot and Kevin you haven't fooled anyone, your motivations are entirely personal. I've seen you in action in the PMO and the public will never know the true you, but what the insiders say abouit your behaviour is certainly true. Give it up and do the right thing by the ALP and the punters on the street. I know you don't respect the punters but maybe for once you could do the right thing and walk away.

  20. The truth will always be the truth and a lie is always a lie! We need good leadership no matter what political party is in power.
    Honesty and integrity is the only way Australia can move forward. We need our leaders to be above reproach, full of positive energy that can stabilise the economy. Confidence in our politicians is so important for business to continue to grow and create new wealth and job creation. Good on you for standing up for what's right.

    1. Agreement and well said.

  21. A man as intelligent as you are would not have jumped on this particular wave if you weren't very sure of its height and speed, the water temperature and most importantly know that you would be safe from the harm of any sharks or perilous reefs that may be lurking under the water. You will undoubtedly have considered all your moves, have a plan, and we your supporters must not fear for you but rally behind you as you have requested.

    I believe in you, Mr Rudd. A family man, blessed with the love, respect and support of a community and a country. Thank you for all you have done for us in your life of service and thank you for standing up for us now against the bullies that threaten to further undermine our financial security and our way of life.

    You are the very best example of an Aussie 'mate'. You've always had our backs and I want to assure you that now, in your time of need, we have yours.

    Keep being brilliant, Mr Rudd. I am so inspired by your integrity and courage.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly

  22. Is Tony Abbott advising you? He's doing a great job of getting you to say and do all the right things to get a voter voting Liberal! What are you thinking?! You are so pro Liberal in everything you are saying and doing against the Labour party. I hope that you resign your seat on Monday and maybe Tony might have a job for you. After all you've just managed to get him a heap if more votes. Hope your proud.

  23. You don't care about Australia-you care about yourself! How embarrassing for Australia to have the Foreign Minister resign on the world stage! You have shamed Australia and embarrassed a nation with your selfishness. The work is ridiculing Australia because of your unprofessionalism. You are unable to fulfil your role as Foreign Minister with respect and integrity. I am starting to understand why your colleges voted you out in 2010. You are an embarrassment to this nation and you have proved that to the world in the last week.

  24. and there we have the truth in one line It was Mr Rudds collegues who forced him out of his leadership and prime ministership not the voters of
    A true patriot resigning his position on the world stage to contest the leadership of his nation is nowhere near as embarrassing on the world stage as a blow job from an intern or bunga bunga party's at a nation's expense

    the world already respects Mr Rudd

  25. Dear Mr Rudd,

    Good luck for Monday, should get it put off to Friday.

    These Labor "values" Julia supports really amount to unions getting their way on everything.

    Change all that garbage when you get the top job.

    1. Remember unions are made up of real working people, the very same people who got rid of Howard in' 07! We voted Labor, not Rudd!

  26. Kevin,

    Play the Republican card against Abbott in the next election. Gillard has been a great Ambassador for change by showing how useless our current constitutional monarchy can be.

    Ian T.

  27. Kevin

    They're a "Brood of Vipers and Whited Sepulchres", my thoughts are with you as I note are the majority of all thinking Aussies - why should we believe this time, they lied the first time!

  28. Have a thought for those with disabilities. The vote next election is based on it. We are interested in having the NDIS implemented and Better Access expanded permanently. If the public mental health was not so badly managed we could use it but we can't

  29. Kevin Rudd best of luck for Monday. Your hard work and diligence on behalf of all Australian should be applauded. You are our best hope in taking it to Abbott. Your courage in resisting the pressures of the faceless men is inspiring... even if you lose on Monday, hang in there champ!!!

  30. All the best for Monday. I have already written to my federal and state Labor members expressing my views on who should be leading Labor to the next federal election - you. I hope they will listen to their constituents.

  31. This is the best Conservative web site I've ever written to. Keep up the good work, Kevin, and if you are not elected to replace Julia Gillard next week, please seriously consider a move to the Liberal Party. You know that's your natural place. Tony Abbott is a creature just waiting to explode if he ever gets to be PM, so by moving to the other side's benches - they may even make you shadow spokesman for Foreign Affairs, but you'll need to scratch Julie Bishop's eyes out first - you'll be able to continue your campaign for self-agrandisement. Labor will probably boot you out of the party anyway, so what have you got to lose?

  32. Good luck for Monday. If you lose the ballot, you should resign from both the Labor Party and Parliment which will then force an election and give the people what they want.. a Prime Minister elected by the people of Australia.

    1. Better still, announce this prior to the ballot and see if it changes the position of various colleges

    2. Yes we will get the PM we want when Julia wins the next election.

  33. Good luck for Monday my husband and I have been labor supporters for over 35 years if Gillard wins we won't be voting labor in the next election.You are the only person who can defeat Abbott in the next election

  34. You need to seek help for your egotisical, narcissistic, megolmania. You need to learn people are the most important resource in any organisation. Treating people like shit won't get you anywhere least of all PM. Put your self in treatment.

  35. Where is Kevins' support for the First Mothers, can we hear his thoughts on the Wednesdays Senate committee on Adoptions

  36. Hello Kevin,I hope you read this and gain hope in a rather hope - less situation, Personally I am thoroughly disgusted in the antics in Parliment , all the sledging, posturing and childish behaviours have sickened me to the extent that I had begun to lose faith altogether.

    Without setting off a stream of replies to this I want to say I am glad you believe in GOD, it is not important to me which religion you are, it is none of my business. But at least with a PM that has a Faith in something bigger and more powerful than their own ego we might have a chance to recover as a country.

    You rolled up your pants and walked INTO the water in the floods to help your fellow Australians, you know you are not God or the Messiah and that you don't walk ON it!!!

    I watched you say Sorry to the indigenous people and I saw how you really felt about that amends, it was from your heart.I watched the tears on the faces of many many fellow Australians that day and I have seen how you treat our Elders with respect not patronisation.

    I want to say, as a woman that I am a supporter of yours, you have a heart, you have children, pets, you CARE about the "common people".

    I am not politically astute, I believe in equal rights for men and women and would have liked to have had a vote and my own voice in having a female Prime Minister...and I would NOT EVER have voted for Gillard.

    I do NOT believe that the way she became the leader of our country was Fair and Just in any way.

    It meant that my vote did not matter and that I did not have a voice.

    I have asked every woman I have come in contact with if they like her......simple question.............with a simple straightforward answer.......No......Not one woman said yes.

    She does not "appeal" to the women I spoke to,

    Their next comments ranged from:

    She's too cold...........She doesn't believe in God...That cuts down on the votes of the believers.......She doesn't have can she relate to young mothers, aged parents caring for grandchildren or disabled adult children ...Why isn't she married...She won't support homosexual marriages - she loses the vote of any mother of a homosexual child in love.......She wouldn't adopt a pound pet and needed one from a "Puppy farm" despite requests/pleads not to do that...All people who are animal rescue volunteers know the conditions surrounding this matter. She has too much botox and too many "power suits"...women who are struggling to just make it through the day looking half decent cannot relate to her.

    The vote of the "common woman" speaks volumes..we relate to approachability not just the fact that she is our first female PM
    (Through default)

    When/If the time comes for a female PM I would rather have Anna Bligh as an example of an Australian woman, she is a woman who other women can and probably would relate to and support.

    To be shafted in front of a whole country by a God-less, cold hearted, undermining woman would have been humiliating, but you walked away from that day with dignity and poise, Well done.
    Not all women are like Gillard, she is NOT representative of our average voting women

    Stay the distance Kevin,If your motives are for the good of our country and not cold hearted revenge, It will turn out for the best.

    Keep on the firing line of life with these motives Kevin and He will keep you unharmed.

    1. Well I'm one of many woman I know who do like Julia Gillard. She issued a challenge the other day to K Rudd for all journalists to publish anything derogatory she had said about K Rudd and nobody published anything. K Rudd could not and would not issue the same challenge. Belief in God needs to at least be based in truth - sorry but I don't believe K Rudd is based in truth. He has been udermining his party and leader at every chance. The bruised ego is a very dangerous thing - and definitely not worthy of being PM - how about the actual grandstanding announcing his resignation in the US - the audacity....

  37. G'day Kevin, when you announced you would tackle mizz Gillard for the leadership, my fiancée was so happy she literally wept, fair dinkum.

    We've emailed our federal ALP candidate for Lyne, and made our wishes known, in 34 years of voting labour my last vote was informal, with the words pencilled across my ballot form in bold stating "Rudd or no one", I don't want to repeat that action again, good luck for Monday Kevin, win this and make us happy li'l vegemites again.
    all our support, Steve and Trisha

  38. Mr Rudd, I am one of the many Labor voters who helped you get into government in 07. But I didn't vote for you, I voted to get rid of HoWARd and his anti worker government! I was not unhappy when Ms Gillard took over as PM as I believe all you are interested in, is yourself. You have proved that time and time again, especially over the past few days. If you are successful on Monday I vow never to support Labor again. Unfortunately we are going to have a NOalition government all because of your ego. I don't suppose you will care about my comments as I have no doubt you would sell out your own family for the sake of a headline. Here's hoping Julia triumphs on Monday. Don Greer. Morphett Vale. SA.

    1. Hi Don, I have to agree with you - all KRUdd has done is totally undermine Julia all the way. She is a very intelligent, determined woman. Male egos just can't seem to cope with that. I too will NOT vote Labour with KRUdd and I hope and pray that Julia wins the day. THen that KRUdd will take his waffle and dirty tactics with him to the backbench and stay there. You 'happy little vegemite'

  39. Dear Mr Rudd,

    Thankyou for taking up the challenge to become Prime Minister. I wish you all the best and my thoughts are with you and your family and supporters.

    Mr Rudd, I was a Labor voter and I switched my vote to the Liberal Party at the 2010 election because of
    the way they treated you in 2010.

    If Julia Gillard remains with her agenda to legalise same sex marriage , I will not vote for Labor.

    I will also not vote Labor again if the Gonski Review takes away funding from Catholic and Independent schools. With this I hope you wil bring sum change Mr Rudd.

    Taking away funding from Catholic, Anglican and other Independant schools across Australia is an agenda of the Greens. It is the final nail in the coffin for having freedom in Australia in a Judaeo Christian lifestyle. I hope a new Rudd Government can start with the ACT on these concerns I have, and get back to restoring Australian values and morals, which have founded this country. Goodluck God speed on Monday.

    regards Ruben Batemans Bay NSW 2536

    1. Adam and eve not Adam and Steve. Get real about marriage.

    2. Why do you care if Rudd is PM, you admitted you vote Liberal. You deserve what you get.

  40. Why don't you "zip" off forever you ego maniac. You're going to make Abbott PM and you know it.

    1. You all should really start thinking about how embarrassing it would be to have a wing nut as a PM. Kev has a vision .... Go Kev

    2. Ha ! Abbott the next PM what a joke ! Rudd or a Dud there's no real choice

      Go for it Kevin

  41. If its not you at the helm then Abbott gets my vote, as disappointing as that is to say. MPs need to do what's best for us, not because you have been human and brain snapped and they can't handle that! Wish you the best, get rid of the star spangled ranga x

  42. Go Kevin.....our family is right behind you. After your wife and daughter appears on TV asking the public to speak to their local MP's, that is what we went and did. Just hope it works for you mate. Things haven't been the same since you were pushed out and we need you back. Unfortunately Labour will not get our vote at the next election if you are not PM. They are just a joke at the moment. Cheers

  43. bring back Rudd, we want a real Labor leader not some diluted liberalism that makes all labor faithfuls sick, is Julia going to challenge for the liberal leadership she would do well over there!!


  44. You know what is really amazing here.....the number of good Australians who have chosen to comment on this page.......regardless of whether you have written to support Ruddie or spite him with your venomous vitriol it shows that Australians do care about their country,democracy, fairness and their need to have a voice in choosing their leader.
    Thank you Kevin for re-awakening so much interest in the politics of our nation... this one challenge has so far proven much more interesting than two years of bland Gillard/ Abbott boredom

    Good Luck and best wishes

  45. Krudd wants to be the krunt king of kruntalia! Kuntz ideas of grandiose are nothing short of an EGOMANIC drive of ambition. Krudd by name Krudd by nature! We will hopefully see the last of this KRUNT idiocy. KRUNT off yer KRUNT. Let the Lady with the guts to do the JOB yer Krunt

    1. geez don't hold back, tell us what you really think, moron

    2. hahahaha it sounds like the opposition (front) bench member

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  49. Good luck next week. I have often likened Julia Gillard and her cohorts to tuck shop ladies that somehow ended up running the school. How you did and can can work with these people is beyond me. I don't think you will have enough numbers to topple Gillard but Abbott will so hang in there and maybe think about leading in opposition. The current house of reps is a cluster fuck anyway. And yes I swear too.

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