Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fourth Anniversary of the Apology

On 13 February, we mark the anniversary of the Apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples. As part of this year’s commemorations, I attended the Apology Anniversary Breakfast in Sydney and a special event at Parliament House.

Each anniversary should be a time for us to reflect upon the progress that has been made and to acknowledge the mission we have set for ourselves in bringing about genuine reconciliation for all Australians.

Apology Anniversary Breakfast, Sydney

This terrific event was hosted by Michael McLeod, CEO of Message Stick, whose organisation works tirelessly to promote understanding, awareness and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

A full transcript of my speech at the Apology Anniversary Breakfast is available here 

Apology Anniversary Morning Tea, Parliament House

Last Monday, the Hon Jenny Macklin MP and I attended a special commemorative morning tea in Parliament House with members of the Stolen Generations and representatives from community organisations including the Stolen Generations Alliance, the National Sorry Day Committee and the Healing Foundation. We were presented with seven historically significant documents showing the ongoing process of healing and reconciliation and a wonderful piece of artwork by local artists Aunty Rhonda Collard and Muriel Simmons.

We also helped launch the Stolen Generations’ Testimonies Website, a new online museum which helps share the stories of members of the Stolen Generations. You can visit the site here


  1. Going by the comments from senior MP's I think you will be flogging a dead horse by seeking the Labor leadership - take your supporters, especially those in QLD, and go Independent. With the current parliament structure a group of Independents made up of 5-10 members would hold sway over who governs the country. It is old thinking that Government is a two party race - voters have no loyalty towards the two majors, just consider the last election where people moved from Labor to the Greens and Independents - not to the LNP as would have been the case previously. A recent survey on TV showed 89% support you Kevin, ahead of only 11% for the current PM. Surely that must give you confidence to act in the best interests of your supporters and still have a say in the direction of the country moving forward.

  2. I agree Kevin if you do make a stand next monday and not returned as PM. Go independent. The Australian people want a voice and you could be our medium.
    The two major parties have lost their way (ethics and heart).

  3. The only faceless men I know of are your so-called "backers" briefing the media at any opportunity to bag Julia. Always anonymously might I add. Or do those faceless men not count?
    Anyway, thanks for guaranteeing Abbott gets the keys to The Lodge, hope this mess was worth it!

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