Saturday, 25 February 2012

Doorstop - Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

KEVIN RUDD: I just watched Albo's speech. I am really humbled by what he had to say. I am really humbled about what he had to say not just about me because I'm his friend but really humbled about what he had to say about the future of the Australian Labor Party.

QUESTION: He did say that this leadership tussle is tearing the party apart and he did concede that he doesn't think you will win on Monday. If you don't think you can win on Monday…

KEVIN RUDD: Let me just go to the speech a bit more.

I think - I don't know if you saw Albo's speech but it's worth reflecting on for a bit.

Look, what Albo's talking about is fundamental. It's about what unites us rather than what divides us, and I am saying to you that having sat there and watched it there were a very few dry eyes in the Rudd household this morning - not about what he had to say about yours truly but what he had to say about us as a movement and the importance of owning all the good stuff we've done together - myself, Julia, the whole team - and also where we need to go for the future.

I think it's really important when you look at that just to - everyone to take a deep breath, step back a bit and think for a moment about what's really important, which is the future and whether we can defeat Mr Abbott, which means protecting basic stuff like hospitals, investments in our schools, the national broadband network and preventing the restoration of Work Choices.

QUESTION: Mr Rudd, Bruce Hawker said that the Prime Minister should consider not standing on Monday because she can't win; only you can. Do you agree?

KEVIN RUDD: Well Bruce is entitled to his point of view. What I'm concerned about is simply the attitude of my parliamentary colleagues as we head into what's an important contest.

And I go back to what Bruce said before in terms of his other remarks about the important things that we have done together as a government and I go back to what Albo said.

Look I've heard a lot of speeches in politics. I've given a few as well. I've inflicted some on you over time. Don't nod so enthusiastically.

This is a standout from Albo because it's from the heart; it's from the head; it's from both.

You know if you're in this hardened business of politics, when someone gets it absolutely right, and he got it right because he was talking about how the things that unite us are much bigger always than the things that divide us.

QUESTION: Recently you said that you wouldn't challenge Julia [indistinct]. Does that mean that you have given up your ambitions of being Prime Minister again or [indistinct]?

KEVIN RUDD: You know, people go into complex parsing of sentences and statements. I stand exactly by what I said yesterday. I couldn't have been clearer and that remains my position.

QUESTION: How much of a boost do you think Albo's statement today gives to your numbers and also just on Laura's question, he did make the point that it is tearing the party apart and you might not win. So what is the point of this if you want to build Labor?

KEVIN RUDD: I think on the question of the party's future, what Albo's talking about today is binding hearts together and binding minds together for the future.

Sure, as I think I said when I got back here, it's a tough old contest, it's a tough old race. I have never been in one which is not and that's just political reality, from day one. From day one when I was preselected for the Australian Labor Party, back when you were in short pants, it was tough. I then lost the next election.

Coming back and being re-elected again was tough. Every contest is tough. This one's tough as well.

QUESTION: How is about unity though? How is about unity if it is tearing the party apart?

KEVIN RUDD: Well, it's not just a clever line, it's what I actually think and feel about watching Albo this morning.

You're all hard-bitten political journalists; you've all been around for a while; you've seen people as I said, make some good speeches and some utterly appalling speeches and points in between, but you know Albo hit the nail on the head. What we have done together these last four years has been fantastic for the country. What we've done together under my leadership and Julia's has been fantastic for the country.

The fact that together as a team this whole country of ours was able to come through the global financial crisis without these people losing their jobs - that's what it's all about and we did it as a team.

And so his call to us all I think is to bind the hearts together.

SPEAKER: Last question.

KEVIN RUDD: I think there was someone who hadn't…

QUESTION: [Indistinct] bit of a truce before Monday might stop some of the infighting in some of the big groups.

KEVIN RUDD: Well there's been a fair bit of incoming. I think that's fair to say. It's been a bit rich from time to time and I think everyone needs to take a long hard long at themselves and reflect on what he had to say.

Albo's not Leader of the House for nothing. The reason I made him Leader of the House four years ago was because I thought he'd be damned good at it and he has been. But in being damned good at it, you've got to bring together a bunch of skills - one's having a heart for what we stand for, and a head and a hard head about the reality of politics in the House of Representatives.

But , but he's in that position to say I think what underneath it all, we, all - all of us on our side of politics, the great Australian Labor Party - really feel about the future.

So I think taking his call to heart is to detox some of this debate and I really hope that's what happens.

Last question.

QUESTION: The polls today - what's your reaction to them and what message to local members [indistinct] to take action?

KEVIN RUDD: Look everyone will look at the opinion polls today, draw their own conclusions.

They are out there in black and white for everyone to look at, up to them in terms of what conclusions they make.

The key thing for me is how do we, as an Australian government, prevent Mr Abbott from becoming Prime Minister given he is not Captain Negative, he's Field Marshal Negative.

This guy is right out there on the negative side of politics. Our job is to stop him from destroying what we built for these communities.

I've talked to a lot of kids this morning who've had new buildings put up in their schools. That's because of us; he opposed it.

I've met some folk this morning also who've had a bit to do with the hospitals on Brisbane's north side - the huge investment of funds because of us - the last mob took funding out.

When I look at the fact that here in Brisbane's CBD the broadband's probably not too bad, but get out to the burbs, let me tell you, Tony Walker, it's not and as a result we want to make that available to everyone in Australia and what Mr Abbott says - he's going to rip it up.

So can I say what causes me to get out of bed of a morning is how do we defeat him and how do we build a better Australia for all these good folk here, while never throwing the fair go out the back door.

That's what we are on about and having said that folks I'm going to talk to some other people here.



  1. I have been a voter for almost fifty years. My tendency has been to vote left of centre except when provoked. I have been reading some of the comments on Mr. Rudd's earlier posts and can't help but think that the politically sophisticated are missing the point. The majority of us vote for the “face” of our preferred party. This may be naïve buts that's the way it is.

    Caucus can bray all they like about the voter not voting for a Prime Minister. Rubbish – mostly we vote for the leader of a party and resent any interference with our choice. As far as I can see, caucus merely picks a candidate for the job of PM and WE decide if we want him or her.

    I voted for a party led by Kevin Rudd because I saw in the man a kind of robust integrity that is sadly missing in many politicians these days. When he was stabbed in the back (yes, that's how it looked to me) I next voted Green to make a point – and the point was made.

    Another example from the past: Keating was deeply unpopular with many of us simple souls and that let Howard in. I voted Liberal for the first time then, and continued to vote Liberal until Kevin Rudd rekindled my trust in Labor. I know nothing about politics. I have no idea how many corks you need to make up a full caucus but I do know who I trust. Without Kevin Rudd I will vote Green again and I might possibly vote Liberal although I despise Abbott. The politically sophisticated minority can laugh all they want at my silly, simplistic attitude, but they should bear it in mind. Their jobs depend on it.

    Just one final point. I never, ever write comments on politics. But I'm doing it now. An awful lot of people just like me are watching this. Bullshit time over boys and girls. No weasel words or political manoeuvres are appropriate. Do the right thing or get out.

  2. WELL SAID (except the comment about voting the greens lol)

  3. Hope you give Fiji's illegal PM Frank Bainimarama good kick in the backside once you get the top job. I hear he calls you flop as foreign minister. Read the article in

  4. when we are crucified by the world then we will be accepted by God. like Paul said: 'may I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me , and I to the world'(Galatians6:14)then we can 'set your minds above, not on earthly things"(Colossians3:2)
    as God love us, we should be disciplined by God through 'suffering'(experience His pain and heartbreak with tears) which challenges our self-seeking, self-achievement, and self-satisfaction by so-called 'earthly success".
    because of this, tomorrow will be a turning point for you not just what you want to be in your flesh but in God's point of view.
    my prayer for you is to give up the Kingdom of Darkness and to enter the Kingdom of God.God bless you!

  5. Nice first step Kev. i posted these on Yahhoo chat too.

    Rudd got 31 people to vote for him even knowing the traitor independents would desert and force an election labor would prolly lose, and cost the ministers wages,power and super... thats how powerful the rudd magnet is and HE WILL WIN OVER GILLARD. Gillard is a fool who lives for her daily power, her final massacre will be uglier than ever.. its sad the vote wasn't taken with the elections in sight... Rudd would have won 98-3. Rudds delivered his gut blow, upper cut coming.
    Great, so vile traitors to their electorate oakshat and windsor turned into nodding bribe takers to lock gillard in and make it so all the caucus had no effective vote.. if they vote against gillard they have to go to election and lose fat wages and fat growing superannuations. These labor dogs would sell their soul for $200, why risk cushy jobs... so the caucus dogs also betray their electorates wishes for rudd. Joy is abbott is left with sitting goose gillard to ping off any time. Labor fools.
    Watch the decent people who know rudd is everything juliar is not and cannot be now desert the sinking ship with its evil mouth roxon, swine, crean and all its mangey flea bitten bully leaders. Makes Abbotts job too easy.. thats the plus, and can only accelerate the election date. caucus = circus, an evil machination comparable to stalin.
    Iknow you don't agree with my emphatic language,
    though its interesting in law that speaking as such can be tolerated
    if its its used to get attention where it is not being duly given.

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