Friday, 20 January 2012

Griffith Australia Day Awards

Recently I hosted the Griffith Australia Day Awards. I established these awards 13 years ago as a means of recognising the efforts of volunteers across the Southside. Within all communities across Australia are the silent saints, those people who give so much of themselves to help others. I was proud to be able to celebrate their contribution and acknowledge how much our community benefits as a result of their service.
During my Australia Day Address, I spoke about volunteering and the remarkable achievements of this year’s recipients of the Griffith Australia Day Awards, who embody all of the ideals that we value as Australians.
A full transcript is available here


  1. Your actions are destroying your party and serving Tony Abbott. Grow up.

  2. I admire you Kevin but you should be working with Julia not against her. God knows she needs your support.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ed#2


    Over the coming days we in our family remain optimistic that you will stand for the leadership of the Australian Labor Party, and wish you and all your supporters well over the coming days.

  5. Miriam and Jaime Gomez23 February 2012 at 09:58

    Kevin, as our MP, we are right behind you. We agree that the faceless men should be outed. We want you back as PM!

  6. Go for it Kevin. Our family is behind you 100% and the people SHOULD be heard. Our family has sent messages to the member for Rankin (we are from Kuraby) telling him our thoughts on his supporting you on Monday. Good Luck.

  7. We have been waiting for you to do this for a while Kevin - good for you, you deserve to be P.M. Hated what the labour party did to you and to the people of Australia. Well done Therese your speech on the news tonight was perfect. We have contacted our local member as you suggested and we hope that it works. The labour party is not the same without our Kevin at the top.

  8. Please don't stand on Monday; let them stew. What will they do if you say you are NOT standing after Julia has called the spill without knowing what you were going to do?

  9. Hawthorne Resident24 February 2012 at 16:15

    Kevin, I have voted ALP all my life and voted for you every election but this whole thing just smacks of childish retribution and you have lost my respect. Get over it. We are in a hung parliament where every vote counts. Will you be happy if your action forces an early election and Abbott gets in? This is not a game and everyone getting excited about the political thrill of it all should step back and look at the bigger picture. You are not "King Kevin" and you should remember that you are a part of a parliamentary democracy which rules along party (not individual) lines.

  10. Kev, I've just been banned from Pollbludger for daring to assert that you have been loyal to the party, and daring to assert that Bollard's actions were a major act of disloyalty to the party. Formulating a plan B for the good of the party is not disloyalty. Accusing someone of disloyalty for this is a major act of disloyalty, putting power and personal ambition ahead of the parties interests.

    William Bowe did not withdraw his accusation that you were disloyal to the party. Undermining a useless and tainted leader does not equal disloyalty to the party, evidenced by the strong support that you enjoy within the membership base and by ALP voters. It is an action of bravery in the interests of the party. There is no counter to this argument.

    Bilbo (William Bowe) at his most hypocritical accusing you of disloyalty to the party:

    "I never said it was unblotted WB ... If you can tell me one instance where he has been disloyal to the party, I’d like to hear it.

    So it is unblotted, or it isn’t? The answer to this rhetorical question is clear, and it involves the latter of your sentences being completely delusional."

    His implication here is that I am being delusional in holding the opinion that you haven't been disloyal to the party.

    "Nonetheless, I’ll bite. Barrie Cassidy is aware of four journalists who received off-the-record briefings from Rudd undermining Gillard. Andrew Probyn writes that Rudd is “lying when he denies briefing journalists a fortnight ago about a two-step challenge to Julia Gillard”, and that “his campaign to destabilise and usurp the PM began many months ago”."

    William Bowe then went on to launch a personal attack on me, Radguy.

    I will repeat: disloyalty to Bollard does not equal disloyalty to the ALP.

    When I correctly pointed out that he is dishonourable and a hypocrite, my comments were banned. So much for the moderator of arguably Australia's most popular political blog. What is this, Animal Farm?

    William Bowe's scalp is mine. He is defeated.

    Looking forward to common sense prevailing in the ALP.

    All the best to you and your family.

  11. We want Kevin rudd as our Prime Minister we do not want the opposition Liberal given was a good government he looked after the Incomers voters vote for humans rights and the next Prime Minister we can go with as the Prime Minister he done your kevin rudd we can trust Kevin Rudd we do not trust the opposition Liberal now that the Liberals we cannot trust them to run Australia

  12. At no time in our history is the cry louder for good leadership. We know it is difficult to challenge the power brokers and faceless men of the labour party. But more than ever before our country needs you to lead us.
    Its not just about bad polls its about a government standing on the deck of the titanic and saying Its all Good.
    I am afraid that highly paid Politicians and Public servants have no clue about how the middle class is faring. One of the the measures for low inflation cited by our illustrious Reserve Bank Governor is domestic travel is cheaper. Well thats great - what about Council rates (doubled in the past 10 years), Interest rates on credit cards at 19 and 20 percent, Electricty, gas and water doubled in the past 10 years. Not to mention the supermarket where a tub of yoghurt can cost from 6 to 8 dollars. And one just has to examine the fuel costs which have gone from 60 cents a litre to over $1.40 a litre. There are hundreds of things one can cite to show the impact of inflation. Yes it is good times for those who are in the mining sector but what about thos who are not fortunate enough to be in the mining sector? What about the hundreds of people everyday loosing jobs because management is not performing - not bringing in the business - guess who looses their jobs - Not management of course.
    We are disgusted with the character assassination by Roxon, Swan and others. We find it totally unacceptable and unnecessary. One does not have to agree with every thing ones leader does - but I guess the lust for power is overwhelming.
    You country needs you Mr Rudd - like never before. Australia is crying out for you to lead us once more.

  13. We've been hanging around for cash that for quite a while Kevin - useful to you, you deserve to get R. M. Hated what exactly your labour party did to you in order to the people regarding Quotes. Well done Therese ones dialog about the reports for dinner had been great. We've got Id card passbook photos approached each of our community member because you advised and can be that it performs. This labour party will be different with out each of our Kevin at the pinnacle.

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