Monday, 4 July 2011

Funding Boost for More Doctors and Nurses on the Southside

The Government has invested some $900,000 to help support Queensland hospitals.

We have invested over $500,000 to support Mater Health Services and the PA Hospital to expand their local clinical training placements. Put simply, these investments will allow us to train more doctors, nurses and allied health professionals across the Southside.

This is a great result for residents of the Southside.

It’s important that we have locally based health professionals to provide high quality care for the community.

I understand how important it is for local community to have access to high quality healthcare. I am proud of the investments across Queensland. For Southside folk, we have seen recent investments including –

·         32 new specialist doctors for the Southside as part of a $356 million commitment to boost specialist doctors across the country.
·         $13 million for Greenslopes Private Hospital to establish a new clinical school, providing training infrastructure to support additional medical places including a state-of-the-art lecture theatre, 14 tutorial rooms and computer lab.
·         $2.4 million for the University of Queensland to expand multidisciplinary training at Greenslopes Private Hospital, creating 300 additional placements.
·         $7.5 million toward the Prostate Cancer Research Centre at PA Hospital.

By investing in these local health initiatives we are making a real difference.


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  2. Healthcare should be the top priority of every government in the world. This is because it is one of our basic needs as human being.

  3. Good news for the South! And Good news for the Nurses and Doctors there. Hope the funding goes a long way.

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