Wednesday, 4 May 2011


This blog is a new way for us all to connect across this fantastic community.

It will provide a community forum to keep you updated with what’s happening in the local area including monthly topics, school updates, event coverage, community group profiles and much more.

This has been a difficult and devastating start to the year for our Southside community.

We suffered considerable loss as homes and businesses were inundated across West End, South Brisbane, East Brisbane, Norman Park and Hawthorne.

But then, without a single phone call, without being asked, the whole community rose immediately to support those in trouble.

The generosity of these extraordinary volunteers demonstrated the strength and compassion that cements this great community.

The monthly topics will begin with the ongoing flood recovery that continues to affect the Southside.

I hope that community groups, teachers, students, parents and residents from across the Southside will join us to share their thoughts on how to make our community even better.

I am proud to represent this terrific local community and hope this is one more way for us to stay in touch.